Libra Virgo Compatibility

Libra and Virgo form a chaotic team, whether for work or pleasure. Virgo is simple minded and Libra is soft hearted. Such uncertainties and complex scenarios can put off the two easily and things may suddenly spiral out of control.

Virgo seeks discipline, order, and perfection at work. Libra is more concerned about making things look beautiful than anything else. Predictably, Virgo finds Libra to be lazy, disorganized, and indecisive. Likewise, Libra considers Virgo to be practical and rude.

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Libra-Virgo relationship will have a fair share of interesting discussions. Virgo is ruled by Mercury & thus, is a skilled speaker. Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, gifts them with attraction and charm. To make this relationship work, the two should always have honest conversations; otherwise, things are bound to get messy.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Libra and Virgo love match can be complicated affair. The deeply emotional Libra can find it hard to feel loved by a staunchly practical, earthy Virgo. Both Libra and Virgo seek true love, but they may never be able to understand each other’s expectations & expressions of love, romance, relationships, and marriage.

Libra makes finding true love their aim in life and thus, tends to be over idealistic, unrealistic, and even foolish in love. Virgo is more practical towards life & understands that the mushy eternal true love only exists in books. When Libra and Virgo fall in love, Libra only wants sweet romance, cheesiness, and affection. Virgo focuses on showing love through care, devotion, and service.

Libra is very sensitive and prone to getting hurt very quickly. Thus, they avoid clashes at any cost & may even manipulate words to make things look peaceful. Virgo prefers to hear the truth & even the slightest fabrication of truth looks like cheating to them. Similarly, Libra finds Virgo’s way of loving to be dry & thus, feels betrayed in love.

Despite the emotional differences, the two partners can share an intellectual conversation with each other. Brainy, intelligent talks excite the two equally. They are both analytical and reasonable individuals. Virgo adores Libra’s imagination and philosophical thinking, while Libra respects Virgo for being dutiful and dependable. In order to succeed as a love match, Libra will have to lower their romantic expectations, while Virgo will have to show their feelings more openly. If the two are able to find middle ground on their foundations of love, this pair can see a steady future.