Libra Pisces Compatibility

Libra-Pisces professional partnership would be exciting and amazing on many fronts, yet fragile and imbalanced on others. While both Libra and Pisces are highly imaginative, creative and dreamy by nature, there are some intrinsic differences in their personalities, which will likely create confusion and conflict time and again.

While there will be comparatively less problems in synergizing their potentials, major issues might crop up on the social front. Pisces does not enjoy social gatherings and classy, glamorous meetings as much as Libra. Pisces is also not that great communicator as Libra. Pisces thinks and sees the world from a completely different lens, which is unfathomable to Libra. Both of them are sensitive and do not take criticism easily. This relationship would need lots of compromises and adjustments from both the ends.

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Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Libra is a brainy, talkative Air sign, while Pisces is a deep, mystical Water sign. Classical astrology theories might turn a nose down at the Libra and Pisces natives who have fallen in love with each other, but this love partnership shows potential.

Pisces is highly imaginative, romantic and sensitive by nature. Ruled by Venus, Libra loves to love and romance their partner. Libra is also soft and sensitive like Pisces, but, perhaps not as emotionally deep and enigmatic. In the company of Libra lover, Pisces will feel loved and adored. On the other hand, Libra will find Pisces immensely alluring and sensual. In this relationship, there will be exchange of sentimental words, poetry and cheesy romantic gestures. Both Libra and Pisces have a distinct taste in art and music, although Libra would like everything refined and elegant, while Pisces would admire sublime, mysterious and rustic side of anything.

Everything would not be lovingly poetical, however, and there will be quite many bumps on this relationship road. Pisces loves solitude and escape from life. Libra, on the other hand, finds happiness and comfort in the company on friends and lovers. While Libra would like to talk things out and discuss each and everything, Pisces might not always be available.

Pisces feels and thinks deeply. Libra thinks and feels too, but their feelings are rational and thoughtful, and usually rest on the surface. After a certain time, Pisces might feel a lack of depth and connection with their Libra lover. Libra is practical on many fronts, and would get annoyed by the unrealistic and idealistic way of life of their Pisces lover. For this relationship to work, Libra will have to let go of what their analytical mind says and look deeper in the heart of their Pisces. Pisces would have to learn to express their feelings and communicate more with their Libra lover.