Sagittarius Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius can make quite a wonderful professional team.  Both of these signs have a rational bent of mind, and try to look at everything objectively.

Being an Air sign, Aquarius knows how to detach from emotions and think analytically in different directions. Sagittarius is ruled by planet of fortunes and wisdom Jupiter, which imparts them a genius, philosophical mind.

The only caveat in this partnership could be that none of them likes to do things in a structured disciplined way. Handling financial matters could be a problem area too, as both of them are rather carefree in this department.

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Sagittarius likes to throw opinions bluntly, and Aquarius is one sign that does not get offended so fast unlike others. Instead they are able to see clearly the point that Sagittarius tries to make. Sagittarius gets amazed by the liberated thoughts, innovative ideas of Aquarius and loves discussing things with them. If they work in a technical field, together they can create genius ideas and master solutions to almost everything.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Sagittarius is a zealous, cheerful Fire sign, and Aquarius is a quirky, ever-changing Air sign. This is a combination of air and fire, which are highly compatible elements in astrology.

The love chemistry between the natives of these two signs is lighthearted, cool, and lots of fun. This is because both Aquarius and Sagittarius are freedom loving, open-minded and free thinkers by nature. They love each other’s company and can effortlessly spend hours talking to each other on a variety of topics. Both of them would also enjoy going out together, socializing and making new connections. It will not be surprising for these two to have lots of interesting friends.

Sexual chemistry between Sagittarius and Aquarius is anything but dull. Both of them like playfulness, excitement and adventure in bed. Deep emotions and sentimentality would be missing in this partnership. There would be less emphasis on settling down and creating a home together. But then both the partners like to keep love matters this way. Both of them loathe clingy and codependent behavior and prefer to keep things simple.

In so many ways, Sagittarius and Aquarius love partnership has what it takes to go the distance. This one couple is so meant to be!