Sagittarius Capricorn Compatibility

Fiery, zealous Sagittarius and grounded, earthy Capricorn might sound like an unconventional professional or love partnership, but by no means it is an impossible one. The two signs are located side by side in astrology, and this means they have almost nothing in common. While repulsion and friction are inevitably possible, admiration and respect for each other’s different natures are more common in this pairing.

Capricorn gets attracted by the genius mind and happy-go-lucky nature of Sagittarius instantaneously. Their perspective and zeal towards life is remarkable. From their Capricorn partner, Sagittarius finds it easier to learn the art of self-discipline, fixed routines and creating stable structures in life. Both the partners have beautiful things to offer to each other in this way.

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If this partnership happens for professional or work-related reasons, Capricorn would work day and night behind the desk and would not mind taking charge of handling financial decisions. Sagittarius will bring high-end solutions with their brilliant mind and keep things lighter. This is a great match!

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Although Capricorn and Sagittarius are downright opposite to each other in terms of their love natures and a love match between them involves a meeting of not so compatible earth and fire elements, this pairing still has fair chances of good success.

Sagittarius and Capricorn will enjoy great intellectual discussions and share different perspectives on a plethora of subjects. Capricorns seek stability and security in life and in love. Sagittarius is a freedom loving sign that prefers wild abandon and adventures to a stable, predictable life. However, the idea of living a comfortable, ordered life with Capricorn intrigues them in the long run. In the company of Sagittarius, Capricorn can finally learn to worry less about the future and enjoy life as it comes.

Talking about the challenges, Sagittarius would find Capricorn slightly conservative and inhibited, and Capricorn would sometimes find Sagittarius enthusiasm unreal and difficult to deal with. Sexual styles of Capricorn and Sagittarius are quite opposite, and, thus, there could be a need of some fine-tuning even in the lovemaking department. Both the signs need to understand that slight adjustments can go a long way in this partnership.