Sagittarius Finance Horoscope

Sagittarius is the last fire sign which is ruled by Jupiter. They are known to be people who like to ‘live in the moment’ and therefore do not worry much about the future. They often spend more than what they are capable of. Their plans also exceed their purchasing power.

Sagittarius Finance Horoscope


Sagittarius is the last fire sign. It is impulsive and fiery and sometimes brash. It is ruled by Jupiter which is a symbol of expansion so their expansion can be in their over-indulgence as much as they would like to be or are financially standing. They are easy-going and independent. They need to be practical with their outlook on finances instead of just being an optimist with wishful thinking. Savings is incredibly important for everyone, and their habit of overspending and indulgence might lead to unhealthy ways of expenditure.

  • Jupiter, their ruling planet is known to be the planet of abundance and expansion. If well-placed, along with being their ruling planet, it may lead to stable income which is enough for their spendings and fancy plans.
  • However, it might lead to over-indulgence as Jupiter also gives a sense feeling fulfilled. This might lead to over-expenditure and an imbalance in budget.
  • They are generally considered lucky in terms of finance and moneymaking and become better at wealth management as you grow older. They are adventurous and place more importance on experiences rather than material objects. Travelling is always on the top of their bucket list.
  • They are known for their strong intellect, optimism, and positive outlook, which reflects in your finance and wealth management as well. they always have the clarity regarding their plans and projects and persevere to materialize them with your confidence and efforts.

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Sagittarius: Are You a Spender or Saver?

  • Jupiter being your ruling planet, you will never be in a place where you have zero funds in your bank account. But that’s not what we live for. If you want a comfortable life as deserved by all, then you need to learn to manage your finances better, instead of having an income just for the sake of it.
  • You are not likely to spend a lot on materialistic comforts but rather seek out adventures far & wide. It all needs a good financial management. Those who travel around the globe have finances as the first thing that is sorted, and you need to learn this skill as well.
  • You have a strong tendency to overindulge and tend to splurge on something for which you later regret. This includes your social gatherings and the habit of showing-off to impress others. You need to learn that stability within finances is important and spending on what is necessary with a healthy bank account is ideal. Keep a track of where your money goes.

Best Sources For Income

  • Money and speculations aren’t your best strengths and w would suggest that you stick to your professional income and increasing your finances at work. This is a sure-shot way for you ensure your primary source of income.
  • Not all Sagittarius are good at business and therefore, risky choices in business or share market should be avoided.
  • You can work in partnerships as you have a great potential, creativity and stamina to do well. Therefore, look for opportunities within your social circle who could be hatching a business idea or consider working with startups to earn from there.
  • Trying to build your social connections and hosting events is also something you could earn from.

Savings, Gains & Income

Not the best at savings, being fiery, you like to splurge and live in the moment. If you wish to gamble, given your nature, try out crypto currency, but only if you’re very well-acquainted with the way its works, which is to say after quite a few months of observation and start small.

Wealth Giving Planets for Sagittarius

  • Venus is the lord of the sixth and eleventh house as per your sign. If well placed, it can give huge gains resulting from service. If placed in the second or eleventh house itself and with good dignity, it can give multiple sources of income or benefit from family wealth in it’s Dasha/Antardasha (operating period of planets).
  • An exchange or combination between Saturn, the lord of the second house as per your sign and Venus can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of giving stable wealth. However, that can be predicted only after a complete and thorough analysis of your birth chart.
  • Moon being the lord of the eighth house can give sudden opportunities for gains and wealth through inheritance, partnership or marriage provided it is well placed in your birth chart without any malefic aspects or conjunctions.
  • Jupiter being your Lagna (ascendant) and fourth house lord can prove to be favorable for enhancing overall luck leading to monetary growth and can also give gains from investment in real estate. If Jupiter is strong in your birth chart, it’s Dasha can be highly beneficial for wealth accumulation.
  • Mercury owns two Kendra (angle) houses as per your sign. If strong in your birth chart, it can lead to increased finances from the partnership and a successful career resulting in a good inflow of money.
  • If Mercury is conjunct or exchanges houses with Jupiter and both are placed in Kendra (angles) or Trikona (trine) houses, it can be extremely wealthy and prosperous and leads to Sagittarius's financial strength. However, a complete study of your birth chart would be able to give a better picture regarding the same.

Tips For Better Financial Condition

  • You are lucky when it comes to finding money-making opportunities and your wealth retention is generally good and favored by luck. You can make good amount of wealth and need to focus on areas of your life and your skills which will help you with this, instead of just making plans.
  • We understand your penchant for travelling and spending on interesting experiences however, you need to stay focused and plan your travel expenses and ensure to not cross it if you wish to maintain a healthy bank account.

What to do to avoid losses?

  • Keep your erratic and impatient nature under check and take a little time to do a bit of research before you decide to splurge.
  • Debt could be a recurring possibility for you if you do not keep your spending in check along with the plans which to have the ‘need to fulfill’ by hook or crook. Hence having a professional accountant by your side would help to keep your financial affairs in order.


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