The Sagittarius Man Personality

Ruled by Jupiter a Sagittarius moon sign born man is generous, idealistic and ambitious. He has a good sense of humor and is full of energy and enthusiasm.

He is bold yet easy-going with a lot of self-confidence. He loves travelling but not without a purpose. He has an inclination to search for the unknown and delve deeper into the philosophical and spiritual mysteries of life.

A Sagittarius man is an eternal optimist and considers knowledge and wisdom as an integral part of life. He could be impulsive and unstable in nature as it is represented by the mutable fire sign. It isn’t easy to trust a Sagittarius man but if he finds solace in you he might just stuck with you for life.

Physical attributes of a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarius man has a tall and well-built physique. He is a bit inclined towards obesity but has a strong personality. His eyes are bright and happy which fits nicely on an oval-shaped face.

Behavioral constitution of a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarius man has the ability to move over the failures and challenges in life with ease. He is not the one to sulk over lost love or opportunities and has a lot of enthusiasm to look forward and move ahead in life. He trust easily but not the one to be trusted, blindly. He has the impatience of a kid and may not give much consideration to others feelings while speaking or doing something. While his intentions are never wrong he end up doing more bad than good to others through his hasty attitude. He has the habit of committing to a lot more than he can deliver and thus end-up disappointing others and also getting disheartened, in the process. But, a Sagittarius moon sign born man had luck by his side, almost all the time and even he fails he will always end up with something useful and concrete.

Sense of style of a Sagittarius man

Comfort is the fundamental thing for a Sagittarius man while dressing up for any occasion. Being a wanderer he likes easy-breezy, travel-friendly clothing. He likes to model local styles and cultures and has a bohemian touch to his fashion statement.


A Sagittarius moon sign born man is not good at keeping secrets at all, so with him what you see what you get, uncompromised. He is not somebody who is tactful and diplomatic in nature and thus makes for an honest son, father and husband. However, he might be taken as rude for his no-filter attitude but he doesn’t intend to hurt anybody’s feelings. He has a deep rooted mindset and values and beliefs of his own, which can lead him to arguments, at times, but he won’t take any long to remember these tiffs and moves on rather quickly. He is fast to forgive and forget and needs a lot of space and breathing room in his relationships, to make them work longer.

Sagittarius Man as a Son

Sagittarius born male makes for very affectionate and loving sons. He can go to any extent to take care of his parents. As a young kid, it is impossible for a Sagittarius moon sign born boy to sit still. He makes for a restless toddler who is interested in adventure and activity.

  • While a Sagittarius moon sign born son is devoted and responsible he can get easily carried away by things. So, as parents, it is important for you to ensure that he doesn’t get into any bad company or influenced by a bad habit.
  • Freedom is very important for him, but his parents should gently control his life. He loves his family endlessly and possesses admirable character.

Sagittarius Man as a Brother

A Sagittarius moon sign born man makes for a caring and mature sibling. He has good tolerance and has an inspirational disposition for his younger siblings. He can be very protective as a brother, but he will never make it very obvious. He loves independence and freedom and will grant them to his siblings, watching over them from a distance.

  • As elder brother, he is affectionate towards his siblings. He has the wisdom to guide them and advise them on matters of significance. He is not pretentious and thus, can be quite upfront at times, which can be hurtful for his younger siblings.
  • As a younger sibling, he can be quite annoying. He respects his elder brothers and sisters but will work according to his wisdom and wish.

Sagittarius Man as a Friend

A Sagittarius man will make a lot of friends in his lifetime, but he might not be able to keep them all. But with all of them he will be eternally loyal, loving and generous. He is very helpful and will always be there for his friends, in time of need and otherwise. They are happy, cheerful and active in friendship and are fun to be with.

  • He is straightforward and that might hurt, sometimes. But you can always turn to a Sagittarius moon sign born friend for the honest opinion.
  • They are spirited and loves to travel. A friend with a big hear, they can be rather mischievous, selfish and unrealizable, at times, as they belong to the mutable zodiac community.

Sagittarius Man as a Lover

It is common for a Sagittarius moon sign born man to fall in and out of love quickly. But when he his stable in his emotions he can make for the most fun-loving, playful, passionate and loving partner. Though, he likes spontaneity in romance, he will be faithful and dedicated when he finds stability in his emotions, and that may take a while.

  • He enjoys spending time with his partner in doing adventurous and fun activities. He craves for somebody who is intelligent, beautiful on the inside and somebody who shares the same passion and perseverance in life.
  • He isn’t unreliable but he isn’t stable, either. He will never lie to you but will also be rather direct in committing his love for someone else.

Sagittarius Man as a Husband

A Sagittarius man is a faithful and devoted husband, but he doesn’t like to be bounded by domestic responsibilities and routine. Being straightforward, he desires his wife to expressive and confident in nature. He likes sensitive woman but not very delicate ones who can easily get hurt by his honest and unapologetic opinions.

  • He makes for a fun-loving and carefree husband, who will neither be demanding nor will he expect you to be needy or dependent on him, in anyway.
  • He is playful and will have varied dimensions in lovemaking but don’t expect him to stuck around at home and help your out with household chores. He respects your freedom as much as he does his own and would need a partner who is open-minded and progressive in her thought process.

Sagittarius Man as a Father

Sagittarius man makes for really good fathers. They have a commanding yet gentle approach in children’s upbringing and like to instill logic and adventure in the lives of their children. Since, he himself loves learning new things, he will ensure that his children gets exposed to their surroundings and beyond in a gentle and progressive way.

  • He will instill the qualities of restrain and independence, in equal proportions, in his children.
  • Not very responsible otherwise, a Sagittarius moon sign man is in authority when he becomes the father. He is a lot more fun with his children and will be there with them whenever needed.


Being a free soul who loves to explore the world, a Sagittarius man will fit in perfectly well in any job that allows him to travel and experiment with new things each day. Monotony doesn’t work well with him and he looks out for opportunities that gels well with his independent thoughts. Career in photography, research, and import-export will suit him. He can also make it work as a travel agent or an ambassador serving his government.

Sagittarius Man as a Student

A Sagittarius student is witty and sharp minded. He is very intelligent but will lack patience and endurance. If his instability can be controlled he can make for one of the best students with good academic records. He is good with extra-curricular activities, specially sports and theatre.

  • He is fun-loving and eager to learn new things. He has an inquisitive mind to explore for the uncovered dimensions.
  • He is smart, bold, honest and quite a conversationalist who can make for good speakers in group discussions and debates.

Sagittarius Man as an Employee

With oodles of energy, a Sagittarius moon sign born man makes for an idealistic and intelligent worker. He is a bundle of optimism and has great convincing powers. He cannot withstand hypocrisy and is quite outspoken for other’s comfort. This may lead to conflicts with co-workers who may find him as impolite and aggressive.

  • A Sagittarius employee have his heart and mind in the right place and is governed by his wisdom to act upon professional matters.
  • They are self-confident, enthusiastic and positive beings and has the ability to visualize and plan things in a much better way than others.

Sagittarius Man as a Boss

You are in for a fun-loving and dynamic work environment if you have a Sagittarius moon sign born boss. He loves to gel with his employees and work together in the spirit of team work. He has the wisdom and intellect to assess the pros and cos of the situation to act upon accordingly. He believes in looking at the brighter side of the picture and will seldom be pushy or over-demanding.

  • He has a humanist and liberal disposition and will work towards the betterment of the larger clan.
  • Although he will be gentle in pointing out your mistakes, you cannot escape his outspoken nature, as he will not mince any words while telling you to perform better the next time.

Sagittarius Man as a Business professional

A Sagittarius moon sign born business professional will have good imagination and decision making powers. He is good at planning and implementing things and his convincing skills will help in getting good clients and investors for business growth and expansion.

  • His positive outlook is one of the best qualities that will help him succeed as a businessman.
  • He would need to watch out for his frankness as too much of it can displease his customers and clients, which may result in business loss.

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