The Sagittarius Man Personality

It is not uncommon for Sagittarius man to be smart, sharp and genius. He has a logical and curious mind, which is often filled with high and unrealistic dreams and goals. Ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter, this guy is unreasonably optimistic and jovial.

Sagittarius man loves to make new contacts and socialize. He doesn’t like sitting at home. He is fun loving and a travel freak. He is the happiest when he is on a world tour or expedition. He loves adventure and thrill that come along. This Sagittarius Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Sagittarius Moon Sign? Find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future!

Sagittarius man has enough logic and pragmatism to find out someone else’s wrongs and failings, but he is not judgmental, unfair and revengeful. He has immense tolerance and forgiving power. He is unlikely to aggressively confront and argue over mundane matters. And this is exactly the reason why even he has a big friend circle and even his enemies are fond of him.

Sagittarius has a witty nature and a sharp sense of humor that might often take a turn in the offensive zone. He is frank and fun loving and usually doesn’t say anything with the intent or motive to hurt the other, which is, perhaps, why he gets away with his blunt remarks very easily and efficiently.

Sagittarius males are known to remain distant from even their closest family members. The distance might be just physical in most cases as they are not heartless or sentimentally detached, but they like to keep a healthy distance from almost everyone in the world.

As a husband, Sagittarius man doesn’t want a dependent, needy wife. He wants his best friend who can travel and explore the world with him. He might cherish his freedom and free-spiritedness, but after a certain time, he craves a companion.

Positive traits of Sagittarius Man in marriage / Relationship:

Your Sagittarius love partner will treat you as his friend and playmate. Your love life and relationship will be filled with many lighthearted and carefree moments. If you like traveling, adventure and sports, you are going to have a wondrous time with him. You will also like his intelligence backed with amazing sense of humor.

Negative traits of Sagittarius Man in marriage / Relationship:

Your Sagittarius lover doesn’t believe in dreamy, fairy tale romance. He might question the concept of true love altogether. This might disappoint you if you are a deeply romantic person. He has a habit of presenting the truth or what he feels as it is, which can deeply insult and hurt you. Commitment to one person for an entire lifetime and confinement in a traditional fixed routine might not be his favorite agendas in life.

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