Sagittarius Temperament

Sagittarius Temperament

Sagittarius are happy-go-lucky, one of the wittiest and cheerful people to be around. Life for you is a grand adventure, a series of experiences, an opportunity to learn. There is a constant need for exploration and change in your life. You are a true ‘Vagabond’ at heart, fun, cheerful, and visionary.

Lifelong travel fever characterizes you. You need ample space and personal freedom to thrive and continue treading on the path of exploration. You have the temperament to see the good in everything, the ray of hope. Always on tiptoe, your optimism and free-spiritedness drive your actions.

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Represented by the half-horse, half-man figure, Sagittarius has the focus of the archer’s arrow, pointed upwards. The mascot embodies your sense of enthusiasm, frontward motion, and optimism. However, this forward-looking approach comes at a price, often piercing those standing in your way.

The Globetrotter

Routine is your worst enemy, it makes you prone to anger, impulsiveness, and whatnot. If anything you want constant in your life is change. Change is the only way for you to grow and satiate your need to learn.

You are restless, always in search of something, seeking to learn about new cultures, meet new people, and have a worldly perspective. Your constant craving for knowledge and adventure keeps your life like that of a gypsy. You are almost always traveling.

Travelling acts as a breath of fresh air for you, especially when you have to stick to a routine for a long. It is your source of escape when things turn out to be rough for you.

You love power and status, however, are not materialistic. It is the incredible experiences and adventure involved that count, even if momentary.

The Social Butterfly

Sagittarius Moon sign is witty, charismatic, a gregarious personality with a great sense of humor. They are the life of a party and know how to get along with others despite the difference in opinions.

They are a curious soul, which keeps them asking questions endlessly. This makes it easy for others to relate with their sharp wit and insights. Sagittarius is good at breaking the ice.

Sagittarius prefers to have a busy social calendar. Their outings include people from different countries, races, cultures, and outlooks. Sagittarius has the temperament to enjoy diversity.

No Sugarcoating

Sagittarius cannot hide their feelings such as Scorpio, nor do they resort to aggressive outbursts as of Aries. You have the temperament to speak your mind, bluntly to the level of tactlessness.

Typical Moon in Sagittarius people come up with the perfect comment, probably the most genuine and hard-hitting of all, but at just the ‘wrong’ moment. You come off as too candid in situations that require diplomacy and tact. You tend to hurt others with your blunt speech quite naively. However, your charm and easy-going personality help to effortlessly get through heinous speech blunders.

Sagittarius is a bundle of high energy, both in action and speech and this force is well channelized outdoors. Natural and alfresco spaces lead to the emotional contentment and spiritual well-being of Sagittarius.

Blood Type - Be Positive

Sagittarius believes that if today sucks, there is a tomorrow to look up to. They find hope in everything, believe that even the dead clocks display the correct time at least twice in 24 hours. This helps them deal with difficult situations with courage and optimism.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius never cease to take risks and even do not take warnings seriously. They trust their gut feeling and luck of course.  It may seem foolish or reckless to some, but wait and watch how luck favors them in most situations. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the star of fortune and luck. It awards Sagittarius with the stroke of luck and benevolence.

Hurdles You Face

Your dreams and desires often seem unrealistic and too optimistic to be true to others. Part of it is true especially when it comes to traveling. You often make elaborate plans beyond your financial capacity. A reality check once in a while is important with you, else you will end up breaking your bank.

Your daring spirit and larger-than-life generosity is both a boon and a bane. It works like magic for you to step up the ladder to success, awarding you with all the right qualities needed to get things done. It blesses you with dare to take the road less traveled. However, it also makes you vulnerable to those who want to exploit your kindness for their own good.

Impatience can be the biggest stumbling block in life. You jump into conclusions, lack the patience required to get through the initial phases of struggle, whether in a relationship or in general.

Keeping these habits in check will help you in the long run.

Your temperament may differ depending upon the planetary strength in your natal chart. For a better understanding of your mind and emotions, consult an astrologer for a personalized horoscope reading.