Sagittarius as a Person

Sagittarius as a Person is very dynamic, versatile, & hardworking who follows a progressive & logical approach & desires to do something meaningful for society.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. The constellation of this sign gives a picture of an archer who is aiming without a clear goal. Same as this symbol which indicates fire and passion, Sagittarius as a person is also full of fire and courage, who remains restless till achieves the goal.

The archer is half-man and half-horse and his legs are hidden. It indicates that Sagittarius tried out many things and explores various areas of life.

Sagittarius is a fiery sign and its nature is dual as per astrological terminology. Primarily, fire means outing all energies in one direction, and aiming correctly with total determination.

The moment we come across a dual fire, it creates a suspicion in the mind as to what kind of fire it could be.

Before we dwell more on this, we need to understand what kind of fire it could be and why the Sagittarius moon sign has the nature of duality?

The Lord of this sign is Jupiter. Jupiter is considered a teacher, a master, and a guru, who knows everything. Jupiter also represents intelligence. It holds the position of a Minister. 

The other names given to this moon sign are Eedya, Igya, Anjira, and Jeeva.

Physical Attributes of a Sagittarius Moon Sign Native

Sagittarius person has medium to average height however, much depends on the placement of the planet in your ascendant. 

You have a well proportionate body with a long face and neck, fat thighs, round limbs, and a prominent nose and ears.

Jupiter being the planet of expansion gives the natives a tendency of being overweight.

Your slightly brown colored hair, almond eyes makes them look very attractive.

The Behavioral Pattern of a Sagittarius Native

Sagittarius person has a desire to do something meaningful for society. You get turned off by seeing the pain and misery of the world.You are charged with tremendous energy, which keeps you on your feet at all times. Normally, you do not get tired easily.

At times, your habit of being outspoken can land you in embarrassing situations.

Sometimes in your quest for self-fulfillment, you tend to cross all the limits.

A true Sagittarian will try his level best to change the course of events within his range. And, if you remain involved within the larger issues of life, you can do wonders.

A Sagittarian can have a narrow-mindset at times. Another difficulty with the archer is that you always want something more and are never satisfied.

If he is on a philosophical trip, then he will never be at rest.

There is a powerful desire in a Sagittarius person to be perfect in all possible ways. You will spend a lot of energy exploring new dimensions to your personality.

Since an archer is hardworking and lives with the never-say-die spirit, chances are he will obtain his goal ultimately.

Career Suggestions for Sagittarius Moon Sign Natives

  • Councilors
  • Advisors
  • Ministers
  • Priests
  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • Physicians
  • Civil engineers
  • Army commanders
  • Vets
  • Executive authority
  • Accountancy
  • Astrology
  • Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Librarian
  • Philosopher
  • Publisher
  • Writer
  • Professional sportsman/woman
  • Explorer

Professional Skills of a Sagittarian

Sagittarius person is dynamic, sincere, versatile, and jovial.

You make excellent leaders because of your good imaginative skills and decision-making capabilities.

They’re very optimistic and persistent at their workplace and thus, can solve even the most complex issues.

You are always curious to learn something new and this factor makes Sagittarius natives highly knowledgeable.

They’re always willing to share their knowledge with juniors and peers.

You blend well with your colleagues and juniors. This makes them fit to work unanimously with a big team.

Sagittarius Love and Marital Relations

Sagittarius person can magnetize others through gentle personality, which applies with greater force to the women.

With your heart full of sunshine and open to the world, you are prone to infatuations.

In love matters, Sagittarius person is impressionable and very sensitive.

Initially, you would be scared of taking personal responsibility but you are usually loyal to the ones you become attached to and are generally wise in the expressions of love.

You are endowed with an honest, sincere, and deeply affectionate temperament.

They’re always optimistic about your relationships and cannot compromise on your freedom.

They’re always open to explore new relationships and like spending quality time with your partner.

Sagittarius Family and Friends

Natives belonging to this moon sign have a progressive attitude towards family relationships. You always try to find out a logical way of concluding.

They’ll apply all possible logic in resolving disputes and argumentative issues.

You generally maintain harmonious relationships with everyone around you. Sagittarians person has a special soft corner for children and you can cross any boundaries to secure a safe and sound life for your kids.

Sagittarians are never short of friends wherever you go. This is because those born under this sign are vivacious and amusing.

You are live wires and your ability to get the party going causes people to gravitate towards them naturally.

The outgoing Sagittarius has no difficulty cultivating lasting friendship.

However, never encroach on a Sagittarius’ freedom and independence. That is the key to maintain harmonious relationships with those bearing this sign as you cherish your liberty above everything else.

Sagittarius Styling and Dressing Sense

If you take a tour into the closet of a Sagittarius person, you’ll find tons of travel-friendly clothes.

You dress according to your comfort zone and no matter how trendy you might get, a touch of your local style is always visible in your styling patterns.

You love pairing bold colors along with Boho-style.