Sagittarius Sagittarius Compatibility

What happens when two genius minds meet for a professional relationship? Lots of brilliant ideas, smart solutions and fun! Two Sagittarius individuals would love to work together as a team, brainstorm and multiply their intellect ten folds. The professional partnership of two Sagittarius individuals could especially profitable for a venture or project that involves technical details, logical thinking and ingenious ideas.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of benevolence, abundance and luck Jupiter, which makes the natives of this sign highly optimistic, cheerful and peppy by nature. They would love to crack jokes, go on to exciting expeditions and talk at length about philosophical subjects. The only caveat here would be that one of them will be careful with finances. It is advisable for at least one of them to take charge of maintaining discipline in this area and save for a rainy day.

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Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

It is not uncommon for Sagittarius to find love in the arms of another Sagittarius. After all, nothing is more comforting than finding someone who is likeminded and shares the same life goals.

For Sagittarius natives, the perfect relationship is one in which they would travel together to far off places, take up higher education and study in the same varsity, play adventurous sports, and philosophize about everything across the globe. More than love and romance, Sagittarius wants friendship and companionship for life.

Sagittarius thinks more with the head than the heart. Hence, in the Sagittarius- Sagittarius love partnership, deep emotional bonding and sentimentalism could be somewhat missing. Since both the partners think analytically, at times the flurry of brainy talks and ideas could get in over their heads, drain their enthusiasm and make them wish for someone who is not like them.

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom and freethinking. However, when Sagittarius has found basic compatibility and chemistry in another individual, they do not mind settling down. Sagittarius wants to travel and explore the world, but not alone.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign. When fire meets fire, the flames only turn brighter and warmer. The sexual chemistry between Sagittarius and Sagittarius is exciting, passionate and adventurous. All in all, this is an exciting and fun love pairing, which gets two thumbs up in astrology.