Sagittarius Libra Compatibility

Sagittarius and Libra make for an excellent professional relationship. Both of them have similar natures and working styles, and two enjoy working together in a harmonious environment.

Ruled by the planet of luck and bounties Jupiter, Sagittarius is a peppy, care free and optimistic individual, even during adverse times. On the contrary, Libra is more careful and diplomatic while handling sensitive issues. The two partners enjoy each other’s company and enjoy talking about almost anything. Sagittarius natives can easily offend people around, as they can be too truthful without trying to hide or decorate how they feel.

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Libra is intellectual and analytical, but tends to think a lot. Sagittarius is a doer and thinks less, easily missing a thing or two about the tiny details. Sagittarius has a strong mind, but tends to be careless and impulsive. Together, as a team, Sagittarius and Libra can learn from each other and produce outstanding results.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Sagittarius-Libra love match is potentially strong team. The classical mixing of air and fire elements in astrology shows a relationship full of romance, fireworks, and fun.

Both Sagittarius and Libra are cheerful personalities and readily become emotionally dependent on their partners. However, they may remain somewhat detached at the same time. Libra is the life of every party and has the need to socialize regularly to remain happy. Sagittarius faces the constant hunger to travel far off places and to gain new experiences. When they come together, they expect their partner to join them in their ventures to explore new realms.

Libra is charming and diplomatic in conversations, while Sagittarius is inevitably witty. They admire such qualities in their partner and respect them.
Libra represents the seventh house of relationships and marriage. This makes Libra crave for love more than any other sign. For Sagittarius, love and marriage hold little importance. However, that does not entirely rule out Sagittarius’ search for a compatible partner. For Sagittarius, love is about friendship, fun, and compatibility, which they find naturally in Libra.