Sagittarius Scorpio Compatibility

Sagittarius and Scorpio can make a strong professional match. Scorpio is energetic, dynamic and can add force into any venture. Sagittarius can naturally bring innovative solutions, healthier profits, and luck. Scorpio focuses on heart and Sagittarius on mind. Together, they can bring the best in both worlds learn from each other at the same time.

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Sagittarius and Scorpio is a combination of fire and water elements respectively, and will have to face certain unavoidable challenges. Scorpio is an efficient manager when it comes to money matters, but Sagittarius not so much. Scorpio can remain focused on a goal and work very hard towards it, but Sagittarius needs constant change and freedom. In the company of Scorpio, Sagittarius can learn to work with dedication and discipline. At times, Scorpio can be impulsive with emotional outbursts and may display extreme emotions, vindictiveness, self-destructiveness, and uncontrolled passion. Sagittarius is more balanced emotionally, practical and lightheaded, and can help Scorpio learn to take it easy.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

The love match between Sagittarius and Scorpio is more of a mystery to the world than an ideal love story. How the intense, deep Water sign, Scorpio and cool-headed, cheerful Fire sign Sagittarius fall for each other is a delightful secret that only the two natives involved can understand and enjoy. Sagittarius and Scorpio don’t have much in common and possess remarkably different viewpoints. Ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is optimistic and almost always cheerful. Scorpio is ruled by energy planet Mars, and is forceful, strong and courageous. The differences are huge, yet the two natives admire each other’s personalities and like to spend time together.
Scorpio is a mysterious, intriguing, and magnetic individual. Sagittarius takes it as a challenge to solve the Scorpio mystery and soon realize that Scorpio has plummeting depths, undying passion, and powerful emotions. Scorpio, likewise, finds Sagittarius to be extremely charming, easy going, understanding, and non-judgmental. Scorpio goes through an eternal search for a compatible life partner and this search may end once they meet Sagittarius. However, the fact that Sagittarius lacks the emotional depths and sentimentalism may need some getting used to. The two share different ideas of love, romance, and relationships. Sagittarius looks for a true friend in a lovable companion for life and Scorpio wants to have a powerful love story of their own, with a soul-stirring union that is envied by all.