Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility nicely astrologically & share common grounds at mental level. Both the signs are powerful, self-reliant, and freethinking personalities for whom the greatest asset in a relationship is freedom. They are optimistic towards life, are extroverts, & love to travel, make new friends, and socialize. However, Sagittarius is born to travel and wander, which can be annoying for Aries after a while.

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Aries and Sagittarius both have a habit to dream big and aim high, making them appear impractical and dreamers to everybody else. They can be impulsive & restless, giving them the apt title of risk takers in business or professional matters. Communication will be very direct & sharp between them, filled with honesty and often unrefined blunt remarks, since they both dislike diplomacy, tact & a politically correct point of view. At times, a sudden aggression or demanding side of Aries may surface, but that is not the case with Sagittarius, who chooses to remain composed & calm even in complex situations. The relation is marked by admiration & adoration from both signs for each other. The openness and frankness of Sagittarius easily influences Aries, but the painful remarks from Sagittarius can easily hurt the ego of Aries & should be controlled if the relation is to be maintained.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Aries and Sagittarius both being Fire signs, experience outstanding love compatibility, and chemistry as a love couple. This relationship is bound to be fun-filled with plenty of wandering & adventures together. The multiple common interests give them enough reasons to spend more time with each other.

Both signs are friendly by nature and love to flaunt their confidence openly. They need personal space and freedom in a relationship. Nonetheless, the difference lies in their handling of personal emotions. Aries lover feels more vulnerable, jealous, and insecure in terms of emotions than Sagittarius. At heart, Aries fears of separation and rejection. Sagittarius, on the contrary, lacks emotional depth in a relation & is neither jealous nor insecure. They may find Aries to be an emotional fool & their emotional approach to be limiting for their freedom. For a perfect relationship or marriage, Sagittarius will have to adjust to the loving nature of their Aries partner and control their urge to flirt or even cheat on their partner.

Sexual compatibility between Aries and Sagittarius will be highly satisfying and experimental, as both the signs are energetic, active, and free thinkers.

Overall, this relationship should be harmonious and balanced. In case of occasional fights, a quick resolution is likely, as neither of the two likes to hold on to a grudge for long & are quick to forgive their partner.