Sagittarius Love

Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman love to keep the idea of love in a cool, casual and playful territory. Emotional intensity, deep sentimentality, passionate highs and lows, etc. are alien concepts to your Sagittarius lover. But this is not to say that they are mean and heartless, because they are absolutely not.

Sagittarius nature is curious, free-spirited and adventurous. They like to explore. They would prefer a partner who shares their love of discovery, travel and knowledge. An intellectually unsound and uninterested person would never attract them for a long haul.

Sagittarius has a happy-go-lucky, cheerful personality and wants their love relationship to be all fun and laughter. Simply put, they are looking for more of a friend and playmate in their lover with whom they can be humorous, cool and mischievous. They hate boredom, idleness and confinement.

Sagittarius man in love and Sagittarius woman in love might not have mastered the technique of cheesy and crazy romance, but they know how to fill your life with laughter and playfulness, and widen your spiritual and mental horizons.

Understanding Sagittarius Love Nature: Signs that tell a Sagittarius loves you:

Sagittarius does not know how to play covert, seductive games in love. Their approach is direct, witty and often shameless. To impress you, Sagittarius will try to show you their humorous and witty side. They will be playfully flirtatious and quirky around you. The conversations will seem to last forever.

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