Sagittarius as a Lover

(Moon Sign Based)

Passion & pleasure rule the world that make Sagittarius love hard, if they find the right mate.

Sagittarius as a Lover

Sagittarius is a fiery sign, primarily fire means putting all energies in one direction and aiming correctly with total determination. Sagittarius in love is well known for boldness and a dashing approach in relationships and conversations.

They are courageous, pushy, and accommodating. They believe in the dictum that variety is the spice of life. For this reason, their keen desire to interact on a grand scale with the opposite sex is often misunderstood by their partner.

They insist on their freedom and liberty and their partners will often resent their dominating nature. Their romantic emotions are governed more by calculative and clever thoughts than by emotions.

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Being a masculine sign, they do not hesitate to think, speak out, or act as they desire since they are very truthful. They hold on to their principles to the last, even though they are aware that their actions may bring unpleasant results. They generally speak out what they feel is right, without considering how others would value such statements.

Traits of Sagittarius Moon Sign

People belonging to the Sagittarius moon sign are generous, restless, bold, and ambitious. They are very optimistic in their approach and always look at the bright side of things. They’re active, sympathetic, and somewhat impulsive. They’re fond of voyages, outdoor sports, and exercises. They’re blessed with the energy to face obstacles.

Sagittarius Man in Love

With their heart full of sunshine and open to the world, Sagittarius men in love are prone to infatuations. With their exciting and charismatic appearance, they set the hearts ablaze.

They are loyal to ones they become attached to and are generally wise in their expressions of love.

Sagittarius men are endowed with an honest, sincere, and deeply affectionate temperament in a love relationship.

He’s a person of morality and dignity who is very truthful and loyal to his partner. This man is a true romantic who makes his love life beautiful in all possible ways.

Sagittarius lover has expensive tastes, encompassing vast visions, with a belief in spontaneous luck.

Sagittarius Woman in Love

Women belonging to the Sagittarius moon sign are those magnets who can easily attract others through their gentle personalities.

She yearns for someone to make her happy all the time. She falls in love with ease and can have feelings for more than one person at the same time. And, on top of that, she will not be able to hide this at all.

They will not interfere so much in their partner’s professional affairs and will not give suggestions until and unless asked for.

Sagittarius women in love are very adjustable and are extremely generous towards their partner.

They have a casual behavior towards romance and relationship, misleading one to think that they lack sentiments and emotions; which is no doubt a wrong perception.

This woman wants excitement and variations in her life and if the same thing is repeated again and again, she gets bored very quickly.

Their partners will never get bored as they will always find a reason to smile and add humor to their conversations.

Love Guide for Sagittarius Moon Sign

In terms of zodiac compatibility, the two most compatible signs for Sagittarius Love's relationship are Aries and Leo.

Sagittarius and Aries Love Compatibility

Aries share their sense of adventure and fun-loving nature. This fiery sign realizes and comprehends a Sagittarian’s longing for freedom and independence.

Fire with fire does not conflict. Both love independence and must allow each other some freedom. Neither will tolerate the other being the boss.

Sagittarius encourages an enthusiastic outlook and honesty. Both are aware of the excessive need for honesty in their life. Aries feel that they can share anything with their Sagittarius partner.

The mutual understanding between a Sagittarius and Aries partner is very deep, thus keep their love relationship at the perfect pace. They always keep motivating and pushing each other wherever the other might like to go.

When Aries offers initiative and focus, Sagittarius provides vision and faith.


Sagittarius and Aries Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility

The bed pleasures between a Sagittarius and Leo will end up being hilarious because Sagittarius partners have innate desires to make a joke out of anything.

An Aries partner is very passionate when it comes to trying new actions and experimenting with their sex life whereas a Sagittarius partner prefers more of a relaxed and easy-going love flow.

Sagittarius and Leo Love Compatibility

Leo’s ardent and passionate nature, where all the feelings come directly from the heart is in tune with Sagittarian’s compassionate soul.

Because both are frank, generous, and freehearted, they can be beneficial to each other.

The Love relationship between Sagittarius and Leo works out well and it is believed that they will share a happy time.

Both are optimistic, positive, and take a broad viewpoint. Leo will feel neglected or frets if Sagittarius is too eager for freedom and independence.

Since they spark each other’s sense of security and confidence, they will rarely show jealousy or misunderstand each other’s actions. In a true sense, a Sagittarius and Leo are made for each other.

Sagittarius and Leo Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility

Sagittarius and Leo share a warm love for each other. Their sex life is quite smooth as they feel liberated to be exactly who they are, with each other.

The best thing about their sexual relationship is the passion and intensity of these two signs share. Leo brings out the inner desires and Sagittarius adds fire and excitement, thereby spicing up their sex life. The sex life of Sagittarius and Leo represents a perfect connection for them and lights up their relationship.


Tips for a better Love Life

People belonging to the Sagittarius moon sign should be moderate and become optimistic about their relationships. Exaggeration, continuous speech without truth, false promises, insults, or hurting others are their basic traits, which should be avoided to enjoy a great love relationship.


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