The Sagittarius Woman Personality

Sagittarius woman is independent, curious and free-spirited by nature. She doesn’t like control and confinement of any sorts. She is not unreasonable, bossy and arrogant, but loves to keep her individuality intact in a committed relationship or marriage. She wants her partner to be her best friend first and foremost.

Sagittarius woman is ruled by the planet of fortunes and luck Jupiter. She has a wonderfully happy-go-lucky, relaxed personality. It is not uncommon for her to also have an intelligent, genius mind. She is not dramatically emotional and thinks very logically.

Travel, sports and adventure mean excitement and fun for her and she wants plenty of these in her life. Perfect relationship or marriage would be one where in she doesn’t feel trapped or confined under a roof.

Sagittarius females can be rather blunt and honest about their choices and opinions in life. She likes direct, clear communication and hates hypocrisy.
Sagittarius woman might not use her logic and reasoning powers when it comes to love. This is one area where she can be easily fooled.

Most of the Sagittarius females like to remain as natural and easy as possible. It is uncommon for them to go for high maintenance, flashy outfits. Her style is simple yet stylish.

Positive traits of Sagittarius Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Your Sagittarius love partner is very optimistic and has a positive perspective in life. She is adventurous, independent and bold with a logical bent of mind.

Negative traits of Sagittarius Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Sagittarius females might appear cool and devoid of sentimentalism. They are usually very frank and outspoken, which can possibly attack a man’s ego. Her love for freedom and independence might disturb a sincere, committed partnership.

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