Sagittarius Woman Personality

(Moon Sign Based)

Symbolized by the Centaur, Sagittarius represents the last of all fire signs. They are explorative, impulsive and adventurous. They prefer to live in the fun of the moment than think of very long-term. They are not focused on how things will play out in far future but more on how it feels in the present. They are mostly athletic in build and like sports.

Sagittarius Woman Personality


Sagittarius Moon women are generally stark in their conversations, which is a good thing provided they know how to keep their word forward. It is most likely that they are anxious and get easily triggered. To be a rebel with a cause is admirable but to be a rebel- ‘just because’ isn’t something favorable. To know how to work with people or interact with them is something that they miss. It is often easy to detect when a person this stark changes their tone or way of speaking suddenly in certain situations which make it hardly convincing for the listener. It is important to know the difference between being ‘real’ and being ‘rude’. A certain level of diplomacy along with genuineness needs to be learnt if they wish to be seen in a good light. It’s a saying that a sharp tongue often cuts your own throat. This is applicable to a Sagittarius woman.

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The good part is that these women are great at exploring. They love to travel far and wide and perhaps is quite the party person, provided she gets the chance. She lives in the fun of the moment and lives it to the fullest. They aren’t the deepest thinkers, but they try to sail through life through effective communication, if she can master the art of speaking aptly.

She’s not very reliable in relationships and falls in love or the idea of love really quickly. She also falls out of it pretty soon as well. This is the pattern of most fire signs, in general, and specifically for her. She needs to learn to be more open to the emotional aspect of things than the passionate or lustful aspect of things. She can easily confuse lust and ambition to love.

Behavioral Constitution:

A Sagittarius woman is jovial in nature with wits. She can easily get attention and likes it as well.

  • She’s an extrovert who loves to explore people and party, and cannot stand rigidity or slowness. She can get anxious soon and takes things personally even if its not meant for her and then tries to reply back in the same fashion, which can seem odd or petty to anyone looking.
  • She should be in a profession which enhances her skills of socializing and gives her amble opportunity of exploration. Hospitality and tourism are good sectors for them.
  • Relationship-wise, not a very reliable mate, however, once in a relationship, she might want to stay provided her needs are met.
  • They are spendthrifts, provided they earn as much.
  • They have a tendency of getting addicted to habits whether it is physical such as certain consumption habits, or a behavior.
  • Their relationships are likely to be full of highs and lows which contribute to this love-hate addiction.
  • Her addictions are hard to break especially behavioral ones.

Style Sense of a Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Moon women are simplistic in their fashion statement. They look for comfortable clothing and have a penchant for florals and stripes.


The three types of Sagittarius women can be understood by the three constellations to which they might belong:

Moola: Moola constellation represents destruction, a precursor to a new beginning. It is symbolized by a collection of roots and its deity is goddess Mahakali. They are peaceful and optimistic in nature and believe in the concept of ‘everything happens for a reason’.

Purva Ashada: Purva Ashada constellation is represented by elephant’s tusk and its deity is Apas- Goddess of Water. These are the luckiest when it comes to compatibility and closeness with friends and their spouse within the range of Sagittarius. They are adventurous and are always seen exploring places, theories and people.

Uttara Ashada: Uttara Ashada is represented by the 10 Vishwa Devas as its deities. This constellation supports leadership, achievement and commitment to duty. People belonging to this constellation are driven and motivated for material success.
Sense of Style:

Sagittarius Moon women are simplistic in their fashion statement. They look for comfortable clothing and have some penchant for florals and stripes.

Personal Life Roles

Mischievous, fun to be around and impulsive are the words that describe a Sagittarius Moon woman in relationships. She might make decisions without much thought and her impulses are often extreme. However, she wont people to get in the way of her freedom or go against her wishes.

As a Daughter:

She is a loving and affectionate daughter who can be a little mischievous as a young kid.

  • She can put her parents in the spot by being too honest and frank in her opinion, even as a toddler. She has strong family ties and is fiercely protective of her loved ones.
  • She is deeply emotional but often tends to contend with profound feelings. She is not the one to be swayed by sentimental outpours but will take her own time to contemplate and discover the slip-ups.
  • She will take care of her parents but will not compromise on her freedom. She is the optimistic force of her family who shows that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

As a Sister

As Sagittarius woman as a sister is quite playful, she will not even spare her siblings just for the sake of having fun. So, if you have a Sagittarius Moon born sister, be ready for sarcastic comments and a lot of adventurous activities.

She has a lot of ideas – fun, spiritual, philosophical, to give and share. She can drive you crazy at times, but you can trust her to stand with you through thick and thin.

  • Blessed with good communication skills, she can be your best advisor when you need it the most.
  • She will not conceal the truth from you, even if it is going to make you unhappy.

As a Friend

There will be no dearth of adventure in your life if you have a Sagittarius Moon sign born friend. She is a one friendly, fun-loving, and talkative soul who will make you feel better even in times of gloominess. She has the right mix of optimism and adventure and is one fireball of enthusiasm and confidence.

  • You will never feel tied-up with a Sagittarius friend and will never make a scene of you not showing up for days or even months. But whenever you will meet with them her again, they she will be happy to listen to your stories and share their her own.
  • Sagittarius woman values her friendship immensely, but not all of her friends make it to her close friend's circle, as she makes a lot many friends in her life, and many friendships are meant to be short-lived.

As a Lover

It is very easy to get a Sagittarius woman to be with you. She loves the idea of being in love but cannot compromise on her freedom.

  • The idea of fun and freedom is foremost for a Sagittarius woman, even in a love relationship.
  • She loves spending time with her partner but will not like to be bounded by any sort of rules, regulations, or compulsions.
  • They are best-suited with Gemini Moons. (Gemini being 7 signs away is the partner sign of Sagittarius).

Most attracted to: Pisces & Sagittarius.

As a Wife

Ruled by Jupiter, a Sagittarius woman makes for a devoted yet freedom-loving wife. She is honest, fun, and caring and has a striking sensual side to her. She would be compatible with somebody who can match her energy and enthusiasm and give her love with gentle care and independence. She craves an active and fast-paced life but would want her husband to get along with her on the ride.

  • She is charming but her outspoken nature can lead to troubles in her married life, at times.
  • The three constellations of Sagittarius have different results in store for her depending which one she belongs too. Sagittarius generally has a harder life than the rest zodiacs in matrimony, however, in Purvashada constellation, they are blessed with a healthy relationship with their husband and their love grows with time like fine wine.

Most attracted to: Pisces & Sagittarius

As a Mother

A Sagittarius mother is an energetic, and fun-loving mother. She loves to spend time with her children and take care of their needs. She also makes for a wonderful teacher, who can discipline her children. She can be great friends with her kids and will not be very demanding as a mother.

  • Her kids will generally be explorative just as her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and such is the case with her children too. She might feel the need to control this impulse of which some of her suggestions will be taken, and some might not.
  • She can at times be hurtful and rough, with her brutally honest disposition.

Professional Life Roles

A Sagittarius Moon sign born woman prefers a dynamic and stimulating work environment. Sagittarius woman. She will thrive in a workplace that offers her enough opportunities to expand her horizon and let her learn new things.

  • She likes to explore and travel around the world and thus look for highly dynamic roles to be content as a working professional. She is an intelligent and loves being an independent contributor in a challenging work profile.
  • Any work profile that doesn’t involve sitting in a place such as a desk job is well-suited.
  • She can work well in the hospitality and travel industry and can also make for good educators and coaches.

As a Student

A Sagittarius Moon woman is nothing if not extremes. She is either very good in studies or below average. The three constellations that fall in this zodiac signs suggest the same. This could be a result of her impulsive nature which she uses either for her best or might result in getting distracted.

  • A Sagittarius Moon sign born female makes for an inquisitive and intelligent student. She loves learning new things and explore new topics, but has a more practical approach to learning than theoretical.
  • Being a restless soul it is not easy for her to concentrate on a subject for long and she would require fun-breaks in between to keep up the pace of her studies.
  • Field trips excite her as a student, and she is a keen observer and learns well by looking at things than reading about them.

As an Employee

A boring and monotonous desk job will not suit the dynamic personality of a Sagittarius woman. She craves freedom, certainty, and public interaction and can do well in jobs that allow her to utilize these skills. She is not entirely motivated by money, but are moved by the larger good of the society.

  • She has bold ideas and is open in her verbal expressions. She can lend herself to trouble, at times, by being too honest and straightforward. Diplomacy in conversation is key.
  • She needs to learn that work can’t always be fun and play and that certain consistencies and schedules are indeed important in performing the professional task well.
  • The seriousness required in doing an every day job cannot always be full of excitement and some level of stability is required from her side rather than drifting or getting distracted in the first instance she gets.

As a Boss

Spontaneity and optimism are the highlights of a Sagittarius Moon woman as a boss.

  • They do well with an independent staff as they do not like to micromanage things.
  • Sagittarius Moon women need to inculcate the idea of dealing with people correctly, especially in her speech unless she wishes to do it all by herself.
  • You will need to be highly energetic and fast-paced to be able to match the ever-changing expectations of a Sagittarius woman boss.
  • She is quite detail-oriented, so will not be able to get through with her approval if the project is not entirely good to go ahead with. She is likely to find some or the other mistake or flaw which means you better take notes of her requirements.

As a Business Professional

Her love for freedom and independence makes her good at doing business. Sagittarius woman he has an inborn entrepreneurial streak and can display the required confidence and poise as a business leader. Her money management skills may require certain caution, at times, as she is rather impulsive.

  • She would need to be cautious in investment decisions and business partnerships, as she tends to trust people quite easily.
  • Her communication skills lend her good support in getting good clients and customers for her business.
  • She will do well in business if she has the correct financial advisor by her side. A good and capable staff would be just what her bright ideas require to take off.


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