Sagittarius Pisces Compatibility

Easy-going, genius Sagittarius and creative, imaginative Pisces can bring in interesting elements under one roof in a work or professional partnership. Due to their diametrically opposite natures, some clashes and disagreements are likely to appear time and again, but if channelized in the right way, their different working styles can be quite profitable to their work.

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Sagittarius is awed by the way Pisces imagines and recreates the world around. Pisces feels light-hearted and a little less pensive in the company of Sagittarius. Both Sagittarius and Pisces have the same ruling planet Jupiter, which makes them profound thinkers and philosophical by nature. Jupiter is known as the planet of abundance, learning and wisdom, but offers its gifts to the natives of these two signs in very different ways. Pisces thinks everything deeply and there is always an emotional component in their analysis. Sagittarius looks at the world in more objective ways and works on reasoning and logic to fathom things around them. When Sagittarius and Pisces combine their forces, anything is possible.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

It is difficult to guess what makes cheerful, high-headed, fiery Sagittarius and deeply emotional, sulky watery Pisces find love in each other’s arms. There’s an aura of mysticism and confusion in the Sagittarius-Pisces love match, one that is pretty difficult to decode and decipher.

Pisces can be very sensitive in the matters of the heart. In a love relationship, Pisces tends to become deeply attached and emotionally dependent on their partner. Pisces is also a hopeless romantic by nature. Sagittarius does not understand the kind of love and romance Pisces believes so dearly in. Sagittarius wants to keep everything around them simple, logical and fun. This makes Pisces feel unloved.

Sagittarius natives often have the habit of expressing opinions as it is without any filters. Their staunchly realistic comments and criticism can deeply hurt their Pisces lover, who generally likes to live in their dreamy, fantasy-fuelled shells. In its worst form, this love relationship has the potential to extinguish the fiery flames of Sagittarius and wound the tender Pisces heart.

To make this love partnership work, both Pisces and Sagittarius would need lots of mutual adjustment, understanding and compromise. This is not an easy match.