Dating Tips for Sagittarius

On one hand, you have that warmth and compassion that is so inviting, on the other, there is that fiery energy and free-spiritedness that is so difficult to contain. It’s complex to know what to compare your arrow with Archers. Are you the adventurous God of war with eagle like focus or the soft Cupid? Half man-half horse, you are a blend of these energies. Your gentle and humanly vibe constantly tries to tame your wild horse-like energy. Your sense of freedom always plays tug of war with the need for commitment.

It’s difficult to tie you down into knots of love, but once you commit, there is no turning back. But just to make sure that you don’t end up riding alone in the dating meadows, we have some tips for you Sagittarius.

Be honest without being inappropriate

Sagittarius, you are so many personalities wrapped into one. Being with you comes with a lot of surprises. But not all of these are pleasant. Your brutal honesty rather comes as a shocker. “Tact” is not a word you understand. Is it Latin for lie? You are damn certain it is right? Let’s be honest, it’s not good to be brutally honest all the time. Even if you think that a toddler could do better in the gym than your partner, keep these thoughts to yourself. Don’t tell your partner that they look fat in that red dress. These white lies would save you a lot of challenging grey moments. Sure, you can mask these situations pretty well with your sense of humor but why complicate things?  Use some filter when you speak, control your Word Vomit and only churn out what’s needed.


Filter your friends

This filter mechanism is also needed in who you friend with.
You have an easy charm, dating you is not an exhausting experience because there are no high expectations. You are so easy to get along and gel with, and you are so good at finding topics of common interest. Having a big social circle is okay, but when it comes to having a true friendship and relationship, you need to be selective. Relationships come with certain responsibilities and having so many shallow ones would do you no good. Just like you are good at initiating ideas, you are also good at initiating friendships. It is the follow-up part that is missing. So only strike friendships that you can carry on for long. Understand who to value more. Otherwise, you will end up being with people you don’t want to.


Identify the diamond

While it’s good to keep things casual, you need to commit at some point. Or maybe not, but when you spot the right person, do something to keep them. Ultimately, this world can be a lonely place. Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter. Take things to the next level if you need to. If you feel that the person is worth hanging up to, open yourself up and let things be deep. If you keep running away from the risk of heartbreak, you will end up losing relationships that could flourish into something strong.  Let’s take chances and shed that emotional wall that restricts you from fathoming a relationship to its depth.

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