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Mars Transit in Capricorn

When Mars retrogrades into the sign of Capricorn, they will have an effect on all the moon signs, especially on your professional and personal relationships, depending on your favorable planets and stars. Find out more about the effect of this transit affecting your relationships based on your zodiac.

Mars Transit in Capricorn


Mars is the planet of determination, energy and courage to move forward in any arena with a strong inertia to complete your task. Mars will transit in the Capricorn sign from 26th February, 2022, where it will resign its collaboration with Sagittarius to form a new pact with Capricorn, which is an exalted sign that indicates progress in all ventures with vigilance and hard work.

The transit of Mars in the Capricorn sign is the accurate time during which we are endowed with strong focus and quick action to complete our pending commitments. You will experience major changes in your personal and professional relationships. You will take the lead and have the strength to make the required effort where these changes will be progressive for personal and professional growth. Every transit marches forward in its terrain with its cup of certain setbacks but the companionship of Jupiter with Mars will bless you with wisdom to work on your aspirations by pushing forward your first determined step.

Effects of transit Mars in Capricorn over all Moon signs-

  1. Aries-

The transit of Mars in your 10th house of career and status will bring good gains and growth and prosperity in your life that may lead to an increment in income or acquiring assets.

During this transit, your professional arena will bring forth your efforts and hard work that will reward you with good name and fame in your workplace. You will tide over every professional challenge with your determination but you will not be contended with your financial achievements. Your personal relations will be blissful with good mutual understanding and deep bonding as you have a romantic trip on the cards. Take care of your health due to exertion and fatigue.

  1. Taurus

The transit of Mars in your 9th house of fortune, luck, and spirituality will bring good wealth gains, good reputation in society and success in your professional endeavors. Your career endeavors will be profitable with long distance journey during this transit, but with its own cup of challenges that you will overcome with your determination and hard work. The personal angle of your life will portray a moderate picture as you will face misunderstandings with your partner/spouse, so caution is advised over personal relations. Take care of your physical and mental health with a good diet and an exercise regime in your daily routine with yoga and meditation.

  1. Gemini

The transit of Mars in your 8th house of hurdles in professional and conflicts in your personal life, sudden loss/gain will bring problems and struggles in your life but stability in financial tread will be good. Career options will be tough in their progress as your efforts will demand both, physical and mental stamina, whereas any negligence can bring forth any legal hassle and setback on the career front. Your personal life will also reflect your verbal expression with the same negative attitude from your partner, so avoid using harsh words in personal communication. Take good care of your health with meditation and yoga, as stress can the prime reason to affect it negatively.

  1. Cancer

The transit of Mars in your 7th house of marriage and partnership will bring forth good relationship in the personal front with the increase in your bonding and mutual understanding. And your professional front will deliver conflict at your professional doorstep, so caution is advised to avoid any kind of verbal combat with people at work. Avoid being dominating in your relations as you need to maintain equilibrium in your workplace and keep caution in your attitude in your personal relation. Health wise, avoid being too emotional during this transit. Take care of your mental and physical health with meditation and yoga.

  1. Leo

The transit of Mars in your 6th house of debt, enemies and disease will bring initial setback in career ventures but your career will bounce back with your sincere efforts. Your efforts will be appreciated by your superiors and you will be able to overcome your professional rivals with your intelligent authority. Personal relations will be very progressive, both with your partner, friends and family. Financially, it will be a good period with an increment in luxury gadgets for your loved ones. Take care of your health in a general way with a good diet and an exercise regime.

  1. Virgo

The transit of Mars in your 5th house of love, romance, children and speculation will bring an average progressive professional period, where challenges have to be dealt with hard work and efforts on the career front. You are advised to maintain good relations with your colleagues and superiors, along with meeting your commitments without delay, for avoiding delay in your promotion or increase in income. Personal relationships with partner will expect a concrete observation and attention for its harmony and any negligence may turn your personal bliss into a war zone. Children will also be with moderate progress. Health would not pose any problem physically or mentally but make sure to follow a good diet and an exercise regime.

  1. Libra

The transit of Mars in your 4th house of mother, property, vehicle, domestic peace and prosperity will bring forth the turmoil in personal relationship due to less cooperation for mutual harmony and understanding with your partner/spouse. This transit may even pop out various sources of conflict from family, friends and relatives including children [if any]. It will be beneficial to cater a soothing behaviour in your personal relations. Career will be progressive but will give good rewards, gains, progress with hard work and manipulated efforts. Health will be good with overall good immunity, but you are advised not to ignore the health of your mother during this transit.

  1. Scorpio

The transit of Mars in your 3rd house of sibling, courage, initiative and short travel will bring all the necessary opportunities for progress in your career as an employee/entrepreneur but you will be able to shine in all your career aspirations only with your hard work and efforts. Avoid hasty decisions to create any career setbacks but promote short travels that will be fruitful for your career gains. Your personal relations with your partner/spouse, family members, especially siblings will be cordial, and harmony will be visible in your personal relations. Health will be good with good immunity but you are advised to follow a good diet and an exercise regime for overall good health maintenance.

  1. Sagittarius

The transit of Mars in your 2nd house of family, finance, wealth and speech will bring mixed effects on personal and professional ventures. Career will tread forward with beneficial steps and gains from foreign related corporate or MNCs, both monetary and progress. Professional rivalry will keep you on your toes if you are not cautious and this can create illusions in relation to your career. Personal relations will also knock at your door for your dedication and vigilance and hence, you have to be careful while dealing with them with a calm state of mind and polite speech as to avoid any disharmony in the domestic bliss. Be moderate in your eating habits, along with following a good exercise regime.

  1. Capricorn

The transit of Mars is in your 1st house of self and personality, and all the aspects of life related to self will be activated. So, it will bring mixed trends of success in all your ventures and self attitude. During this transit, there will be minor setbacks of anger in your attitude and gestures, but you should try to remain on peace mode while dealing with others. Your personal life will have the benefit of this attitude as there are chances of facing difference of opinions with your partner/spouse and family. Your career ventures will be profitable with the support of your colleagues and superiors, but moderation of behaviour will be appreciated by everyone. Health will pose no problem during this transit.

  1. Aquarius

The transit of Mars will be in your 12th house of expenditure, loss of health, foreign travel/settlement and salvation and that will bring about some overall setbacks, so you are advised to be on caution mode in all aspects of life. Your career prospects will give you a jolt, when you experience the change of professional attitude of your colleagues/seniors with you, so it will be beneficial if you work hard while focusing on your professional commitments. Personal life and relations will not be rosy either as you may face conflicts with your partner which may affect your mental health. Avoid making major changes in any aspect of life during this transit.

  1. Pisces

The transit of Mars is in your 11th house of income, gains and fulfillment of desires that will bring about the much awaited positive trends for you. Your health will be perfect and you will love to socialize with your friends and party out with your partner and family. Overall, good domestic and personal bliss is indicated in your personal front and relations. Career prospects will also be very beneficial where you will be notified with good income gains, promotion or hike in salary. Business entrepreneurs will be blessed with monetary gains as a reward of their previous efforts.

Overall, the transit of Mars in Capricorn can be illustrated as the report card of every native where if he/she will combine efforts with actions and intelligence to achieve better in his/her life.