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Transit of Venus for Taurus moon sign

Transit of

Transit of Venus for Taurus moon sign is largely favorable and brings positive outcomes. Venus has dual Rulership over Libra and Taurus moon sign. Venus is found in its exalted state in Pisces and in its debilitated state in Virgo.

According to Vedic Astrological researches, Venus rules over three constellations: Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashada Nakshatras(constellations). Mercury and Saturn are the friendly planets of Venus but it has enmity with Sun and Moon.

Venus represents the two main areas of life; Love and Money. It is correlated with values, beauty, bond, energy, love, commitment and a feeling of connection with family and spouse. Venus gives sensible mind to the natives.

The personal satisfaction originates from Venus. This planet has everything that we as a whole need. It denotes the greatest pleasures of life; love, harmony, emotional attachments, and romance in marriage, friendship and relation with business partners. The Venus transit for Taurus is going to have a mixed impact on the lives of the natives.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Aries for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. During this period, it will pass through three auspicious Nakshtras, known as Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika.

When Venus is in Aries with the energy of Ashwini Nakshatra, you are likely to excel professionally or academically. You will be able to forge ahead in your research by being methodical. Development in research process will be most heartening. An ailment may occur due to sheer negligence and trouble you. The transit of Venus in twelfth house will make you inclined towards spiritual activities.

When Venus passes through Bharini Nakshatra, you may feel being ignored by someone you love. A tough situation on personal front may be faced and force you to take an unwanted decision.

When Venus passes through Krittika Nakshatra, it will give you sharp intelligence to execute plans, even in critical situations. You will actively participate in social causes and will feel like doing something for the under privileged ones.

Transit of Venus in Aries zodiac for Taurus moon sign

From: 29th February 2020 till 28th March 2020

When Venus transits in Aries, an excellent period is foreseen on academic and professional front of Taurus moon sign. There is much to be achieved on professional grounds by undertaking a journey. Your academic excellence may become the talk of town and students preparing for overseas education will receive uplifting news in this period of time.

Transit of Venus for Taurus in Aries will enable you to boost your income through hard work. You may be asked to produce some additional documents and this could create a lot of pressure on you. However, good progress and growth is envisaged on business front. Work front appears to be average as things may or may not proceed as planned.

Stars advise you to lower your expectations with your love partners. If your relationship is not working out that well, in that case you need find out the fault points and rectify them.

Along with this, you need to be completely honest in your romantic relationship. A cozy dinner date will be a wonderful idea to have an in-depth love conversation and to understand each other better.

Luck will favor you whole heartedly but only if you remain disciplined and focused. Exercise daily, take adequate sleep and avoid long working hours.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Taurus for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the Taurus zodiac. During this period of time, it will pass through three significant Nakshtras- Krittika, Rohini and Mrigshira.

When Venus is in Taurus with the energy of Krittika Nakshatra, there will be a lot of fuss in your married life. You need to keep your ego to the ground as things may appear a bit hazy.

When Venus passes through Rohini Nakshatra, it will make you somewhat stubborn in nature and you may not feel like following a routine pattern anymore. You may get in two minds regarding a lot of things and this will affect your decision making capabilities.

Passing through Mrigshira Nakshatra, Venus will enable you to make the right moves at the right time. You might follow a hasty pattern but your methodical approach is likely to take you much closer to success.

Transit of Venus in Taurus zodiac for Taurus moon sign

From: 28th March 2020 till 1st August 2020

Transit of Venus in Taurus zodiac is a period of celebration as you might hit a jackpot and get various income sources in your hand. You are likely to consolidate your financial position in this period of time.

Luck may favor you on the career and monetary front and you might get your hands on something that you desperately want.

Transit of Venus for Taurus in Taurus zodiac could make you a shopping enthusiast and you might add new ornaments to your accessories kit. Some of you could also show interest in agricultural activities or products.

Having the power to improve lives of others is a great way to reinforce own personal values. You would love to do charity and non-profit work for the under privileged ones. It will make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

You can expect some new developments regarding personal relationships. You are likely to enjoy a family get together or a trip.

You will need to chart the future course of action on career front. There is much to be achieved on work front. Health will remain satisfactory, if not neglected.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Gemini for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the third sign of the zodiac: Gemini. During this transit it will pass through Mrigashira, Ardra and Purarvasu Nakshatras.

When Venus is in Gemini with the energy of Mrigashira Nakshatra, you are likely to strengthen your relationship and enhance your personal bond. You will be able to make the right moves to win people. Some family issues may need urgent resolution, so do not neglect any such matters. Your spirit of adventure promises to take you out on a happening trip.

When Venus passes through Ardra Nakshatra, Gemini can get into petty arguments with their spouse. You need to keep a control over your speech and aggression otherwise you may experience a lot of fuss in your married life. A medical condition will show signs of improvements.

Passing through Purarvasu Nakshatra, Venus will instill valuable knowledge and confidence in Gemini moons. You will figure out new ways to boost your growth and income. Your brilliant performance on the professional front will open a lot of new avenues for you.

Transit of Venus in Gemini zodiac for Taurus

From: 1st August 2020 till 1st September 2020

Gemini, transit of Venus for Taurus in Gemini will make you well versed in shastras and deep areas of knowledge. It can help you rise as an influential speaker as you are going to leave an imprint on people’s mind with your excellent speaking skills. You may get a chance to relish delicious cuisines during this time.

Venus will enhance your inner as well as outer beauty and improve your confidence. Stars for career look bright and you may move ahead with your plans.

Areas concerning entertainment such as dance and music will build a strong career path for you and enable you to reap humongous monetary gains. You will be loyal and sincere in your friendship and will set a perfect example of a true friend.

Transit of Venus for Taurus in Gemini zodiac will make you religiously inclined and you may develop an unimaginable fascination for spiritual activities and religious rituals.

You are likely to derive excellent pleasures. Expect some new developments regarding personal and professional life. Financial prospects seem favorable and you will amass great wealth during this time.

Venus in Second house of Taurus moon sign will highlight your creative abilities and you will enjoy treasures of various kinds.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Cancer for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the Forth sign of the zodiac: Cancer. During this transit, it will pass through these Nakshatra- Purnarvasu, Pushya and Aslesha.

When Venus passes through Puarvasu Nakshatra, it will reinforce your relationship with seniors, colleagues, co-workers and your monitors.  Health of mother could be a matter of concern in this period.

Passing through Pushya Nakshatra, Venus can bring some unexpected events in personal as well as professional life, which may prove disheartening. Personal front would require much more attention during this period of time. Your partner may seek emotional support from you. Investments made in past may yield fruits in the present period.  

Venus in Cancer with the energy of Askesha Nakshatra will suggest Taurus moons to stay cautious and alert with regards to their health conditions. Over confidence may lead you towards personal and financial losses. During this period, you might start envying your friends and co-workers; this need to be avoided otherwise it can have a negative impact on your health, relationship and career.  

Transit of Venus in Cancer zodiac for Taurus

From: 1st September 2020 till 28th September 2020

Taurus, transit of Venus in your third house of courage and valor will make you firm and fearless and boost your morale. You will be brave enough to express your thoughts boldly during this time. Your speech and impressive behavior will attract people towards you.

Transit of Venus for Taurus in Cancer zodiac will make you wise, virtuous and strong in your ideas as well as personality.  You’re likely to be given an authorized position in the organization. Your salary will be almost propionate to your hard efforts.

This transit of Venus will enhance your looks and personality. You will feel beautiful inside out during this period of time. This is a good time to accumulate wealth by your wisdom and intellect. However, family relations will be disturbed throughout. Major conflicts could take place at this time, which would take away your happiness and make family atmosphere gloomy.

However, your spouse will wind up being really supportive. They can gain authority at their work place and could also receive unexpected hikes in their salary, which will make you feel proud of them.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Leo for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the Fifth Sign of the zodiac: Leo. During this transit, it will pass through the three Nakshatras- Magha, Purva-Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni.

When Venus is in Leo with the energy of Magha Nakshatra, it marks sudden and unplanned expenditure on family front. Plan your vacation well to remain within the budget so that you do not run short of savings. There can be lot of other events in the family such as get-together and house parties, which would require expenditure from your end.

When Venus passes through Purva- Phalguni Nakshatra, you may experience bliss at home and your spouse will be in a happy and supportive mood.

Passing through Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Venus can give ego clashes with seniors. You would need to remain cautious and extra careful with your speech while having discussions with boss or seniors. The same caution needs to be taken regarding health conditions. 

Transit of Venus in Leo zodiac for Taurus

From: 28th September 2020 till 23rd October 2020

A good period is foreseen for the natives belonging to Taurus moon sign. The transit of Venus for Taurus in Leo zodiac is likely to bring about an increase in the comfort levels of Taurus moon sign. You will be happy during this transit and will reap personal and well as monetary benefits.

You will witness an improvement in your close relationships and so the atmosphere at home will mostly remain harmonious. You will show sincere respect towards women, elders and Brahmins.  You may plan on buying a new house or property in this transit period.

Lord Venus will make Taurus natives inclined towards extravagance. Luck will favor you immensely and you may buy new vehicle or new jewelry during this period of time.

When Venus transits in Leo zodiac sign, Taurus men will become extremely loyal towards their partner or spouse. They will show immense love and care towards their mother and daughter and will feel like doing something special for all the women of their family.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Virgo for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the Sixth house of the Zodiac: Virgo. During this transit it will pass through Uttara- Phalguni, Hastha and Chitra Nakshatras.

Passing through Uttara- Phalguni Nakshatra, Venus will bless Taurus natives with humongous gains and income opportunities. There will be a positive change in your health conditions. You will get clarity of thoughts and will come out of the perplexed state of mind. However, relationship area would require attention and you would need to carry maintain harmony in your personal relations.

When Venus is in Virgo with the energy of Hastha Nakshatra, you are likely to receive healthy support from your colleagues’ and co-workers. In this way you will be able to forge ahead on professional front by being confident and methodical.

Make sure that you maintain amicable relations with your professional peers as this is going to benefit you in the long run. Stay positive because your self-esteem and self-confidence suffers when you dwell on negative things.

When Venus passes through Chitra Nakshatra, it has a tendency to bless Taurus natives with creative abilities.  You will think of different ways to do things in order to achieve better results. You should remember that you can overcome your competitors by implementing your unique ideas and plans in a right way!

Transit of Venus in Virgo zodiac for Taurus

From: 23rd October 2020 till 17th November 2020

Transit of Venus for Taurus in Leo zodiac will have a positive impact over your personality and character. When Venus transits in the fifth house of Leo, it makes the native fair and non-discriminative in nature. Taurus, with Venus in your fifth house, you will be soft spoken and will have a tendency to help people in every possible manner. You will have full control over your speech and will speak in a very polite manner.

As a professional senior, you will always be ready to help your juniors and will guide them towards a better path. This Venus transit in Leo zodiac for Taurus moon sign will bless you with multiple sources of income and you’re likely to earn decent amount by your efforts and hard work. However, you may need to be little cautious with female colleagues and boss.

You will be fond of sexual pleasures and will expect your partner to merge well with your preferences. Venus transit in Leo will make Taurus moons an influential personality and you may rule other’s lives like a powerful King. You are likely to attain an authorized position due to your wisdom and sharp intellect. On financial front, this period is going to be exceptionally profitable.

Those who are married and planning a family, may receive good news in this Venus transit period.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Libra for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the Seventh Sign of the zodiac: Libra. During this transit it will pass through these three auspicious Nakshatras- Chitra, Swati and Visakha Nakshatra.

Passing through Chitra Nakshatra, Venus advises you keep a control over your aggression and speech. Sudden bouts of anger can have a negative impact on your marital/love/business affairs. Keep calm and maintain patience even if something goes against your will. You may lose valuable connections by your unimpressive conduct.

When Venus is in Libra with the energy of Swati Nakshatra, your foreign connections will increase. You may start a campaign to grow by international expansion in this period. You may conduct foreign market research and indentify international markets. Previous investments will fetch you handsome gains during the same time period.

When Venus passes through Visakha Nakshatra, you’re likely to experience uplifting phase in all the aspects of life. Your personal and professional relationships will enhance. Getting romantically involved with someone is on the cards for Taurus moon sign.

Transit of Venus in Libra zodiac for Taurus

From: 17th November 2020 till 11th December 2020

Venus transits in Libra Zodiac for Taurus moon sign will make you fortunate enough to acquire decent wealth and materialistic comforts. This transit of Venus taking place in the the sixth house will make you bold and fearless to face the difficult challenges and situations.

Your skills and talents will be enhanced and you will be endowed with great pleasures and immense gains.  Your hard work and efforts will give you proportionate gains in this transit period of Venus.

You’re likely to score pretty well on the academic front with your innovative ideas and efforts. Taurus, your prime focus should be to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

You’re likely to perform commendably well in your professional life. You will get a chance to showcase your talents during the period of Venus transit in Libra.

You will be completely honest and devoted towards your personal and romantic relationships. Students thinking of pursuing higher studies from abroad will make it happen, but only through their hard work and dedicated efforts.

Nakshatra based results for Venus transit in Scorpio for Taurus moon sign

Venus will transit in the Eighth house of the zodiac: Scorpio. During this transit it will pass through these Nakshatras-  Visakha, Anuradha and Jyestha.

When Venus is in Scorpio with the energy of Visakha Nakshatra, you will build an unimaginable fascination for mysticism. You will develop great interest in deep and hidden areas of knowledge. Those who are involved in research work will reach a satisfactory stage during this period.

Passing through Anuradha Nakshatra, Venus advises Taurus natives to get clarity of thoughts and come out of the perplexed state of mind. You will have to work harder in order to achieve your goals and objectives. Negative people can cause problems for you on the individual level. They can have a toxic influence on your personality and behavior. Maintain a strategic distance from such people!

When Venus passes through Jyestha Nakshatra, it can bring a change in work profile or environment. You can receive uplifting news in this period. There are good chances of promotion and appraisal but an authorized position will bring with it a lot of new responsibilities and you will be obligated to fulfill them in the best possible ways.

Transit of Venus in Scorpio zodiac for Taurus

From: 11th December 2020 till 31st December 2020

Transit of Venus for Taurus in Scorpio zodiac is likely to bring hurdles and challenges. Some personal issues can cause turbulence in your life and this is most probably going to be a very tough period for Taurus natives.

You need to have a control on your aggression and tongue as there are chances that you could become argumentative and spiteful during this time. You may stop believing in the existence of God and this factor will lead you towards a gloomy path. A tough situation at family front may be faced by you while Venus is transiting in your seventh house.

You may have a petty argument with your siblings. You need to sort out these issues before they deteriorate your relationship and healthy bond.

The transit of Venus in the seventh house of Taurus moon sign is expected to bring troubles in your life. Luck may not favor you that well during this period and you may get caught up by troublesome situations. You need to plan wisely otherwise you may get trapped into debts and suffer miserably.

Regardless of all this, a good period is foreseen for those Taurus natives who have tied knots with their life partner. Taurus men who are planning to get married in this Venus transit period will be blessed with a faithful and beautiful wife who will support her husband in all possible ways, thus creating a happy and harmonious environment at home.