Venus Transit Reading

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Venus transit effects on the love life of Taurus moon sign native

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is correlated with wealth, values, beauty, bonding, energy, love, commitment and a feeling of connection with family and spouse. Venus manages the faculties and the sense mind and the feeling of satisfaction. Furthermore, from various perspectives, Venus has what we as a whole need. We get up in the morning and feel like having delicious breakfast, be around decent individuals and have charming and lovely encounters. This personal satisfaction originates from Venus. She gives us the consideration that we can be happy and cheerful.

When Venus transits in Cancer: Amazing bond with family, spouse and siblings (23rdJuly 2019 to 17th Aug 2019)

This period will bring in a beautification in your valuable emotions and expressions and will enhance your feelings and affection towards your family and spouse. You will develop an amazing bond with your siblings as well. They’ll be very supportive throughout this period. Any previous misunderstanding will be resolved and you’ll spend a quality time with them.

You tend to focus on minute details (both physical and emotional) of your partner/spouse. You will take a keen interest in your love life and will be involved in long conversations with your partner.

Similarly, you may also plan a short outing or trip with your partner/spouse. This trip will take your romantic aspect and your relationship to a next level.

When Venus transits in Leo: Positivity in personal relations at all levels (17th Aug 2019 to 10th Sept 2019)

As per our Vedic Astrology researches, your bond with your mother, parents and spouse will enhance and you’ll observe a noteworthy improvement in your relationship. There will be positivity all around and you’ll find yourself in a satisfactory and happy place.

There will be a gush of harmony in you and you’ll feel like strengthening weaker bonds. You’ll make extra efforts to make your domestic and marital life more prosperous. You won’t hesitate from accepting your mistakes and apologizing for them. This quality of yours will empower you to keep up peaceful relations with everyone around.

When Venus transits in Virgo: Prepare yourselves to plan a surprise proposal for your love (10th Sept 2019 to 4th Oct 2019)

You will go out of your ways to plan out a surprise love proposal for your partner or crush. Your partner will be loaded up with emotions and will recall this proposal for the rest of his/her life.

You will develop a beautiful bond with children and will love playing around and spending time with them.

Existing relationships will bloom and there will be a sure shot improvement. The partners will be all the more understanding and caring towards each other. They won’t bash at their partners for minor issues.

There is a possibility of new budding relationship as well.

When Venus transits in Libra: Inadequate love angle (4th Oct 2019 to 28th Oct 2019)

 According to our Vedic Astrology theories, you’ll prioritize your career and profession over love relationship and therefore your love angle will be somewhat deficient at this juncture. You’ll invest more time and energy in your work projects, submissions and colleagues and will be able to devote hardly any time to your partner/spouse. As a result your relationships will turn out to be more harmonious at work place and normal or somewhat distorted in personal life.

You must keep your point and give valid reasons to your partner for this conduct of yours otherwise it will bring out a communication or may be a relationship gap too.

When Venus transits in Scorpio: A gap will arise between you and your partner (28th Oct 2019 to 25th Nov 2019)

You will find yourself being distant from your partner, be it in physical or emotional aspect. A gap will arise between both of you and this will make you feel depressed and discouraged. You won’t be able to accept this unexpected and abrupt change in your love life and as a matter of fact may blame your stars for the same.

In order to normalize this situation and to improve your bond you’d need to make ample of efforts from your end to implant the previous understanding and trust in your relationship.

When Venus transits in Sagittarius: Sexual life will be extremely active (28th Nov 2019 to 16th Dec 2019)

Our Vedic Astrology philosophy says that your sexual orientation will be passionate and more prevalent on a physical level. Physical expression of love through sexual orientation will be strong. Physical love making will be preferred over emotional attraction.

A friend or colleague of yours might come up with a surprising love proposal. In the event that you were having a secret crush on someone since a long time, this is the perfect call to express your feelings to that person.

When Venus transits in Capricorn: Possibility of transformation of professional relation into a fruitful love bond (16th Dec 2019 to 9th Jan 2020)

A work trip might convert your professional relationship into a personal bond but first you’ll have to be sure whether you’re ready for such commitment or not.

In case you’re sure about it then you should express your feelings to that person so as to avoid any sort of fuss or misinterpretation.

When Venus transits in Aquarius: Do not take your partner’s love and attention for granted (9th Jan 2020 to 3rd Feb 2020)

You may develop a deep bond with someone from your career or professional background. You’ll be amazed at your compatibility level with the associated person. You’ll feel as if this was one thing that was supposed to be in your life. In short, you’ll be satisfied with your life and will find yourself in a happy place.

Abstain yourself from taking your partner or your relationship for granted. If you do so, it will demolish your bond and relationship with that person.

Speculative investments won’t be profitable by any stretch of imagination. Do not intend to put your feet in any such investments otherwise you’ll have to bear the consequences.

When Venus transits in Pisces: Personal and professional relation will be prosperous (3rd Feb 2020 to 28th Feb 2020)

Your personal and professional life will be productive and relationships from both the end will be extremely fruitful. There will be a better understanding at both levels. Your spouse/partner will be extra supportive and you’ll have his/her back throughout this period.

However, you must avoid taking your personal relationship for granted else you may have to pay a great value for it.

Likewise, abstain yourself from any sort of heated arguments or ego clashes because these factors can demolish a valuable relation maybe for a lifetime.

When Venus transits in Aries: A lot of care and love is required (29th Feb 2020 to 29th March 2020)

You would need to handle your relationship with utmost care. Abstain from any sort of clashes with your partner/spouse. Try not to build a room for misunderstandings likewise do not misjudge your partner and try to understand his/her feelings. In case, you fail to be a good and understanding partner, this might result in winding up your relationship with that person.

When Venus transits in Taurus: A blended period (29th March 2020 to 1st Aug 2020)

You will feel strong, motivated and confident with respect to your physical appearance. You’ll acknowledge your beauty quite often and nobody will be able to lower down your morale.

Venus will be in its retrograde/reverse motion from 13th May 2020 to 25th June 2020.

Personal and marital relation will be distorted during this period. As a result you’ll be depressed and will feel discouraged.

Venus will become direct once again from 25th June 2020 to 1st Aug 2020.

You will regain your self confidence and will start feeling self sufficient once again. Depression will find a way out of your life as you’ll realize your self-worth. You’ll be able to maintain peace and harmony with your personal initiative.

When Venus transits in Gemini: Possibility of some clashes in love life because of lack of time and devotion (1st Aug 2020 to 3rd Sept 2020)

This period isn’t great regarding finances. You will not be satisfied with your current pay/income and this stress and irritation will be reflected in your conduct towards parents and relatives. This will affect your personal and love relations to an extreme level therefore, try to keep a control on your emotions if you don’t want to cut ties with your loved ones.

You’ll be more focused on your career in order to make yourself financially stable and independent and so won’t be able to devote required time to your partner/spouse.