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Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign and when occupied by Moon, your nurturing qualities get a strong boost. Aquarius moon sign has an upbeat, compassionate, easygoing, and accommodating personality that sets you apart from everyone else.

Aquarius, you are an air sign, so naturally relate to ideas and communication. You are sociable, but not a social butterfly. You are more active socially in terms of your charitable instincts and humanitarian work. You are a popular person. People count upon you for the support you offer.

You are a fixed sign too, which gives you a lot of patience and concentration. Once you form an opinion about something, it is difficult to change it. This is not to right say that you are conservative. In fact, you are the first one to question any radical but irrational ideas and traditions.

Aquarius moon sign is always up for new and novel, innovative ideas. If your family were conservative, you would most certainly be a rebellious child. You stand out from the rest and this separate quality gives you a unique perspective.

Your sense of observation is strong, and you have a peculiar way of interpreting the world and people around you. You love to analyze and interpret human nature and existence. People with the Aquarius Moon sign have a special affinity in all space and universe related subjects.

While you have an active social life, you as a person are quite a loner inside. You have a detached way of handling relationships. Aquarius moon sign is helping and compassionate but remains away from situations demanding emotional involvement. You see the display of emotions, especially jealousy and possessiveness as “petty” feelings. It does however make you look emotionally detached or unavailable.

With Moon in Aquarius, you feel a little different from others. You do however rejoice in this uniqueness. Everything about you is eccentric, especially your dressing sense. The sense of loneliness you feel is often a product of thoughts that you don’t fit in.

Aquarius moon sign humanitarian tendencies grow to fruition with the presence of the Moon. However, you are too concerned with social or rather Universal welfare that when it comes to your own family and close ones, you end up ignoring their emotions. This is because you have a strong need for independence to execute your social work and roam around. And you give the same level of freedom to your close ones as well and expect them to be independent. While this can be intimating to the receiver, you seek permanence in your relationship whatsoever, being a Fixed sign.

Moon in Aquarius is a little unpredictable but amiable at the same time. In fact, they are some of the most interesting people to be around.


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