Sagittarius Moon Sign

You think in large terms, passionate, expansive thoughts and positive in your point of view, happy go lucky personality attitude and adaptable nature, ambitious, extrovert and keep the atmosphere lively.

Sagittarius Moon Sign


You are too ambitious, and the arrow points high to the sky, though sometimes your goals are too far from your vision. You often tend to become impatient and restless and move on to the next task without completing the one at hand.

Philosophy is highly attractive to you as it relates to Jupiter, and you love to wrap your intelligent and expansive mind around social, political, spiritual, and mysterious ideas and concepts.

You have a pessimistic approach towards life, you may find you are much more optimistic than usual. Instead of simply concentrating on the possible roadblocks your mind will begin to weigh all the possibilities of a scenario.

You love your space and personal freedom; you feel caged if others control you and this way you might feel suffocated. You love to socialize and enjoy the bright atmosphere by meeting people. You are a free spirit and like to live life on your own terms.

Sagittarians enjoy travelling and renew your senses to adventure, so you may want to choose and go for it. You enjoy extending your horizon and moving on. You explore life to its fullest and always game to try something different, have a nomadic nature dreaming of your next adventure!

You tend to forget things easily and often not committed in life which might at times cause problems in various areas of your life, like long – term romance could make you exhausted.

You are a lighthearted soul, people would like to spend time together and you would be known as a friendly, adventurous, curious, optimistic, open-hearted, and cheerful person.

You are great lovers of the truth, and you make wonderful, inspiring teachers. You have a hunger to acquire knowledge, new experiences, and mind-expanding ideas.

You simply believe that everything will work out easily for you, without going into detailed plans, so this can be at times disconcerting to those who are not as free- spirited.


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Some Notable Houses Placement

Sagittarius Moon in the 1st House:

You will be very active in your domestic life and take pride in the quality of your home as compared to others. You will be the leader of your family but at times you will not be able to take important decisions and remain confused. You will have a charming and influencing personality.

Sagittarius Moon in the 2nd House:

You would have clear vision about your financial situation and would be ambitious to earn more money. You would also get wealth from your family or might pursue family business. You will have a soothing voice.

Sagittarius Moon in the 3rd House:

You will be close to your siblings and would like to travel a lot. But at times your hard work might not pay you full result to achieve your goal as you might lack courage and commitment.

Sagittarius Moon in the 4th House:

You would be close to your mother and would earn many properties and luxurious items. Ongoing work might get halted due to your laid-back attitude. It is advised to take responsibility for the family.

Sagittarius Moon in the 5th House:

You would be a learned person and with your intellectual power you would be making a good amount of money. You would have a harmonious relationship with your children. You will be a romantic and lovable person which would create many relationships.

Sagittarius Moon in the 6th House:

You will have influential contacts with government associates. Health might be a little concern and would always face diseases due to lack of immunity. You would win over your enemies and will gracefully come out of challenges.

Sagittarius Moon in the 7th House:

There will be problems and misunderstanding in your partnership due to lack of commitment. Your partner will be attractive and beautiful. You can create a long-lasting bond by developing trust and honesty in your relationship.

Sagittarius Moon in the 8th House:

You will have long life and would face lot of struggles in life. You might not be able to handle your finances which will give you mental stress.

Sagittarius Moon in the 9th House:

You would have mixed feelings with your father. You would be in search of spirituality and acquire knowledge. You would travel a lot and enjoy exploring new places.

Sagittarius Moon in the 10th House:

You would settle into your professional life after 30 years. You might explore many streams and would be difficult for you to stick to one career profile. You will be happy and enjoy serving people and animals. You will have natural force and a drive to accomplishment.

Sagittarius Moon in the 11th House:

You would constructively channel your emotional needs and drive to earn through multiple earnings. You will care for everyone and will embrace love in life. You connect with many people easily and will have a huge social circle.

Sagittarius Moon in the 12th House:

You would face financial loss, misfortune, and liberation. You will be compassionate and empathetic to others. You would be a narrow-minded person and would not like to work hard. You may have difficulty in making friends.


You would like to involve yourself in travelling or teaching profession or would like to engage yourself with different cultures. The Sagittarius moon possesses an adventurous spirit, tourism, philosophy, publishing, international business, any field that encourages personal growth and global perspectives.

Suitable Partners for Marriage

Sagittarius moon sign are curious, adventurous, and friendly. In a relationship you work well with Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces moon sign as you both will understand the thirst for exploring new things. Sagittarius and Aquarius moon sign would give space to each other in relationships. Both of you will give time to process your emotions on your own terms and conditions without much complaining and nagging in the relationship.

Sagittarius and Pisces would love to travel and explore new cuisine and spend time with cozy nature. Both the moons share a philosophical view of the world and their emotions. You both are old souls and mature enough to deal with the negative attributes in a positive way.

Sagittarius and Cancer would enjoy travelling and creative work together. They both would enjoy many things together and would explore more in life.

Family & Relationship

You know what you want, so you would put your emotions first and would like to take care of other’s expectations. It acts as inborn nature and unknowingly you would start prioritizing your need and freedom over a deep emotional connection. At times people might utilize your emotional qualities and manipulate your intellectual knowledge. It can create stress in you, and which might impact your family’s harmonious energy. You may be blunt and direct in your communication which might create a setback and can affect your family’s happiness. Your lack of commitment and a free spirit attitude can create disharmony in your family life.


Sagittarius moon sign live for freedom and liberation. You usually are not impulsive spender, but you cannot resist spending money when you see an opportunity to get a handful of adventure or good experience. You would manage your finances carefully and at times you become stringy. You would accumulate money through multiple earnings. You will have control of your financial situation which will help you to manage easily and avoid any major financial issues. Mostly you would handle corporate markets, and stock markets easily. You would enjoy good financial and monetary status. At times your mood swings will make you feel discomfort with your financial decisions. Hasty decisions might give you financial loss in your investments. Take financial help from a professional who can guide you towards your investment.

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Sagittarius Moon Sign

You think in large terms, passionate, expansive thoughts and positive in your point of view, happy go lucky personality attitude and adaptable nature, ambitious, extrovert and keep the atmosphere lively.

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