Taurus Love Horoscope

Taurus is ruled by Moon and is Venusian in nature. Taureans are romance personified. However, its not easily shown. The tender part comes out when in love where he becomes extremely devoted, caring, and affectionate.

Taurus Love Horoscope


Symbolized by ‘the bull’, it also represents the vehicle of Shiva, known as ‘Nandi’. Nandi represents progeny, marriage, and prosperity. Therefore, to be a Taurus means to have these qualities which often gets naturally seen in various areas of life.

Tauruses are generally gentle, loving, sensitive, kind and compassionate, with subtle stubbornness about them.

Traits of a Taurus

  • Taurus as a lover is very Romantic, affectionate, gentle, and dependable. They always look for a secure and long-lasting relationship. They care for others' sentiments and feelings.
  • Taurus moon sign lovers are emotionally attached to their partner. They are peaceful and harmonious in nature and do not want to argue.
  • They will always fulfill their duties and obligations to their partner, be cordial, sweet-tongued, and affectionate and warm. Their patience in personal relationships ensures them stability which pays rich dividends.
  • Taurus does not take any decision in haste, especially getting into any relationship. They will take some time to evaluate the whole thing, before committing.
  • To know the love and romance quotient of any moon sign, we look at the planetary position in the Fifth house of a birth chart.
  • Commitments and marriage prospects are formed by the placement of favorable planets in the Seventh house of any moon sign.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

Taurus Man in Love

  • Taurus man is a bull personified. He doesn’t move easily. He is a homebody and likes to be cozy with his loved ones in his own space.
  • However, he doesn’t let everyone in his space. Love doesn’t happen to him in a day, it is a slow process.
  • He is sensual and likes exploring his sensualities quite freely. He is romantic and can be funny if you ‘get’ his sense of humor.
  • He is an introvert and takes time in opening up. Innocent in love, he prefers to be inside his cocoon of emotions which don’t show up instantly, instead one wrong move can make him go back into it if he feels his sensitive side threatened in any way.
  • He tries to keep a strong face when within he’s a softie. He is a believer of true love and generally needs to be assured over an over again to finally make a move.
  • He doesn’t like to be chased but won’t mind it either. His need for adoration from the opposite sex as well as chasing the woman he finds to be his one are two contrasts of his own personality, which he often wont admit.
  • He is very cooperative and can go to any extent to show his love and care towards his special someone.
  • He will not like or tolerate her partner bullying him in public. He does not waste his time chasing somebody, but doesn’t mind pursuing or courting them.
  • He brings a lot of stability, genuine love, romance and affection in the life of his partner and is a genuinely nice guy, if one can see through him well.


Taurus Woman in Love

  • Taurus women in love are warm and reliable. They need sensuality in their life and want to experience throes of passion with their lover. However, she appears shy and reserved.
  • She isn’t easy to get to commit, but once committed, she is truly romantic, caring, very responsible, mature and devoted in love.
  • She believes in the concept of eternal love found in the novels and will look for something very similar in real life. She isn’t the one to go for casual hookups, nor commit easily.
  • She demands just one thing from her partner- complete loyalty and care. Love, she believes cannot be commanded, but earned and therefore, is very accommodating and open to exploring the relationship with her partner.
  • She is also practical in nature and one of the most practical and stable signs which makes her mind look for an ideal mate, while her heart keeps wishing upon a star.
  • She is more secretive and reserved in nature. She is intellectual and constant in love matters and anxious for a harmonious wedded life.
  • She strives to make home an abode of peace, tranquility, rest, joy and beauty. That is the core of her life and everything she does is directly related to it and hugely contributed towards.
  • She is usually very cool and composed but if her partner will try to push her out of her comfort zone then she may lose her temper and become furious and violent.


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Love Guide for Taurus

Taurus teams well with Scorpios and Virgos.

Taurus and Scorpio Love Match

Krittika and Rohini in Taurus matches with Jyeshtha and Anuradha in Scorpio, respectively.

These go very well together due to being partner signs of the zodiac. They are a reflection of commonalities as well as quite effortlessly show the other a mirror to bring their shortcomings to surface, but the intent is always to become better. water transforms the Earth in Taurus, and Earth in Taurus cradles the water that Scorpio is. Scorpio will feel protected, and Taurus feels loved. They have a subconscious connection ad enjoy each other’s company. They do have some tiffs here and there, but it only makes the relationship healthier. They are considered the best matches in Vedic Astrology-emotionally, sexually, and mentally, also for marriage.

Taurus and Virgo Love Match

Taurus and Virgo belong to the same element- Earth. They can mix together and understand each other well. They are most likely to never have any arguments and differences since they’re more likely to have similar interests. Their differences are just enough to bring an element of fun and excitement. The sexual intimacy is beautiful, and the emotional wavelength is the same. They both can create an inseparable pair.

Mrigashira, Taurus and Hasta, Virgo are the constellations in each respectively which are compatible with each other.

To Make Their Love Relationship Perfect, Taurus Should

Work on their possessiveness, and they might show traits of stalking, which is not healthy. They might not make their intentions clear, or their feelings might not align with their words, which may confuse their interest. It seems all fun & games, until its not.

Untrusting behavior for a very long time may make their interest leave the situation or get tired of it. trust goes both ways, and it should be kept in mind.


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