Taurus Love and Marriage Horoscope

Taurus is the second sign of the natural zodiac. This is an earth sign and it is ruled by Venus.  Amazingly the rulership of Venus is not greatly matching with the qualities of the sensuous planet like Venus. It is the miracle of the universe that a practical sign like Venus ruling the sign of Taurus.

Taurus as a Sign

This is an earth sign and it majorly rules finances.  It indicates money, family, speech, nourishment, male child, education, professional success, family life, possession of precious stones and metals, cash flow, food, and nourishment. Being an earth sign, Taurus is a very practical sign.  This is a Fixed sign as well. This the favorite sign of Venus and Venus gains special dignity in this sign. So, the Venusian qualities are supported with a practical and logical perspective.

Taurus as a Man

This is slightly a serious placement and these men are known to be very stubborn. This is the quality they take from the fixed and earthen element of Venus. They always like to be logical and practical. They are lesser perfectionists of the zodiac. They like to stay back and analyze the situation and that may make them little laid back. This may give the feeling that they don’t initiate. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, they have a great desire for beauty and luxury. They like to live in a perfect and beautiful environment. They are emotional, but they don’t like to express it but suppress it, in their practical cover.

They are like very fixed people. When they take a decision, then it will be very difficult for them to step back from that. They are genuine and stable and but may not be that considerate if they don’t get what they wanted. One big quality of a Taurean is he is very patient. It comes from the diplomatic nature of Venus. They are very hard working as well.

When we look at the negative side of a Taurus, we will see that they are not very easily forgiving. Since they are a fixed sign, they may hold on to the grudges. Venus, the ruler being a female planet, they may some weakness like jealousy.  Generally, they like to be an example, so they may force others to follow them. Their stubborn nature can be a big turn off in the relationships. At times, they can be a bit narcissistic. They may not need others to motivate them, so the dependency on others may not be great. But there may be some delay in making some initiations. They can be quite materialistic as well.

In romance, a Taurus man is fixed and loyal.  They are loyal and gentle. They will be considerate, and they expect the spouse to be polished and cultured. He has an eye for savings, and he ensures he has enough finances if Venus is not in a complex mode like retrogression or debilitation. They are always looking for the nourishment of the family. They want their house to be clean and beautiful. He believes in family values. He wants his family also to follow his footsteps in keeping the high standards. This can bring arguments with his family members. He will always try to upgrade the children.

A Taurus Female

Taurus female is also more or less like a Taurus male.  They are fashionable and cultured. They always like makeup and artistry. Since the ruler itself is a female, these women will be more into the feminine side of life. Due to this Venusian quality, they can be a little expensive. They like the luxurious side of life.

They always like stable relationships. Always the earth element dominates. So, they may be very stubborn in relationships like a Taurus man.  From her spouse, she needs high values. A luxurious or comfortable life and cleanliness. They need someone to support them and improve their quality. They may not tolerate a person will low confidence.

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