The Pisces Woman Personality

Pisces woman would be the most sensitive, delicate and tender woman you would have ever come across. She exudes irresistible feminine charm and grace. She is a total girly girl. She needs a man to complete her, to protect her and to control her like in those pre-feministic, pre-modern times. She is no contemporary, free-spirited, independent woman.

As a wife, Pisces woman will be faithful, caring and supportive. She will also be forgiving of her husband’s faults. She would not like to boss around or dominate her husband in any way. Her approach is gentle and cool, but never aggressive.
As much as Pisces woman is graceful and lovely, she is also very shy and introvert. Her wardrobe is usually filled with outfits in soft hues and girly prints. She might not be fond of anything wild and daring.

As a mother, Pisces woman is way too forgiving of her children’s faults and often tends to be too lenient and sacrificing, which can potentially spoil them.

Positive traits of Pisces Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Pisces love partner adores her husband like anything. She is extremely affectionate, loving and romantic. She doesn’t like to passionately argue for even a cause she believes in or over power her man’s talents in a relationship. She values his choices and opinions, even more than hers.

Negative traits of Pisces Woman in marriage / Relationship:

Pisces woman might seem annoyingly sensitive at times. You might also feel she is impractical and unrealistic in her approach. She might not be very smart and pragmatic whilst handling domestic budgets.

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