Pisces Woman Personality

(Moon Sign Based)

Pisces Moon is the last sign of the zodiac which indicates ‘completion’. The entire zodiac that starts from Aries, ends in Pisces. It includes three nakshatras or constellations; namely- Revathi, Uttara Bhadra pada and Purva Bhadra pada. These women are dreamy in their thoughts, often day-dreaming about situations and events in their life. Their dreams are likely to be regarding career, conjugal life in general.

Pisces Woman Personality


The first constellation is more artistic or numerically inclined, the second is good with commerce, and the third is scientifically inclined. Their education or profession is likely to reflect the same. The Moon being watery as an element is in harmony with Pisces here which represents the fish. Pisces is an emotional sign, and this aspect of Pisces is heightened when Moon is placed in this sign since Moon also relates to emotions and feelings.

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Behavioral Constitution:

The Pisces Moon paradox is that of all the water signs, its emotions can get unregulated. However, being with Moon here, which is watery and cool itself, it offers much softening. While Cancer Moon is prone to mood swings, Scorpio Moon keeps its deep feelings hidden, Pisces Moon tend to get pessimistic easily. All of these have the same underlining factor of being ultra-sensitive with different behavioral dispositions.

Pisces Moon women are generally sweet-natured and too sensitive to put it all out in the open due to fear of being hurt, but being complemented with people around who would understand this can make life happier and more optimistic for her. This soft-spoken nature doesn’t take much time to becoming sharp-tongued, if provoked. They tend to get defensive easily due to fear of their own nature.

Revathi nakshatra, is represented by fish in the water, which shows a person who lives by their emotions, is dependable emotionally and is beautiful and enchanting like a fish. Fishes seem other-worldly with their jewel like tones and natural disposition, which is how Revathi nakshatra/ constellation is. Goddess Sita and Jesus Christ were said to be born with major Revathi placements, the two people who died for love and their self-sacrifice became synonymous with the definition of love in the utmost form. Revathi also stands for the perfect ‘Piscean love’. They have the gift of emotional expression through various forms of arts and mostly writing about the levels of human psyche.

Most compatible matches: Revathi, Uttara Bhadrapada

Purva Bhadrapada: Purva Bhadrapada constellation represents the former legs of a funeral cot. They represent occult practices on one hand and geniuses on the other. They are people with impulsive emotions with either complete detachment or flaring up in anger. Most compatible matches: Uttara Bhadrapada

Uttara Bhadrapada: Represents the two back legs of a funeral cot. They are a fixed constellation, amongst the fixed and mutable categories. It is also represented by twins or a two headed-person. Its ruler deity is Ahir Budnya – a type of serpent creature. It is believed to be the birth star of Goddess Laxmi. It is also related to the understanding of occult. The are also good communicators and often recognized with grand-parents. They are multi-skilled in various dimensions. Most compatible matches: Revathi

Style sense:

Its not hard to spot a Pisces. She’s girly and feminine and usually likes aqua colors. Lots of shades of blues and experimenting with emerald greens with a flowy and light texture of fabric is all Pisces. She also loves her lipsticks and has a range of them. From pinks to reds to browns and probably the uncommon purples which come out once in a while could be her styles. Silver shades could be something she is fond of since its watery and relates a lot to her nature as well. Silk with strong silvery sheen could be one of her picks. If you spot a girl wearing silver/grey silk with a clear sheen, might be a Pisces Moon.

Personal life roles:

Empathetic as Pisces Moons are, they would probably be sensitive in all her personal roles. She might get too emotional but her sweet and playful nature could make up for it.

As a Daughter:

She makes for a admirable daughter who is cordial with her parents.

  • Pisces are often seen lost in their own dream worlds as kids. They aren’t the most active on the playground but are more happy imagining little dreamy situations within the home itself.
  • As a kid, she is dreamy and doesn’t concentrate much on systematic ways of education. They’re likely to transcend in their own world and create artistic things and be known for that in school, such as fine arts. This might make parents worried about his academics.
  • When a Pisces Moon grows up, she might be more emotional than practical. She is not very good with handling finances, and this is something that her family should understand.

As a Sister:

Pisces are very calm and speak very less. They have issues with siblings who grow differently. They choose to live life unnoticed and in their comfort zone and this might make them almost negligible in the life of their siblings.

  • As an elder sister, she is caring and responsible but not dominating or authoritative.
  • As a younger one, they’re extremely subdued and submissive to their elder siblings and go by the rules laid by their elder ones.

As a Friend:

Pisces can have friendships who share the same views as they do. Generally, they would look for people who have the same life journeys as well.

  • They are helpful as friends and generally have friends who have a good understanding of them.
  • The idea of “a girl and a boy can be just friends” doesn’t exist for them. They don’t have many women who are friends and if they do, it is generally with some romantic inclination.

As a Lover:

Dreamy and romantic, they make for awesome girlfriends. They fall in love easily and aren’t someone who requires a chase. If she likes you, she’ll be with you. Her idea of romance is- in the moment, and she might hop from one relationship to another in her 20s without much thought. Her sense of romance needs to be fed, and that is something which she caters to all through her life.

Most attracted to: Pisces.

As a Wife:

Pisces Moons are generally observed to enjoy a happy married life if they fall in two of the three nakshatras. She can adjust and make things work if she belongs to the third one. However her married life is satisfactory.

  • She is a dutiful wife and often has no troubles in her conjugal life.
  • Depending upon her compatibility, she can very-well adjust and be obedient as a wife and never arguing or bringing up an argument, or she could be completely opposite.
  • A Pisces Moon woman belonging to the constellation Uttar Bhadrapada is known to be fortunate for her husband,
  • A Pisces Moon woman born in the Revathi constellation is blessed with a doting husband.
  • A Pisces Moon woman born in the Purva Bhadra pada has a harmonious married life.

Most compatible with: Pisces.

As a Mother:

A Pisces Moon woman is someone one can talk to and that includes his children. More than being protective, he’s a moon sign that one can depend on emotionally.

  • She’s responsible regarding his duties as a mother.
  • She’s emotionally open to his children.
  • She wouldn’t stop his children from pursuing unusual career choices or dreams or the road that is unconventional.

She will support her children for the same without expecting them to live her own unfulfilled dreams of the conventional jobs around the world.

Professional Life Roles:

Pisces Moons have peculiar likes and dislikes depending upon the constellation they belong to. It ranges from Artistic or Mathematical to a deep interest in Commerce to Sciences. Depending upon these factors, she can be seen pursuing these fields.

As a Student:

As students, Pisces Moons have varied interests and a special interest in particular subjects.

  • Their brains are sharp, and they tend to be the highest scorers in their class and take their studies seriously. They expect the best in their field of study. If they choose to pursue a subject, they’ll look for the best school offering that course and get through it.
  • They might have a short concentration span, just as a fish which means they can also get distracted easily.

As an Employee:

Pisces Moon are dedicated to their work whichever field they may be in. They perform their duties at work systematically with timely deliverances.

  • Their bosses will never have any complaints from her, and she is likely to be their favorite.
  • She’s diligent and sincere with her work.

As an Entrepreneur:

Pisces Moon women can make great entrepreneurs. They work well in partnerships. The sense of strength and ability to be firm might not be their best traits which is a requirement as an entrepreneur.

  • Someone who can guide them with practical outlook or a staff which is much more practical can complement her sensitivity and creativity well.
  • She can channelize her thoughts and creative outlook better if she has the guidance of an adept business partner who is more rational and action-oriented.


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