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The Pisces Man Personality

The Pisces

Pisces man is mysteriously complex and dreamily romantic, which makes him utterly irresistible to the opposite sex. When it comes to cheesy, sentimental romance, this guy has an upper hand in more ways than one.

Pisces man in love dreams and fantasizes a lot. He has a sensitive and delicate heart. He lives and thrives on the sublime and that which is imaginary. He takes the covert and indirect route to dealing with anything under the sun, including love and marriage.

Pisces males can strangely have a strong intuition and imagination. Artistic and creative pursuits interest them a lot. It will not be uncommon for them to take their love partner to an art studio, museum, art gallery, etc. for a date.

All Pisces individuals are emotionally very sensitive. They tend to make the even the most difficult and crucial decisions of their life using their heart and soul, rarely the mind. They get hurt on small things that might appear insignificant to you. Even someone else’s suffering and pain makes them upset.
Positive traits of Pisces Man in marriage / Relationship:

Pisces love partner is hypnotically romantic and charming. He knows how to woo and seduce a potential mate. It’s almost impossible to resist the mysterious twinkle in his eyes. You can live the romance of a life time with this guy. He also has a caring, sensitive nature.

Negative traits of Pisces Man in marriage / Relationship:

Pisces man can be overly dependent on you emotionally. He might often appear tortured and deeply melancholy for no obvious reason. His tendency to escape the reality and retreat time and again can confuse and infuriate you if you do not understand his deep nature. You might also have to manage finances for him.

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