Pisces Man Personality

Pisces Moon men are empathic, romantic and dreamy in their attitude. They are quite artistic in nature and would probably be found working as Artists, Writers, or anything that involves creativity.

Pisces Man Personality


Pisces Moon inhabit qualities of the water element since they’re a water sign and are resembled by two fishes. Just the way fishes live in water, these men live in their world of emotions and dreams. They think and decide by their heart, in general. These men would suit best with women who have a nature similar as them. All water signs and earth signs because it grounds water signs, in general. If they want someone to understand them and work on the same flow, a water sign works best. But if they want someone to get their flow as well as ground them or stabilize them, water works best with Earth. They are incompatible with fire signs and air signs, as both have less to do with emotions and different world-views.

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Physical Attributes of a Pisces Man

Pisces men are lean and slender with a tall physique. They have prominent nerves and are wheatish in complexion. Their gait is quite calm.

Behavioral Constitution of a Pisces Man

Pisces are romantic and often use their words without much thought, which include living in the moment in romance even without meaning it for a long time. Pisces has three constellations within its realms with its specific behavioral constitution.

Revathi nakshatra, is represented by fish in the water, which shows a person who lives by their emotions, is dependable emotionally and is beautiful and enchanting like a fish. Fishes seem other-worldly with their jewel like tones and natural disposition, which is how Revathi nakshatra/ constellation is. Goddess Sita and Jesus Christ were said to be born with major Revathi placements, the two people who died for love and their self-sacrifice became synonymous with the definition of love in the utmost form. Revathi also stands for the perfect ‘Piscean love’. They have the gift of emotional expression through various forms of arts and mostly writing about the levels of human psyche.

Most compatible matches: Revathi, Uttara Bhadrapada

Purva Bhadrapada: Purva Bhadrapada constellation represents the former legs of a funeral cot. They represent occult practices on one hand and geniuses on the other. They are people with impulsive emotions with either complete detachment or flaring up in anger. Most compatible matches: Uttara Bhadrapada

Uttara Bhadrapada: Represents the two back legs of a funeral cot. They are a fixed constellation, amongst the fixed and mutable categories. It is also represented by twins or a two headed-person. Its ruler deity is Ahir Budnya – a type of serpent creature. It is believed to be the birth star of Goddess Laxmi. It is also related to the understanding of occult.

The are also good communicators and often recognized with grand-parents. They are multi-skilled in various dimensions. Most compatible matches: Revathi

Pisces men live in the flow and pursue a woman by writing love letters and doing all kinds of old-school romance. Classic movies with love stories that speak of letters across time & space and standing below the balcony of his beloved and singing in Moon light of a song that he composed by him are things you can expect from a Pisces man.

Style Sense of a Pisces Man

Pisces men go for simple looks and would prefer neutral shades in watery tones, including green and sea green. All aqua shades are preferred by a Pisces. They are mostly into home-grown fabrics like khadi or anything that is environmentally sustainable. They’re not flashy and wont be in tuxedoes. They’re mostly simple and creative in their style sense. You wouldn’t see them in a lot of t-shirts as other men as you might see them in loose kurtas and tunics for men. They generally wear V-neck shirts.

Personal Life Roles

As a Son:

Pisces has trouble maintaining cordial relations with family. This is because they think on very non-materialistic ways and generally choose careers which are unusual and not stable in nature. This makes their family worry about their future.

  • As a son, he takes care of his responsibilities but has issues sharing his emotions with his parents. They are quite gentle and have no dominance at all, which might make their parents wonder if he can take on major responsibilities.
  • As a kid, he is dreamy and doesn’t concentrate much on systematic ways of education. They’re likely to transcend in their own world and create artistic things and be known for that in school, such as fine arts. This might make parents worried about his academics.
  • He is different to all other peers as he grows up to be sensitive and actually expresses it to, which is not the case with most men. He chooses to be openly vulnerable unlike most men who are scared of showing emotions. He does that with everyone.

As a Brother:

Pisces are very calm and speak very less. They have issues with siblings who grow differently. They choose to live life unnoticed and in their comfort zone and this might make them almost negligible in the life of their siblings.

  • As an elder brother, he is caring and responsible but not dominating or authoritative.
  • As a younger one, they’re extremely subdued and submissive to their elder siblings and go by the rules laid by their elder ones.

As a Friend:

Pisces Moon are good as friends with water signs who can easily become their life-long buddies. However, with others, they do not form a very deep relationship easily. These men have friends from all walks of life and all geographies. They will have friends who are from different nationalities and different states and far-off places, since all distant places tend to take them in a dream world that they wish to wish to learn about in terms of culture, art and other intricacies. Therefore, people from such places tend to be amongst their friend circle, at large.

  • They are helpful as friends and generally have friends who have a good understanding of them.
  • The idea of “a girl and a boy can be just friends” doesn’t exist for them. They don’t have many women who are friends and if they do, it is generally with some romantic inclination.

As a Lover:

Pisces is a lover who’s more into the idea of love than their lover itself. They tend to have multiple partners throughout their life. Pisces Moon have a dreamy set of emotions which makes them fall in the idea of love and would easily mistake friendship for love. this happens from quite an early age. Right from school Pisces men might take simple gestures of friendship as hints of romantic involvement.

  • He isn’t compatible with dominating women since he’s not dominating himself. He requires someone who understands him subconsciously.
  • He’s emotional to a huge extend and wants to be with someone who’s emotional and not materialistic. Any woman who is not looking for material happiness, but emotional happiness is compatible with him.

Pisces are most attracted to: Scorpio, Cancer Capricorn.

As a Husband:

Pisces generally need a submissive woman to be his wife who understands his soft-nature. He is for some reason, not someone who can be controlled by anyone. He hates drama in relationships. He prefers someone who shares his artistic bend of mind and probably someone good with fine arts or music or any form of art. He’s the type to read books and romantic novels with. He prefers it as his love language. In a marriage, he’s expected to stay committed as long as he shares the same emotional wavelength with his partner. He’s pretty gullible in nature.

The best match for marriage for a Pisces are: Revathi & Uttara Bhadrapada constellations.

As a Father:

Pisces are the fathers that their sons would feel ease to have the man-to-man talk with. As a father, he can deal well the confusing emotions and developments that his son might be going through. He is someone one can talk to and that includes his children. More than being protective, he’s a Moon sign that one can depend on emotionally.

  • He’s responsible regarding his duties as a father.
  • He’s emotionally open to his children.
  • He wouldn’t stop his children from pursuing unusual career choices or dreams or the road that is unconventional, since he’s quite likely to have done the same for himself. He chooses anything but the ordinary field of work and therefore, will support his children for the same without expecting them to live his own unfulfilled dreams of the conventional jobs around the world.

Professional Life Roles

As a Student:

Pisces are bright students and generally pursue their unconventional choice of studies and higher education passionately and go further in their field. They might take up fine arts, or film direction, or literature and study abroad or go higher up in pursuing it, sometimes, life-long.

  • They are creative and have a penchant for creativity in their answers which fetch them great results in subjects that require creativity such as literature, philosophy, psychology.
  • They are ruled by Mercury, so their brains are sharp, and they tend to be the highest scorers in their class and take their studies seriously. They expect the best in their field of study. If they choose to pursue a subject, they’ll look for the best school offering that course and get through it.
  • They will be known in school for their artistic skills and get recognition for the same.

As an Employee:

Pisces Moon are dedicated to their work whichever field they may be in. They perform their duties at work systematically with timely deliverances.

  • Their bosses will never have any complaints from him, and she is likely to be their favorite.
  • He’s diligent and sincere with his work.

As an Entrepreneur:

Pisces Moon men can make great entrepreneurs. They work well in partnerships. The sense of empathy and creativity in artistic domains can be developed in projects such as art galleries and so on.

  • They might work well with a great staff for collaboration and financial guidance.
  • He can channelize her thoughts and creative outlook better if He has the guidance of an adept business partner who is more rational and action-oriented.