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Pisces - An Overview, Read all about Pisces Horoscope

Pisces -

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel - the dreamer, the hopeless romantic, the psychic, and the most sensitive of all. Pisces is a Latin term for ‘fishes’, which is the symbol of Pisces too. Their intuition is strong, thus Pisces act like a psychic sponge, absorbing the emotional undercurrent surrounding them. They tend to paint a rosy picture of the world, and when faced with harsh reality, they retreat to the dreamland.

This Pisces Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Pisces Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

Symbolized by two fishes swimming reverse to each other, Pisces tend to have dual nature, kind of devil v/s angel. Pisces is a mermaid, tender at heart but when attacked, they can quickly turn into Piranha. They can exist in two different entities, such as life v/s death, dream v/s reality. The fish generally goes with the flow; but their upstream and downstream motion suggests that you keep fighting with the ‘currents’ of emotions. Moon being the ruler of emotions makes you highly sensitive, intuitive, giving, and compassionate. Your emotional closet consists of moments of deepest despairs and utmost enjoyment. You need a partner who acts as a pillar of during gloomy times.

Jupiter, the ruling planet gives you wisdom, a sense of intuition and bent towards spirituality and compassion. Being the ruler of 12th house, it also gives you Karma of grace, making you sympathetic to others. And since you are a water sign, your emotions have a tidal pattern, deep as the ocean, calming as the lake or chaotic as the flood. Moreover, your mutable quality gives you the power to change and adapt to others’ feelings.

Jupiter gives you the power of communication, which you use to give advice and sympathy to those in need.

The biggest strength of Pisces is their imagination. It is an escape for you when the harsh realities of the physical world are too much to handle. And it also gives you a higher sense of intuition and creativity. You are adaptable, flexible, and sympathetic, thus win favor of many.

Your weaknesses include your passiveness. You like to hear the truth in sugarcoated form than raw, reality hits you hard. Instead of facing the situations head on, you retreat to the dream world. You can also be overly sensitive and confused, thus may be taken advantage of. You are cloudy and pessimistic at times and keep your eyes closed to the silver lining.

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