Pisces and Gemini Compatibility


Pisces and Gemini are poles apart. Gemini’s impeccable communicative style and confidence easily makes Pisces a fan, while the quiet & shy nature of Pisces triggers Gemini’s curiosity and interest. While there is very little common between them, this can either result in a strong attraction or quick & utter repulsion.
Gemini displays multiple personalities. This can scare Pisces, as they sense insecurity & distrust. Likewise, the depth of the emotions of Pisces can baffle Gemini with all the drama surrounding it.

For a professional association, Gemini and Pisces can bring different elements together, where each partner brings a uniqueness to the table, & combine the best of both worlds to bring out splendid results. Gemini can perform well in the fields of marketing and communications, and Pisces can be exceptional at using their imagination and creative nature.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

The deep, mystical and emotional water sign, Pisces & the cool, light-hearted and ever-changing airy sign Gemini don’t make for a traditional Astrological pair. In order to stay united for long, they need to realize their different love natures and challenges associated with it.

When coming together for a romantic outing, Gemini and Pisces get mixed love signals. Pisces seeks mushiness, romantic presentations, wine, candlelight dinners, rain, long walks under the moon and sweet nothings in their ears. Initially, Gemini is willing to experiment with this new way of showering love; however, eventually it stops making any sense to them. For Gemini, being in love triggers questions and they wish to challenge the set norms associated with it. Then again, Gemini idea of true love altogether is quite mundane & unimaginable for Gemini.

Gemini is more articulate than their Pisces partner is, and can be manipulative at times. Turning any argument in their favor is something they excel at. Pisces thrive on intuition, refrain from objective reality, and choose the path of mystic silence to express what they feel. They are easily hurt with blunt, objective remarks of Gemini. In a fight, Gemini chooses to talk and playing with words to turn the matter in their favor, while Pisces would sulk and choose to disappear rather than discuss the issue at hand.