Pisces and Taurus Compatibility


A creative or artistic partnership between Pisces & Taurus can introduce magical outcomes and the two can achieve a lot of success together. However, this match will not look anything like a bed of roses if they come together only for something worldly, rule-based and practical.

Taurus likes to plan & organize before they even step into a venture. Taurus considers all the financial aspects & is practical to the core. Pisces, on the other contrary, can be highly creative and gifted, yet may not be willing to work as per the standards of Taurus. Money, financial security & practicality are never of much importance to Pisces, and this makes Taurus doubt Pisces under risky or crucial situations. This, nevertheless, is partially correct, courtesy Pisces’ dreamy & fantastical way of living in their own mystical edge of the world. Pisces natives need inspiration on a daily basis to bring out the best in them & material benefits might not be their aim in life. Taurus is put off by this uncertain behavior & becomes dubious of the intentions of Pisces.

When working as a team, the imagination, creativity and artistry of Pisces will often mesmerize Taurus & can be almost like a life-changing event. Taurus is smart, realistic and hardworking, yet lacks the deftness of Pisces to looks at ordinary things and turn them into magnificent pieces of art. Taurus and Pisces will have a great time with each other and will have wonderful experiences to share, but only of they are willing to overcome the minor differences & set certain necessary boundaries in their relation.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Pisces is deeply intuitive and a dreamy Water sign, while Taurus is a gentle and soft Earth sign. The compatibility of Water & Earth elements is very high & thus, this is a very promising union.

Taurus and Pisces can instantly attract each other. Taurus seeks familiarity and stability in a relation that can come only after spending suitable time with each other, while Pisces is willing to take the risk of jumping into unknown waters. Venus ruled Taurus adores beautiful, glamorous, and luxurious things. Pisces has their own definition of beauty that is rarely linked to anything belonging to high class and materialistic in nature. Pisces is impressed by seductiveness, mystery and magic. Taurus is not accustomed to a Pisces’ way of loving someone, but are easily wooed by their romantic technique. This love relationship will be an unreal blend of ethereal romance, sublime poetical gestures, and limitless emotions. Taurus and Pisces are highly compatible in bed. Their physical bonding will make their bond everlasting and spiritually stronger.

Pisces is quite sensitive and would restrain from hurting others even if they are badly hurt themselves. Taurus appreciates this quality in Pisces, especially during arguments. Both Taurus and Pisces fall in love in due time without haste, but once committed, neither of them would want to quit even during the face of extreme difficulties. Although Pisces retreats after a fight into an eternal void, they are too vulnerable and dependent on their partner to let them go. Taurus equally values a long relationship, and would try their best to resolve things out. Largely, the Taurus and Pisces love compatibility scores high and they can experience the sparks of love & passion ignited for a very, very long time.