Pisces and Pisces Compatibility


If the profession involves use of imagination, creativity, art and freethinking, the two Pisces natives would love to share ideas and build many castles in the air. Pisces is a Water sign that represents deep emotions, mysticism and unrealism. Ruled by planet of optimism and luck Jupiter, Pisces has a delicate and sensitive heart that springs hope and faith. Pisces would love to partner up with another Pisces, as there will finally be someone who would share the way they look at world.

A few problems are likely to arise while dealings with staunchly practical details and risky financial matters. But there is nothing that is impossible to deal with. Pisces natives are advised to take help from a professional in areas that require making tough, practical decisions. The rest of it would fall into place pretty easily.

Pisces and Pisces can become great companions beyond work, that too very effortlessly. In their free time, they would go near places surrounded with deep waters and enjoy silence with wild abandon. This partnership gets whole-hearted, energetic thumbs up!

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

A love relationship like the one between Pisces and Pisces cannot get more beautiful, mystical and majestic than it already is. Pisces is a dreamy and deeply emotional Water sign, ruled by the planet of abundance and blessings Jupiter. Pisces natives are hopelessly romantic by nature and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Love and romance have a special, important place in the life of every Pisces. In committed relationships, Pisces tends to become emotionally attached and dependent on their love partners.

When Pisces falls in love with another Pisces, romance and sentimentalism would reach its peak. There could be exchange of poetry and flowers and sharing of many fantasies. Pisces would feel that they have found true love in the arms of another Pisces. In the event of a breakup or separation, Pisces would be completely wounded and damaged forever.

Sexual union of two Pisces natives would be electrifying, deep and spiritual. Water blends beautifully with water in astrology, indicating great emotional and physical compatibility. Still, other aspects in the birth chart have to be matched well too.