Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility


The innovative, imaginative Pisces and the easy-going, witty Sagittarius can make a very interesting professional partnership. Their diametrically opposite natures easily invite clashes and disagreements, but if channelized in the right way, their ways of working can bring out extraordinary results.

Pisces has the innate ability to sew a world of dreams around them and live in it; Sagittarius is awed by this surreal experience. Pisces likewise, feels free and without boundaries or limitations in the company of Sagittarius. Having the same ruling planet Jupiter, makes them profound thinkers and philosophers. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, learning and wisdom, offers its gifts to the two partners differently. Pisces is a very deep thinker and is often emotional in their analysis. Sagittarius is more objective and works on reasoning and logic to figure things out.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

While astrologically being poles apart, the cheerful, high-headed, fiery Sagittarius and deeply emotional, sulky watery Pisces can find love in each other’s arms somehow. This love match is surrounded by mysticism and confusion that is quite difficult to decode and decipher.

Pisces tends to be sensitive in the matters of the heart. When in love, Pisces becomes deeply attached and emotionally dependent on their partner. Sagittarius has a very different understanding of love and cannot comprehend the romance Pisces believes so dearly in. Sagittarius aims to keep things simple, logical and fun. This makes Pisces feel neglected or even unloved.

 Sagittarius natives have the habit of being blunt and expressing opinions rather roughly. Their staunchly realistic comments and criticism can be too harsh for a sensitive Pisces. In worst-case scenario, this love relationship can turn in to a disaster where it extinguishes the fiery flames of Sagittarius and wounds the heart of a tender Pisces. For this love match to work, both Pisces and Sagittarius need to make mutual adjustments, understanding and compromises.