Pisces and Libra Compatibility


Pisces-Libra duo makes for a professional partnership that is exciting on many fronts, yet fragile and volatile. While both Pisces and Libra are imaginative, innovative, and dreamy, certain differences in their temperaments can push them away from each other.

The major put off for this team is their approach towards socializing. Pisces is not essentially a social person and would avoid classy and glamorous meetings, contrary to their Libra partner, who indulges in such activities headfirst. Pisces is also not that skilled at using words to express their thoughts. Pisces sees the world from a completely different perspective that may not be understandable to Libra. Both of them are touchy and can be easily offended if criticized. This relationship would require a lot of compromising and adjusting from the two partners.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Astrologically, Pisces-Libra love match may not be ideal and can face many disturbances along the way. Pisces is imaginative, emotional, and sensitive. Libra is highly romantic. Libra also has a sensitive side much like Pisces, but may not be equally enigmatic. The romantic involvement of the two partners is extremely satisfying in this love match. This relationship is marked by exchange of sentimental words, poetry, and cheesy romantic gestures.
Libra is brainy and talkative, while Pisces is deep and mystical. Pisces prefers solitude and seeks to escape from life. Libra, on the other hand, is happy in the company of friends and lovers. Libra would take initiatives to talk things out and discuss everything, but Pisces might not always be available for a discussion.
Pisces is a deep thinker. Libra often thinks but is rational and thoughtful. This can make Pisces feel less loved or disconnected from their partner. Libra can be very at times, and would be annoyed by the unrealistic thought process of their Pisces lover. For this relationship to work, Libra will have to lower their analytical approach and look deeper in the heart of their Pisces. Pisces should learn to express their feelings and communicate more with their Libra lover.