Pisces and Aries Compatibility


Pisces & Aries can face a lot of confusion in each other’s presence. With not much in common, the two stand as the opposite ends of the zodiac. Aries is a Fire sign, who is strong & fierce and Pisces is a gentle Water sign. However, despite the unfathomable differences, these two may still share a cordial bond.

  Aries has the tendency to be dominating, aggressive, and strong-willedwhen starting new ventures. Pisces, on the other hand, can weave some very creative ideas and has a very imaginative point of view when working on their plans, but are seldom aggressive, outlandish, and bold in their approach. While Aries would want to dominate and lead others, Pisces likes to keep everyone happy. Pisces is too sensitive & it is hard for them to take strict orders or criticism from others, as it would push them away & they would choose to disappear. Their different views towards life breeds a sense of competition between the two & a sense of acting as a team disappears.
Pisces can be very understanding towards the nature of their Aries partner and Aries too, will choose to nurture the sensitive demeanor of Pisces. Aries is enchanted by the mystic imagination and thought process of Pisces, and the impulsiveness & leadership of Aries spellbind Pisces. Aries is willing to teach so much to Pisces & Pisces is willing to learn equally. The opposing natures of these two are indeed complementary to each other.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

While Aries and Pisces are the opposite ends of the same magnet, the two can sometimes come together as a love pair, surprising everyone around them, along with themselves. Both the signs are emotional and sentimental, though Aries is more expressive about it & Pisces chooses to keep it deep within themselves.

Aries are truthful and straightforward in relationships and may often feel as if Pisces is misleading and fooling them. However, in actuality, Pisces take time to analyze & understand their own feelings. Hence, they try to sugar coat everything they to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

Pisces can easily overly dependent and attached, if committed. Letting go even in toxic relations is very hard for them & they choose to rather suffer, instead of moving on. Aries, on the other hand, are highly selfish lovers. They appreciate the tenderness in their Pisces partner, but would never dream of reciprocating it.

Sexual compatibility between Aries and Pisces will need a bit of working on, since Aries might come across as overly passionate and ruthless to Pisces, who prefers a fantastical dreamy love making that is definitely soft & affectionate.

Though not an ideal love match, the duo of the deep and intuitive Water sign, Pisces and the strong and aggressive Fire sign, Aries can work under unpredictable & unorthodox conditions if the two fall madly in love.