Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility


Pisces and Aquarius may not be ideal partners, but together, can give birth to some unique ideas and results. Pisces is imaginative, creative, and dreamy. Aquarius, on the contrary, is logical, analytical, and practical. While this team may face inevitable challenges, if worked on carefully and cautiously, this team can bring out stellar returns.

Together, Aquarius and Pisces can bring a plethora of skills on the table, which will be helpful for either partner in terms of personal growth. This team will perform significantly well, especially where creativity and unbound thinking is needed. Nonetheless, the duo must be careful towards handling of their finances, as both Aquarius and Pisces are a little careless towards it.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

  Water sign Piscesand Air sign Aquarius are diametrically opposite to each other and this is, perhaps, one of the reasons that fires attraction between these two signs and brings them closer. Yet, their markedly different love natures and diverse treatment of relationship and marriage could soon cause trouble in the paradise, if they are not careful.

Pisces is emotional, and a hopeless romantic, while Aquarius is logical, detached and carefree, even in committed relationships. The difference in their expectations from love, romance, and relationships is what leads to disappointments. Pisces finds Aquarius to be superficial, cool, and detached from them except for physical pleasures. Aquarius on the other hand, does not understand the emotional outbursts and mysticism of their Pisces lover.
Sexual union between Aquarius and Pisces could be highly unpredictable. Pisces wants a spiritual, deep, and mystifying physical bonding but for Aquarius, sex is all about pleasure, recreation, and fun. Bad sexual chemistry can be the ultimate demise for this bond. While there are chances for this love match to survive the test of time, both the partners will have to try hard to make this one successful.