Pisces Temperament

Pisces Temperament

Pisces is the last and most sensitive of all signs of the zodiac. You feel surrounded by an emotional undercurrent and are extremely sensitive to your surroundings. You operate and connect on an emotional level with people and objects. You have the temperament to be very much in touch with your emotions and feelings and somehow can decipher others’ emotions and instincts as well.

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Pisces is a water sign and having a universal perspective, you act like a river and accommodate all those who come in your way. You are the most compassionate, often the first one to cry in movies. Nonetheless, the universal outlook awards you with a sense of detachment as well, thus you are less vulnerable and self-destructive emotionally as compared to Scorpio or Cancer.

Spreading the seeds of comfort and compassion

Sensitive and a caring soul, you act like a sponge, who has the temperament to absorb emotions of yourself and others, to ultimately become a source of comfort. Moon in Pisces is a sign of deep compassion; you are very kind-hearted and sympathetic towards others.

There is a magical healing touch to your persona. The reason why you are a favorite secret keeper is that you never judge, accept others for who they are.

You act as a filter, draining all the negativity out of others’ lives. You do appear shy at first, but once open up; you always stand behind your loved ones as the backbone.

You are very generous and helpful, with a heart of gold. Whatever aspect of life it is, you have the temperament to relate to the emotional side of it than materialistic.

To understand others, you don’t need to listen to the whole story. You somehow know what is going on in their life and provide much-needed emotional support. However, at times this overwhelming ability to sense situations and people so easily makes you feel confused, torn between to do or not to do.

To express emotions is to make art

Sometimes, when you are unable to cope up with your emotional storms, you have the temperament to resort to art for it provides an outlet for your creative and emotional energy. It becomes a way to express your emotions and universal ideas.

You love to connect with nature in some way and have an emotional connection with art in all its forms whether music, poetry, drama, literature, culinary, fine arts, and so on. It feeds your imagination.

You can sense the good in the bad; have an eye for beauty in all forms. Art becomes an intellectual and psychological way to nurture your soul tormented by thunderous waves of emotions in the ocean of life.

Too sensitive v/s too detached

Moon in Pisces is often driven towards the abstract. They are intuitive, and even after being an emotional water sign, they tend to have a universal nature that helps them enjoy a sense of detachment.

They think beyond the limitations of reality, and their point of view is based neither on personal needs nor on relationships with other people. They have an accommodating temperament and accept other shortcomings as mature beings.

They often seem as if they allow others to take advantage of them. That is not the case, however. Neither their silence nor moans and escapes into fantasy mean that they do not know what is going on.

Their higher sense of intuition makes them omniscient. It is just that they are soft at heart, guided by feelings, and their compassion is deep. This does not make them weak. Slowly but surely, they find their limits.

Hurdles Pisces face

Pisces natives can be silently strong or violently weak. Those with the weak placement of planets often end up as escapists.

When they are unappreciated or misunderstood, they tend to escape the situation. They have the temperament to immerse themselves in other problems and feelings to a level that they forget their own needs and get carried away.

They are easily influenced by others’ opinions, are easy to discourage and suffer from undue worries and anxieties. They are too generous at times, which is often taken advantage of. Their ability to see the best in everything especially people is also exploited.

Sometimes they tend to lose themselves in the realm of fantasy and their imagination makes them look impractical and irrational.
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