Pisces Finance Horoscope

Pisces is the last zodiac sign and the last water sign as well. It is known for its day-dreaming nature and seeing the world through a colored lens, much like everyone else in certain areas of life, along with expecting things to come easy. However, this can lead to a lack of practicality while dealing with finances as for a Pisces, this is their way in every arena of life.

Pisces Finance Horoscope


Pisces is the last zodiac sign and also the last water sign. They are emotional by nature and dreamy. They aren’t very practical about things. However, the balance between dreaminess and practicality that is required might be missing. Their dreams are other-worldly where the want the best of everything without knowing how. They usually look for the easy way out. Their ideals are strong but their sense of understanding of those ideal in the practical world isn’t as clear.

Pisces' financial position can be stabilized only and only if you follow a balanced and practical approach else idealistic Pisces may jeopardize it.

You are talented, quick in understanding, and thrive on creative endeavors. You have a flexible and adaptive nature but are indecisive at times. However, you do well in your professional life, not so much in leadership roles rather in creative and artistic pursuits. Therefore, your profession generally is related to either Arts or much with ones where you’re good at taking orders. This might lead to not excelling in higher roles, unless you belong to Uttara Bhadrapada constellation (male) which has excellent business skills. Keeping in mind your entire birth chart is important for analyzing these traits. However, the overall view remains the same considering Pisces as the focal point.

Your spiritual and philosophical nature makes you generous and somewhat detached from materialistic possessions. However, you have good discerning abilities that help you maintain the necessary balance.

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Pisces : Are You a Spender or Saver?

Pisces, you are watery by nature and if your Moon is placed in this sign, it can create issues for you since you think more from your own perspective of rose-colored lens and ‘everyone is fair’ in the world instead of being practical and saving for yourself and the rainy days.

In other situations, you might wonder why is there not enough money, in that case, its best if you learn the tips and tricks to save. You have a dual personality which keeps oscillating from wanting to have enough finances to spending on things you don’t even require. You work hard towards your goals. However, the duality in your nature extends to the way you manage your wealth and finances.

You have a sense of understanding for saving money for the rainy days, however, there are days when your ‘going with the flow’ nature can lead to heavy expenses due to financial carelessness. This might make you impulsive in your dealings and sometimes to the point of being indebted.

Best Sources For Income

  • Your natural inclination is towards arts and imagination, if your chart supports it well, a very unconventional way of investing could be in AI. Any project which deals with art through AI, or development of a similar app can be extremely lucrative business option. Do not forget to have knowledgeable partnerships and people with sound knowledge of finance to assist you with this.
  • You can come up with your artistic works to be put on exhibitions, as one of the ways to develop a fan following as well as earning fairly well.
  • Pisces are known to be writers if the constellation belongs to Revati, with Shakespeare being the prime example. There’s a high chance you write and do not post it because its too sensitive content. Try to open up and have a website or blog where you post these, the right crowd will come and stay, and you will earn through it as well.
  • Get all your written works together, and publish it as a book. If it happens to touch the mark or cross it, you might become an Author.

Savings, Gains & Income

  • Savings don’t go well with Pisces. They’re emotional and will spend on family and friends and sometimes themselves, all to bring joy to close ones. Try to maintain an excel sheet and track your finances.
  • You are advised to learn to save from your primary income and only splurge once you’re sure its in order.
  • Create an emergency fun for the rainy days. We can’t stress this enough.


Wealth Giving Planets For Pisces

  • Mercury owns two important Kendra (angle) houses as per your sign. Being the lord of the fourth house indicates gains from investing in real estate and property, and being the lord of the seventh house, shows profits through partnerships.
  • However, that is conditional on the overall assessment of the personal birth chart.
  • Moon being the lord of the fifth house, if strong and well-placed in the birth chart can indicate income from speculations and creative ventures.
  • However, speculative investments mustn't be based on emotions. In case the Moon is weak in the birth chart having malefic influences or conjunctions, it can lead to losses from speculative businesses.
  • Jupiter being the Lagna (ascendant) and tenth house lord, if beneficially placed, it gives the wisdom and intellect to make advancements in a career leading to wealth accumulation and stable Pisces financial condition.
  • If placed in a good dignity in Kendra or Trikona (trine) houses, it can be highly beneficial in terms of giving huge wealth in its Dasha/Antardasha(operating period of planets).
  • Venus is the owner of the third and eighth house as per your sign, which indicates that efforts and initiatives for earning should be strong enough.
  • If well placed, it does grant comforts and luxury through own earnings and journeys especially if placed in the third or ninth house.
  • However, if weak, it can create hurdles in wealth creation and retention.

Tips For Better Financial Condition

  • Practicality: the one thing most Pisces have an issue with is their sense of imagination and always being inside their head, which is good in terms of creativity, but not the best approach in finances. A sense of practicality is needed in terms of finances with enough stock for the days with over-expenditure instead of being spent on things not required.
  • Enterprises: Your creative pursuits will garner more than enough wealth provided you have a strong birth chart. You are amongst the ones who take your creative inclinations to the next level by making it a full-time profession. Some of the best fine artists have a strong Pisces placement. However, in case you do not have a very strong birth chart to support these pursuits, it is imperative to imbibe a practical approach with money.
  • Having a trustworthy financial advisor: Create a plan and keep your finances on track. You could have someone who has an analytical mind and can give you progressive advice regarding savings and investment.


What to do to avoid losses?

  • Dreamy attitude: do not let your day-dreaming attitude interfere in your financial planning & management. Take an active interest in your financial matters and not be careless about them.
  • Save the extra cash: Use your money to grow your emergency savings for those rainy days when there is a cash crunch.
  • Impulsiveness: Mood-based spendings can slip you into debts, hence you should only consider tried and tested investment schemes to build wealth for the long-term or pay off your debts.
  • Avoid being tempted by quick and new money-making and get-rich schemes as that could lead you to financial losses. These do not work unless you know how money works.


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