Pisces Finance Horoscope

Pisces is the twelfth sign in the series of the zodiac and is ruled by Jupiter. If you are born with Pisces as your moon sign, you are knowledgeable, compassionate and emotional in nature.

You are talented, quick in understanding and thrive on creative endeavors. You have a flexible and adaptive nature but are indecisive at times. However, you do well in your professional life, not so much in leadership roles rather in creative and artistic pursuits.

You are intuitive and have the ability to express yourself brilliantly. You have an easygoing nature, which at times make you disinterested in money matters as you prefer to go with the flow.

Your spiritual and philosophical nature makes you generous and somewhat detached from materialistic possessions. However, you have good discerning abilities that help you maintain the necessary balance.

You have an idealistic approach to life and are creative and dedicated in jobs you find intellectually interesting. However, you are diligent and committed to any work you take up.

You are dualistic in nature and have two sides to your personality. At times, your dreaminess doesn’t let you consider money a priority while sometimes you are practical enough to understand the need of money and work hard at acquiring the necessary resources.

Pisces Moon sign: Are you a Spender or Saver?

Pisces moons, you have streaks of mysticism and spirituality in your personality and have strong intuitive abilities. You are very good at understanding people. The same goes with your understanding your financial details and situations.

 You work hard towards your goals. However, the duality in your nature extends to the way you manage your wealth and finances. At times, you are preoccupied with making lots of money and are practical at investing and saving a sizable amount of cash for your rainy days. However, other times, you tend to have a spiritual approach and ‘go with the flow nature’ and don’t care too much about money. That makes you prone to impulse spending sometimes even to the point of being indebted.

At times your addictive personality and unrealistic attitude towards money let others take advantage of you leading to financial issues.

Wealth giving planets for Pisces moon sign

Pisces moons, Mercury owns two important Kendra (angle) houses as per your moon sign. Being the lord of fourth house, it indicates gains from investing in real estate and property and being the lord of the seventh house, it shows profits through partnerships. However, that is conditional on the overall assessment of the personal birth chart.

Moon being the lord of the fifth house, if strong and well placed in the birth chart can indicate income from speculations and creative ventures. However, it is important that speculative investments should not be based on emotions. In case the Moon is weak in the birth chart having malefic influences or conjunctions, it can lead to losses from speculative businesses.

Jupiter being the lagna (ascendant) and tenth house lord, if beneficially placed gives you the wisdom and intellect to make advancements in career leading to wealth accumulation and stable financial condition. If placed in good dignity in Kendra or Trikona (trine) houses, it can be highly beneficial in terms of giving huge wealth in its Dasha/Antardasha(operating period of planets).

Venus is the owner of the third and eighth house as per your moon sign, indicates that efforts and initiatives for earning should be strong enough. If well placed, it does grant comforts and luxury through own earnings and through journeys especially if placed in the third or ninth house. However, if weak, it can create hurdles in wealth creation and retention.

Tips for better financial condition

Pisces moons, you can be considered lucky in terms of finances as you put your energy and creative skills when it comes to earning money. However, you should be practical and grounded when it comes to managing your wealth.

Your idealistic and dreamy nature should not interfere in your financial planning and management and for that you need to take an active interest in your financial matters and not be careless about it.

Having a trustworthy financial advisor would greatly help you create a plan and keep your finances on track. You could also have someone from the home front or a partner having an analytical mind who can give you progressive advice regarding savings and investment.

You should avoid to be tempted by quick and new money-making and get-rich schemes as that could lead you into financial losses.

If you have extra money on hand regularly, you should try to put it to work in a positive way. Use it to grow your emergency savings for those rainy days when there is cash crunch.

Impulsive or mood-based spending can slip you into debts, hence you should only consider tried and tested investment schemes to build wealth for the long-term or pay off your debts.

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