Pisces Love Horoscope - Marriage

This is the last sign of the zodiac and it indicates sleep, moksha, emotional self, and fears. This is the most secretive sign of the zodiac.  Likewise, Pisces also will be very secretive. This nature will be more visible if your Moon is in Pisces. Pisces is very imaginative and creative. They don’t like to be always in the crowd, they get the maximum secure feeling when they are enjoying the beauty of the universe. Pisceans are known for their calm nature. It is a deep-water sign and under the calmness, you can see a very turbulent mind. In the deep, you can find the troubled waters.

A Pisces moon needs a lot of rest. Sleeping and being in an imaginary world are the favorite hobbies of a Pisces and especially a Pisces Moon.  They truly don’t like to be in the crowd. This may not be the situation with Pisces Sun or Rising. The interest in spirituality and philosophy is a watermark of a Pisces. They like to read a lot of stuff regarding spirituality and philosophy.  They like to explore the possibilities of alternative health and healing.   They like to be with mystics and spiritual enthusiasts.

Since they have a lot of emotional issues, they don’t like to get into any troubles, but the crisis is their part of life. These crises play a big role in forming their character. These crises give them stability and prosperity in their life, and this is an irony.  They may feel huge difficulty in moving through the struggles since this sign is ruled by the most spiritual planet in the zodiac, so they have divine protection from the universe.  They will have the strength to go through the crisis. At the same time, they may take some time to get through the dramas of life and be stable.

They have an imaginary world and they seldom allow people into their world. They have imaginary friends, imaginary romantic encounters and imaginary sorrows. This can be seen as a strength as well as a weakness. This imaginary nature majorly works as a detaching factor and this will reflect as a distance from their dear and near ones.  They basically don’t want to get hurt. On the contrary, they will be very good in a domain which needs imagination, creativity, and spirituality. Jupiter, the planet for spirituality and luck is the ruler of Pisces and that will give them the power to have a safe stand amidst all the issues. Yet, they may take some time to come up in their life. 

They have a humanitarian nature and their life charity deeds. You will see them as NGO workers and human right activist. They believe in making things happen through the power of prayer and meditation. They are very likely to learn spiritual practices and healing for the common people’s well-being.  They see everything in the perspective of a spiritualist. So, those signs which are ruled by Mars may find it difficult to cop up with the selfless attitude of a Pisces. Mars is a very self-obsessive planet. Aries and Scorpio, which are ruled by Mars do have highly obsessive nature too.

Pisceans are highly intuitive, and this also can be seen as a negative and as well as a positive sign. Their intuitions may not be trusted by others easily and that can cause pain to a Pisces.  They don’t like any disagreements. So, an association with talkative and critical signs like Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius can be challenging for them. If you date a Pisces, then get ready to get many intuitive inputs, which can improve your life. Don’t underestimate them for this talent. If you do so, then they will detach from you.

They do tend to be escapists. Due to this nature, they may be known as irresponsible or cowards. They are actually not irresponsible, they will take up any responsibility, but they need some more time to understand these in detail.  If you date a Pisces, then you should take the lead in the relationship and encouraging to them. They are selfless and if you nourish them, then they will be going an extra mile with you in any crisis.

They like to be with philosophical people than materialistic ones. So, Venusian signs like Taurus and Libra can have difficulty in understanding their spiritualist ways. They are very sensitive as well. When Moon is in Jupiter’s sign, they will think more than a common person can imagine. Jupiter is the planet for magnification and expansion and Moon itself is imagination and emotions. They will think in an expansive way and at times, it can be self-destructive. Pisces need a shoulder to lean on with less criticism and more nourishment.

If you can provide them all these in a coat of spirituality, then they are happy.  You should be constantly after a Pisces spouse to encourage them and showing affection.

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