Astrological take on how to handle difficult people in life

Nothing is by accident. Everything has a logical explanation. In Vedic astrology, it is believed our actions of the past lives determine the fate of our karmic relations with people in this life. In this article, we discuss the karmic perspective of handling difficult people.

Astrological take on how to handle difficult people in life


As per Vedic astrology and ancient writing or ‘Granthas’, our current life has a direct relation and is a result of our former life’s karma both good and bad. We need to clear both the sides of the karma balance sheet in our present life. Every aspect of life are it good or bad, happiness or sorrow, victory or failure, wealth or poverty, everything has a direct correlation to karma, hence there is nothing that we do or not do goes unseen n accounted for.

To quote an example, your birth in a family be it filthy rich or a dirty slum also completely depends on your former life’s karma. We add new colors and pages to your workbook and expect it to get more lively and colorful in the present birth.

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The karmas from the former life also influence our way of living and the various aspects connected to it such as food habits, nature, prosperity in your life, health and wellness and many more. Likewise, we also land up having arch enemies and soulmates or eternal friends on similar grounds. For examples, have you ever felt super annoyed by just a glimpse of a person whom you’ve met for the first time compared to feeling a cosmic connection with some stranger in your first meet; well this is Karma playing the cards.

As per the Vedic astrology, there are few strong indications in relation to the planets and lets you know if you will have a good or bad connection with a certain someone. Just for your kind information there two different groups in which planets are divided which have friendly ties with each other within the same group but are sworn arch-rivals to the other planet of the other group.

For example, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants or moon sign will have cordial or friendly connections with Librans and Taureans ascendants or moon signs and will also prove beneficial for one another in a partnership (both life and business). They also may share the behavioral patterns and nature

On similar lines, Leo and Scorpio people do not share good connections with Capricorn and Aquarius natives and mostly behave like foes with each other. They should at all times refrain from getting into any kind of partnership with each other as it may not come anywhere close to their given expectations.

Another example would be Cancer ascendant or moon sign will not be comfortable around a Virgo or a Gemini ascendant or moon sign.

Therefore according to Vedic astrology, analysis of birth chart for both the parties beforehand for either a marriage proposition or business partnership is inevitable. This is because this analysis will provide an insight into the future and let the person know as to what to expect from the future further in life.

Karma also plays a major role in finding the perspective or meaning of life. We all are free souls and have the liberty to choose a different path for ourselves. We can either take the path to eternal salvation or rot in the pit of hellfire, it all depends on the way we conduct ourself and lead our lives; it says and defines the bent of the karmic balance towards the side that’s heavier than the other.

Our karmic role does not the only constraint to only doing good or bad in life but also where do we practice tolerance. It is crucial to understand that if we are letting others bully us or belittle us or insult us, for things we haven’t done in the first place then accepting their blame also imbalances your balance sheet of karmas. Therefore it is imperative not to accept fault for something you haven’t actually done. There is an old belief which means that as bad it is to do injustice to others; it is further worse to accept the mistakes that you haven’t committed at all.

We all have some expectations from the life some are mundane needs and desire, some are spiritual in nature, and some can fall into the category of greed and gluttony. The choices depend on us as to what strategies and path do we take and how much is enough for us. Based on that we are able to know if our expectations are good or bad, it is imperative for a person to know the boundaries where need turn into greed and should keep oneself restricted in those boundaries as there is no end to desires and desires can often lure you to take an unethical way to get or attain it. Therefore, putting limitations to desire and expecting to get only that which will give you satisfaction and leads to a prosperous and happy life is essential.

So to conclude, we can say in order to keep a balance the good and bad karmas of our life; we need to search our souls and follow the path that will push us to the journey of a serene and peaceful life where one will be able to meet their true self.

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