The Ruling planets of the zodiac sign

Did you know that every planet rules over a specific zodiac sign? Other than Sun and Moon, every other planet rules over two signs each. Today we talk about your ruling planet that is associated with your zodiac sign and how that influences your moods and emotions in everyday life.

The Ruling planets of the zodiac sign


Everyone of us takes birth in a particular Moon sign of the zodiac, which gives us our unique mental ability, a distinctive personality, as well as our beautiful appearance, which is similar to no other.

This happens because of the energy given by each Planet of the zodiac sign.

All the twelve zodiac signs are ruled by nine different planets. The planet which rules a specific zodiac sign will give an individual the characteristics related to the zodiac sign.

The placement of the ruling planet is also very important to predict the important characteristic of ypur personality and the significant events of your life as well.

To understand your personality, you need to understand what type of energy is driving you towards a particular direction through your moon zodiac sign.

The Nine planets and twelve zodiac signs:

The Sun and Moon work like the King and the Queen who rule over Leo as their throne, and Cancer as the depth of emotion.

You will come under the rulership of the Sun, if you are born in Leo Moon sign.

You will think and work like a royal , if you are born in the Leo Moon sign and will be ruled by the Sun. Everyone will appreciate you as the king. You will have special blessings from your ancestor.

The Moon will have the command over your intellect and your physical appearance will have a charismatic view, if you are born in the Cancer zodiac sign.

The planets who rule over the two zodiac signs:

Mars - rules over the Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign.

Aries is the first zodiac sign known for its firm determination. The brave one which has the energy source of Ashwini Bharani and Krittika Nakshatra in it, gives an individual the power to take a decision in a tough situation.

Aries moon sign can be the best healer and also the one who will help you at that point of time when nobody is ready to be with you.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and is known as the mysterious one. It is brave enough to deep dive into the deep ocean to get the pearl of knowledge. Mars will give you the depth of devotion and ability to be the king who never lost his patience, even in times when in between a tiff with the enemy.

Jupiter- the owner of Sagittarius and Pisces Moon sign:

The ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, is ruled by the planet of wisdom, the Jupiter.

The blessings of your teacher and grandparents will be with you if your moon sign is Sagittarius. Good religious knowledge, Success in higher study, and good academic knowledge will be with you.

If you are born in the Pisces moon sign, then be ready to get the devotion and belief as a higher source of energy. Jupiter will give you divine knowledge and the extraordinary talent of creativity within you.

Taurus and Libra: Ruled by the planets Venus, the giver of perfection.

Venus is the Planet which is known for its beauty and love. The essence of beauty and love in life will come to you only if you are an expert in observing the minute details and taking good decision which will never hurt anybody.

All the perfection in life will come with the blessings of Venus only. Being the ruler of Taurus moon sign, you will have a balanced approach in life and will be very good at your decision ability.

Venus will give you a balanced approach in life. Being from the Libra moon sign, you will have the energy of Chitra, Swati and Vishakha Nakshatra which gives you the charismatic aura to attract the mass fame and ability to make the relationship better.

Mercury, the prince of the solar system - rules over Gemini and Virgo:

The Planet which is known for his sharp intelligence and quick decision making ability is Mercury.

If you are born in Gemini moon sign then you will be ruled by Mercury and will be an expert in making quick decisions. You will have the ability to finish multiple works at the same time.

Mercury rules over the Virgo moon sign, which has the healing hand. Being from the Virgo Moon sign, you have the special ability to heal others and people will feel good in your company. You will be good at diplomatic decisions and win over the enemy very easily.

Saturn, who rules over the Capricorn and Aquarius:

Saturn rules over the zodiac moon sign Capricorn, and Saturn gives us everything in return, as according to whichever kind of deeds we might have done in the past.

Being from the Aquarius Moon sign, you will be ruled by Saturn, and it will return back all of your hard work in different ways, and would also bless you with a good amount of knowledge.

The shadow planets who share the zodiac Moon signs with Mars and Saturn:

The Ketu is the co-lord of the Scorpio zodiac sign with Mars and gives mystical ability to the ones born under the Scorpio Moon sign.

The Rahu is the co-lord of Aquarius with Saturn, and if you are born in the Aquarius Moon sign, then you will recieve the energy of Rahu and its intellect to get high gains in life from your good deeds.

The Ruling planet of your zodiac moon sign is the real strength of your life and if you know the strength and weakness of the ruling planet, then you can make your own unique strategy and plan in the right direction in order to achieve success in due time.