Importance of Astrology in Education

Astrology plays an important role in almost every aspect of our lives. The timing and placement of stars and planets at a particular time has a bearing on the education prospect in one’s horoscope. Astrology can predefine scopes and planning for education in advance. Learn here in detail the role of astrology in the field of education.

Importance of Astrology in Education


Education is the ladder of learning tool which enables knowledge that has been the fundamental need of the human evolution since the ages. The education always has been the compiled source of information that has facilitated the civilizations to make their own discoveries and have made a mark in history with their accomplishments which are still termed as wonders of the world till today.

Today modern world poses continuous challenges for each and every native on a scheduled basis and all of us try to evolve in a continuous rhythm for better achievements than the previous generation – be it fields of medicine, engineering, architecture, computers or transportation. Education is that raw fruit which ripens with learning and bears the fruit of all innovations.

Education is a complex and progressive dimension but with the effect that every native has personal approach to its success as every individual is endowed with different levels of capabilities and natural flair when it comes to acquire different variations in education

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Astrology Acts as a Stepper for Educational Preference

Astrology is that strong tool of power which gives our planets configuration in the horoscope which reveals not only our talents but also presents the bouquet of planets that are positive for us and pacify those planets which are negative and may give setback in success. Educational horoscope not only provides the detailed view of educational aspect of the native from a tender age, so that the native can focus more in education on that area. Education Astrology helps the parents to have informative detail as to develop their child’s mind in an organized and goal-oriented manner to pursue their academic goals on the basis of their planet’s orbit in their horoscope.

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Linkages between Astrology and Education:

We will draw an astrological map of planets in a natural horoscope with good educational prospects.

Astrology is a complex calculation which involves the decoding of the education horoscope of the native with context of planetary position. Astrology has a significant role in education as it helps us to choose the right career path with the right kind of educational prospects.

Education in the native horoscopes is depicted by the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th house which is indicative of different stages of education and the fields in which education can be pursued. All these parameters depend on the house, its lord and the significant planet which indicates the field of study. All the above parameters should be in positive and supportive position for proper imparting of education to children in different countries and continents.

Astrology and Educational Houses:

The early childhood education of any native is ruled out in the 2nd house and its lord. If the planets posited in the 2nd house are weak or afflicted like Saturn and Rahu can create adverse effects or breakup in the early development of childhood education.

The 4th house and 5th house in astrology represents the strength and stability and analytical power and process of the mind of any individual. It reveals the emotional sensitivity and the individual grasping power or memory which relies in the lords and strength of 4th and 5th house. It further reveals that the native will pass high school and will study further for bachelor’s degree studies.

The 9th house of any native horoscope helps in predicting for higher studies beyond bachelors’ degree and the planets that facilitate this fortune house are Jupiter and Mercury, which are significators of education that enhances the native’s wisdom and analytical power.

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Other astrological combinations for education:

The 8th house in Vedic astrology is related to occult science or any research-oriented education, which is represented by 8th house of hidden talent.

Jupiter is considered as the significator of education and knowledge, and it represents every native’s knowledge, creativity, wisdom, intuitive inclination, memory and thinking and when it is placed auspiciously in trine [1,5,9] houses or angle [1,4,7,10] houses with the placement in the fifth and fourth house, it will bring positive results in your educational pursuits.

Mercury is the planet of intelligence and when posited well with wisdom planet Jupiter, will give their best blessings in educational prospects of any individual.

Saturn is also a strong tool in the educational mechanism of any native as it is a slow-moving planet. So, if well posited in any horoscope, it can guide well in any research-oriented project and detailing of any academic project and the fields related to Saturn like mines petroleum, leather and minerals belong to this planet.

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Some other very important Yogas are presented in Vedic Astrology:

Budh Aditya Yoga and Sarwasti Yoga

These two yogas are the blend or combination of planets Sun-Mercury-Venus and if these planets are placed well in any child’s horoscope, then the child or the native will have the flair to learn dance, music, painting and other creative and artistic pursuits and will be very successful as the conjunction of both Sun and Mercury along with Venus can be termed as the most powerful Yogas for educational pursuits in Vedic Astrology.

Astrology is a very strong medium and tool to guide you in your educational preferences based on your placements and strength of planets. It will help you to choose your preferred course based on your horoscope. So, it can be concluded that the right kind of academic field can lead to right kind of career destination with help of Vedic Astrology principles.