Best Ideas of Self-Care for each Zodiac Sign

In a world full of stress and monotony, self-care is an absolute necessity to maintain one’s sanity and bearings. A me-time where you can de-stress and de-clutter your mind, is a welcome change from the constant rat race that we all are a part of. Let your stars guide you to find out the best practices for each zodiac, so you can have a full immersive experience of self-love and self-care.

Best Ideas of Self-Care for each Zodiac Sign


Self-care is a lot about de-stressing and de-compressing and enjoying a me-time. De-stressing looks different for different people and is clearly does not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We need to take care of ourselves, because if we don’t, who will? Times are taxing and with intense stressful energy all around us, sometimes it is quite natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Self-care is there to easy your worried mind.

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For some a long hot shower may work wonder, while for some it can be retail therapy. Self-care is good not only for your physical health but extremely beneficial for your mental health as well. Sometimes, when you need to take up your own well-being in your own hands, which is when self-care or self-love serves its purpose the best.

If you do not take time out for yourself and decompress, you will not be able to garner that positive energy within you. Prioritizing self-care is a must to alleviate stress and unwind yourself. Especially with the current pandemic taking its toll on our mental and physical psyche, find out time for yourself to practice a proper self-care routine rejuvenate and feel better.

Best self-care routines for Zodiacs:

With the help of your zodiac stars, find out which self-care regime brings out your glowiest and most beautiful self, inside out. Self-care is a commitment of taking care of yourself, even when times are tough. It requires practice and refinement and most importantly, patience and perseverance. Let your stars of your zodiac moon sign guide you to find the best self-care routine for you.

  1. Aries

You are energetic and a fireball. You are a natural born leader with a thirst for everything new. You are impulsive and short tempered and that is the reason you get anxious and overwhelmed very fast. Since you are sporty by nature, the best form of self-care for Aries is to sweat it out. You can try at home kick-boxing, dancing, punching a sandbag, all to release the pent up excess stagnant energy.

Other forms of less physical self-care for Aries would be to burn candles, stating your affirmations in front of a mirror, meditating with crystals, deleting unnecessary emails.

  1. Taurus

You are serious, responsible and practical. You are patient and tend to wait out a storm. However, being this methodical can be taxing for you. You may get weary and it might drain you emotionally. Best self-care options for you would be something that you can enjoy from the comforts of your house. Self-care regime for Taurus would include in indulging in something artistic like dabbling in painting, sculpting, origami or clay modelling. The idea is to channelize the inner restlessness into something creative and tangible.

Other forms of self-care for Taurus are using essential oils for body care, getting a mani-pedi, experimenting with make-up, a skin care regimen to feel beautiful inside and outside or even weight training to shed the extra energy and stagnancy off your body.

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  1. Gemini

You are chatty and full of life. The social butterfly in you must constantly be in communication and be intellectually stimulated. The best way for you to come out of a rut is to talk about your emotions and feelings. Best form of self-care for Gemini is effective communication; to express and to be heard. Sometimes it is best when the feelings of anxiety and apprehension are out in the open than be embedded deep inside your mind without a vent.

Other forms of self-care for a Gemini would be painting your nails, reading a good novel, gossip with close friends, disconnect from social media, practicing breathing exercises and yoga, and engage in social distancing for your own peace of mind.

  1. Cancer

You are emotional and compassionate. You are very sensitive to the problems of others, which makes others comfortable enough to share their agonies and issues. But always being there for others can become taxing for you.

Sometimes you need to hit the pause button and become a little selfish and think for yourself. Best self-care routine for a Cancer native would be clean your room, clean your immediate environment to promote the healing energy in your life. You can also create an indoor nursery and be a plant parent to your blooming lush beautiful plants.

Other forms of self-care for Cancer natives would be taking a long hot bath/shower with pinch of Epsom and bath salts to clean your energy, indulge in a spa session, bake your favourite dessert and eat it as well, go for swimming alone, indulge in retail therapy and enjoy a movie marathon all by yourself.

  1. Leo

You are bold and creative. You project yourself to the society in such a way that you always have a certain image to maintain. The larger than life attitude that you harbor can be mentally taxing, causing you stress and anxiety about yourself. Best way to alleviate such stress is to indulge in a day of self-care in order to feel empowered. The best self-care measure that can be taken by a Leo can be a walk in the park or river front and visiting a museum or an art gallery. Take time out for yourself to unwind and feel inspired at the same time.

Other forms of self-care for Leo natives could be creative measures such as painting and sculpting (just for yourself not to show anyone), making jewelry or DIY projects, meditative practices, dance like no one’s watching or indulging a sweat session with HIIT (high intensity training).

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  1. Virgo

You are methodical and structured. You keep yourself neat and clean and highly organized. You are detail oriented and a perfectionist by nature. But in order to achieve the said level of perfection, sometimes you may go overboard and end up creating unnecessary overtax yourself. Self-care regime that work best for Virgo is practicing meditation to calm your analytical mind. Practicing mindfulness is actually a great form of self-care where you let go off all your worries and tension and focus just on yourself and your surroundings.

Other methods of self-care for Virgo natives would be cleaning your room or house, speak up about your emotions to someone trusted, signing your favourite song, journaling, play a sport, or light a candle and clear out your emotional clutter.

  1. Libra

You have a terrific sense of justice and hence you get caught in the middle of everything, deciding to take the correct path for your course of action. This behaviour of yours along with the constant strive for attaining peace and harmony sometimes becomes very demanding. It causes strain and apprehension in your mind. The best self-care practice for Libra would be to flex your interior designing skills. Rearranging, repurposing and moving furniture will allow your mind to declutter and bring a change in your perspectives.

Other forms of self-care that a Libra native can practice are scrubbing and exfoliating your skin, write into your gratitude journal, practice manifesting positivity and mindfulness, do some light Yoga and stretching, dance your heart out and practice aroma therapy.

  1. Scorpio

Passionate and intense Scorpio, you are sensitive and intuitive to say the least. You are emotional and yet do not have a very healthy way of expressing your emotions. You are often engulfed by your own thoughts and feelings and become overwhelmed. The best way to de-stress and practice self-care for Scorpio is to journal your own feelings. Granted that you do not like to vocalize your sentiments, the best way to address them is to write it down without having anyone to know about it.

Other ways of practicing self-care for Scorpio individuals are putting on a face mask, clean your surroundings to banish the negative trail of energy, gardening and getting your hands dirty, practice emotional release in the form of crying, shouting, screaming, laughing or even singing, practice boxing or shadow boxing, reading or even cutting or chopping fruits and vegetables.

  1. Sagittarius

You are fiery and energetic. You love the outdoors. You are very impatient and string along from one thing to another. What you lack is patience and persistence. You are passionate and creative and a best self-care method for Sagittarius is to bring out this side of yours. Dancing as way of stress buster can enliven your creative spirits and alleviate stress and anxiety. Try fun dance workouts at home for best results.

Other forms of self-care for a Sagittarius would be researching and trying out new recipes, belly dancing to unlock your emotional flow, binge watch funny stuff, get off social media and your phone, take a nature walk, drink and unwind or even take up gardening.

  1. Capricorn

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are responsible and mature and overly ambitious. Your life revolve around your career. You are prone to stress and strain because of your business-like attitude. You are always formal and take out very little time for yourself. The best way to practice self-care for Capricorn natives would be to go out for a nice dinner with your friends. Have a worry-less enjoyable time in good company, savouring good food and just melt away all your troubles and apprehensions.

Other forms of self-care for a Capricorn native would be to take a day off work and enjoy it in your own way. You can catch up on your sleep, go for a nature run, hit the gym, have a leisurely cup of coffee or herbal tea and read a good book. Rejuvenate in your day off by decompressing and mediating. Moisturize and hydrate, that should be your motto.

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  1. Aquarius

You are friendly and social. Progressive as you are, you have to continuously fight against traditionalist behaviour to establish yourself. This becomes taxing when each day feels like a task. Yet, you have to go on. The best way for an Aquarius to have a self-care regime is to inculcate the practice of stretching and light yoga in your daily routine. This will help to breathe in new life and vigour in your bones and body and you will feel refreshed.

Other ways to practice self-care for Aquarius natives would be to be off gadgets and technology stuff for some time, switch off your phone and be off the internet for a while, take a spin class or go cycling, do Pilates, take a tech detox, go star gazing and most importantly, learn to be alone and enjoy your own company.

  1. Pisces

You are caring and nurturing. Creative, imaginative and sensitive, Pisces you care too much for the others and much less for yourself. You absorb the energy of the others, being the passionate person that you are. The best way for a Pisces to practice self-care would be to channelize your inner artist. You can paint, cook, create music or even practice creative writing.

Other ways a Pisces native can practice self-care would be to do a home pedicure session, go for a lone swim, keep a dream journal, practice crystal therapy, switch off all your electronic devices and stay away from the world of internet, take a long purifying bath or even have a fun day out with your friends.