Importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is a malefic planet, though it has a crucial role in shaping life in the most astonishing ways. The benefic effects of Saturn can bestow the native with great prosperity in life. Today, we discuss the role of Saturn in your life. And what are the ways the planet can cause distress in your life with its adverse placement?

Importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology
  1. Understanding Saturn
  2. Professions ruled by Saturn
  3. Personality of those ruled by Saturn
  4. Positive & negative effects of Saturn

Saturn, the disciplinary planet

Saturn is the most feared planet of all, and for more reasons than one. It is not there in the cosmos to make everything cakewalk for you. It is there giving us hardships, teaching us lessons of life. But this is not to make us destructive and contemptuous, as is the case with Mars negative influence. It is there to make us better individuals, filtering the negative forces to leave us with refined personalities, ready to drive towards spirituality and higher learning. It wants us to be disciplined, thus poses retractions and limitations. Having Saturn’s influence doesn’t always means denial of success. It simply means delay. In some cases however, it also denies the native success if positioned in or aspected by enemy sign, or is debilitated. It makes sure to play the role of a teacher in our lives. Its positive influence brings us the old age wisdom, a sense of conventionality, determination, authority, and a lot more. Below is a detailed overview of this ringed planet to further assist you in having a better understanding,

Cosmic Relation

Saturn is the second largest planet, after Mercury in our solar system. It takes a lot of time to travel through the zodiac and complete one circle, almost 28-30 years. Its influence thus cannot be negated. Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius and Capricorn. It reaches exaltation in Libra at 20 degrees and debilitation if placed in Aries at 20 degrees. Saturn forms Mooltrikon in Aquarius sign. In the nine realms, Saturn represents the servant, thus the karaka of labor and hard work. Saturn shares enmity with planets such as Sun, Moon and Mars and a neutral relationship with Jupiter.

Professions ruled by Saturn

Saturn mostly governs professions relating to iron, mining, petroleum, oil, death, disease, and stones. Saturn and Sun’s combination in 10th house makes the person inclined towards stone supply and road construction. A strong Saturn together with Jupiter makes the native do wonders in the fields of administration, law, judgment, and academic institutions. Saturn Mars combination makes the native opt for hairdressing or barber. Aspect of Moon and Mercury over Saturn makes one inclined towards petroleum or oil refinery related professions. A weakly positioned Saturn may drive the native to choose service-oriented jobs such as labor, peon, postal worker, cleaners and so on.

Personality as ruled by Saturn

Saturn’s positive placement suggests longevity, thus gives the native a long life. But those under the influence of Saturn have to work hard and face obstacles throughout their life. But that doesn’t mean that they would not be rewarded for efforts. Success will come at a later stage in life. Saturn poses restrictions to make you disciplined and obedient to the circumstances. He is like the ‘Yamaraj’ or the God of death, judges your actions and rewards you accordingly. If your karma of past life and this life have been righteous, you would get a taste of success and prosperity. But if you have been vindictive and calculating, life may be full of miseries.

Positive and negative effects of Saturn

Saturn is considered highly auspicious if transiting through 3rd house. It brings the native success in all his endeavors, whether noble or evil. It denotes good health and wealth throughout. Saturn in 6th house gives happiness and courage to triumph over enemies. It gives prosperity, popularity, and success in business endeavors if placed in 11th house. Saturn is an old planet thus it’s transit through 1st house may make you feel tired and vulnerable to health hazards. It’s placement in 2nd house indicated problems with children and loss of money. 5th house placement is suggestive of lack of intelligence and wealth loss. If placed in 7th house, it may lead to issues with partner or women. Saturn in 8th house indicates wealth loss and affects relationship with friends while in 10th house, it may lead to defame. It’s placement in 12th house leads to vain efforts and health issues for spouse and children.

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