Astrology and Children

Astrology and Children


The process of parenting involves almost all the traits of almost all the job profiles of the world. No doubt it is considered as the most difficult job in the world as the parents have to multitask through their entire life even after their kid grows up. Parenting is the only job in the world that has no age of retirement. You remain a parent till the last breath of your body and beyond.

Through astrology, one can get to know about the entire blueprint of a child’s life. With the help of the child’s natal or birth chart, we can very well attune to the course of actions to be followed throughout their life in order to let them make the most of it and be successful and happy in their respective lives. it lets the parents know how the child will conduct, what will be his or her strength or weakness, which stream of academics will suit them the most, how will their health be, what kind of job will be the most thriving one for their kid, aptitude level, and the potential that the child has.

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Just in case we get to know of the interests that the kid may develop or will have a strong inclination to, we can help him or her work towards it with full force and guide them to the right direction in order to make them reach what they aim for with the help of the Vedic astrology. Astrology also helps the parents in knowing the ways by which we can turn around the negative momentum and make the best use of a child’s talent and skills.

It has been by and large noticed that the parents are eager to get a horoscope reading of their newborn done right at the time of birth and few go for it even before the child is born. Every child has his or her own destiny, course of life, which are always destined before the child is born. This is because the destiny of a child is linked to his or her previous life’s karma as well and hence the current life’s course will pre-aligned when she or he is born. Just in case if we see the effects of any malefic planet or wrong placement of a planet, we can help reduce the negative effects of them with the various remedies available in the Vedic Astrology.

Let us now discuss a few of the major aspects of the life of the Child and how astrology is of any help in making their life a little better than what they are destined for. We will majorly talk about the four major aspects of a child’s life:

  • Nature, Personality, and Character
  • Education
  • Career
  • Health
  • Teenage Phase

Nature, Personality & Character

Along with time, a child may go through multiple hormonal, physical, and mental or psychological changes in their life with which the nature of the child also keeps changing and evolving constantly with them. Astrology here acts as an agent to know how the child may react during the different transitional phases of their growing years of life.

One can get to know about the kind of personality and character of the child with the reading of the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character). Just in case if the Lord of the First house is either debilitated or retrograde then the nature of the child may become rude with the various hormonal changes and may start staying aloof. Astrology prepares us to face them without a single doubt or worry about the kind of approach to be used for them.


Education is the stepping stone for a child’s brilliant future. It is essential to know how well will the child do in his or her career and what stream of academics will suit them. The Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or education, Love, and Gains) in the natal chart predicts the educational journey of the child. It lets us know if the child will be more active in academics or extra-curricular activities so that the base of their future can be laid down accordingly.

Just in case if the child is an extrovert in sport but in an average student in academics, it means that the child has an inclination towards a specific sport and if we give our full support and training, he or she may have a thriving career in sport in the coming future.


Career choice becomes one of the biggest challenges a child faces in their life, especially during their teenager. With the ocean of career choices available in the market, a child may get overwhelmed about the whole ‘picking the best option for me’ process and this may further become a reason for their aggression, anxiety, and frustration. Astrology emerges as the Knight in Shining Armor for the children as it hints them of a few of the most suitable career choices that match their personality and nature thus narrowing down the choices for their convenience. Hence, the child can easily make a decision in the given choices as per the interest and eventually work towards achieving big without wasting their precious time in figuring out the domain to choose for the future.

The Ninth House (House of Fortune), Second House (House of Wealth), Tenth House (House of Career), and the Eleventh House (House of Income) also play a major role in deciding which profile will be a suitable job for the child in relation to the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character). Thus, the natal charts have all the hidden answers for every query related to the child’s life and its various aspects. Astrology simplifies things for parents as well as so as to be able to provide the right guidance to their child at the right time.


Basically, Vedic astrology is a map of all the karmic deeds of an individual, both in the previous life and the life ahead which will unravel with the time. Therefore, the health of a person also depends on the karmas from the previous life. Astrology is really helpful in letting us (the parents) know of the kind of health status and issues (if any) their child may have in the future.

Here the role of the Sixth House (House of Health) is extremely important) when it comes to knowing the health condition of your child in future. The house should not have an aspect of any malefic planet that may cause many negative impacts on the health of the child.

Knowing the different malefic effects of various planets in the natal chart may help the parents in protecting the child from the various health issues that may arise as an after-effect of these bad placements of planets. This helps the parents to take the preventive steps just in order to avoid these issues from troubling their child. We are able to plan the apt dietary plans and exercise or physical activity regimes for our children that will have a positive and long-term benefit for the child when they grow up.

Teenage Phase

Teenage is a tender age for a child when they completely vulnerable. The reason is that they are stuck at a phase of life where they are neither a child nor an adult and hence are highly porous and impressionist and susceptible to easily fall in the bad company which may further ruin their future. Therefore, taking care of their company holds prime importance for the parents. We need to keep a keen eye on the friends or company our children spend most of their time with.

The various phase of Rahu such as Rahu Sub-Period, Main Periods of Mahadasha and Antardasha along with transit and conjunction (depending upon the chart of the child) may depict if the child is fallen prey to the wrong company of people which may have a negative effect on their overall development and also damage the good potentials of the child in future. Vedic astrology helps the parents in figuring out of this phase of the child through a detailed horoscope reading of the birth or the natal chart of the child.