The conjunction of Sun and Saturn and its impact on the 12 moon signs

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn and its impact on the 12 moon signs


Saturn and Sun are going to conjunct on 24th January 2020 and this phenomenon will remain till 3th Feb 2020. During this time, disciplined and analytical approach will be essential to resolve most issues and get the desired results.

In the planetary war of two of the most influential planets of the cosmic universe, the combined effects on both will manifest on the lives of the natives. Still, as Saturn will occupy its own house, it will, in general, have an upper hand in manipulating the larger outcomes on your life.

Taking place in the Capricorn sign, which is ruled by Saturn, this conjunction will bestow the ultimate command in the hands of Saturn.

The influence of Sun, too, cannot be overruled, as Saturn, which will begin its transit in Capricorn on 24th January 2020, will be passing through the Uttara-Asadha nakshatra of the Sun. This will give Sun enough authority to play at will, whenever it desires.

Amid the planetary contest of overpowering each other, you will experience a roller-coaster ride, with few ups and more downs, during the entire period of this conjunction. Nonetheless, giving up is not an option, as Saturn will favor the persistent and diligent ones and Sun is also fond of confident and courageous souls.

What is noteworthy here is that, Saturn is in a state of combustion, currently, until 2nd February 2020, with the conjunction Sun in Uttara-Ashada Nakshatra. This signifies health issues, negative thought process, disobliging subordinates and unsupportive colleagues. Thus, you need to take care of these aspects, in general, precise outcomes will differ according to your moon sign.

There will be contradictions and conflict in the viewpoints and opinion, confusions, at levels that could delay and hinder decision making abilities. Yet, based on the house in which this conjunction is going to take place for each of the 12 moon signs, the specific results will vary.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Aries moon sign

This period is going to be layered with change and challenges for Aries moon sign natives, as it will take place in your 10th house. While on hand, there is a possibility getting a new job, challenges in career are also apparent, for you, at the same time.

Colleagues will favor you, but arguments with seniors will hinder your growth prospects, at workplace. For business professionals, changes in business plans, modifications in client agreements and contracts will ensue.

Arguments with father are indicated, during the time of Sun and Saturn conjunction. So, you need to take care of being disrespectful and insolent by keeping a check on your temperament, in this period.

Unsolicited disputes with family members or friends will demand your attention, as if rendered uncontrolled, it can dampen your relationship for life.

Sudden health issues will demand added care and attention. So, keep a check on your stress levels and dietary considerations, during the time of this conjunction.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Taurus moon sign

Taking place in your 9th house, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn is going to reduce the favors of luck for Taurus natives. Thus, you are required to rely on self-efforts and hard work to get good gains from this period.

However, lady luck will smile on you, if you follow the suggestions and advises of the women around you. Guidance of siblings, mentors and spiritual teachers will also be helpful in taking effective decisions, during this conjunction phase.

Still, you need to give a little more space to your siblings, so that they do not feel bounded by you, in general. The influence of maternal family will be a notch greater in your life, at this time. For students, higher education may pose some challenges.

At work, transfer in job is indicated for service professionals. Long distance travels will also be there, but expected gains will not emanate, which will be a little disappointing, at the end.

Similarly, for business professions, limited profitability is displayed, at this time, as ideas will not flourish and impediments can also come through business associates.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Gemini moon sign

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn will be in the 8th house of Gemini moon sign natives. This will be a period of restrain and challenges for you, which can even lead to stressful situations, at times.

You need to be highly cautious on your mental health, during this time, as trials and tribulations will tend to cause distress and anxiety related issues, hampering your psychological health and well-being.

Caution while driving is advised as chances of accidental injuries are indicated, during this period. Some of you may travel of foreign countries for the purpose of higher education, in this phase.

In professional life, workload will be there and sudden challenges related to job may surface, which will demand greater concentration and devotion towards work life.

All this will have a negative influence on your love life, where dissatisfaction and misunderstandings will creep in. Family life will also be hampered and marital and other relationships, especially the one you share with your siblings, will need more care.

Don’t invest money in property, during this time and try to abide by the suggestions of your elders to get rid of some major problems, in this phase.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Cancer moon sign

For Cancer moon sign natives, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn will take place in the 7th house, bringing about some favorable changes in life, but only through a focused and meticulous approach.

You need to be rather attentive during this period, to get the desired results and grab the fruitful opportunities, in time. Your colleagues and seniors will help you out in finding these prospects and will also assist you in warding off the challenges from your path to success.

You are being advised to stay humble and cooperative in order to maintain amicable relationships with everyone around you. Benefits will be derived from higher authorities or government officials, but caution will be required in the legal processes, at the time of this conjunction.

Research and related fields are revealed to offer greater benefits and gains, during this time. Inclination towards such areas will be quite perceptible, during this period.

Health will require care and you need to be attentive while driving, as odds of mishap are indicated, in this period.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Leo moon sign

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn will occur in the 6th house of Leo moon sign natives. This will be a busy period for you, since you will be required to juggle the extensive demands of work and personal life.

Keeping a positive approach will help immensely in this period, as challenges will be there with every opportunity that will surface, at this time.

Your rivals will be active and will plan to trouble you, but because of your tactical outlook, they will extend cooperation towards you and will most likely to refrain from indulging in any deceitful act.

Health will require care and attention, as busy schedules will tend to hinder the pace of overall well-being. Doing charity and helping the needy is going to improve your fortunes, during this time.

Long distance travelling related to work will be there, these will prove to be somewhat hectic and the outcomes will also be not as per your expectations.

Keep away from legal matters, as this time will not guarantee the results in your favor.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Virgo moon sign

Virgo natives will have this conjunction in their 5th house, where a connection with foreign place or people is expected to bring in good results but challenges will impinge.

On the work front, gains from foreign business is indicated along with certain trials and delays. Patience and perseverance will be your key tools in sailing through this period, successfully.

Litigations related to work will require scrutiny, as chances of legal tangles loom large over this conjunction phase. Health will suffer due to low immunity. The health of your children will also demand good care, during this time.

Avoid being argumentative with colleagues and friends as it may create undue strain in your relationship with them.

For students and working professionals, alike, expected result will not be there in terms of education or recognition. Expect some light moments during a foreign trip to a relative’s or friend’s place or a holiday trip with family members, in this period.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Libra moon sign

For Libra natives, this conjunction will take place in the 4th house. You need to manage your finances well, in this time, to have a decent wealth status, at the end of this period.

Expenditures related to property, house renovation, buying items of necessity and luxury will be there, in this period. You may spend on changing the interiors of your house or some of you may even buy a new house, during this period.

There will be an increase in the workload and challenges at workplace. Work related to government will witness delays, so keep patience in such cases.

Suggestions from female colleagues will assist you in taking the right steps, at work. Beside, your friends will ask for some financial from you.

One of the greater areas of concern will be your own health and that of your mother’s too. A close watch on daily routine and bringing about effective changing in lifestyle will help resolve most the health issues that may crop up, during this time.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Scorpio moon sign

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn will influence the areas related to your 3rd house. Likewise, conflicts are indicated in your relationship with siblings and boss, and communication patterns will also require vigilance, during this time.

Be specific in your verbal and written communication, so as to avid confusions and misinterpretations of the message, which could lead to awkward situations.

You will have the courage to take greater risks in life, at this time, however, the success from these is not guaranteed, in this period.

Unplanned travelling related to work and personal commitments will take up a lot of your time, besides resulting in unwanted expenditures. Health of grandparents needs to be taken care of.

Keeping aside your differences, you must follow the guidance of your siblings, in order to save yourself from committing some grave mistakes, in this conjunction phase.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Sagittarius moon sign

For Sagittarius natives, this conjunction will take place in the 2nd house of possessions. This period will particularly be promising for those who want to pursue their family business or intent to start one.

Things look optimistic in this regard, but patience is required in the initial stages on setting up your business. Keep a control over your expenses and don’t indulge in extravagance, at this time.

You may fall prey to diseases if you’re not cautious enough to take care of your health. Stress related disorders could also be there, so you need to watch out for such incidences.

During this time, your seniors will play an important role in uplifting your career, so be with them and follow their suggestions. Maintain a strategic distance from negative personalities at workplace, be it your colleagues, seniors or juniors.

Be very cautious of decisions related to tax and legal matters, during the time of this conjunction.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Capricorn moon sign

Health is going to be a major area of concern for Capricorn natives, when Sun will conjunct with Saturn in their ascendant house. Both physical and mental well-being will be disturbed and will thus need proper care, during this time.

Your relationship with your father could be estranged, so be very careful while interacting with him, during this time. But you will get favorable results in legal matters, if any of these are pending for quite a long time now.

Refrain from being too critical of other as this will reflect rather badly on your character. This period will not favor your familial relationships and financial gains, so keep your expectations low.

Knowledge of occult will give fame, during this time. You must avoid conflicts with your seniors, in this phase, else success at workplace will be delayed.

Meditation, yoga and spiritual pursuits will help you in keeping your mind sane and your overall disposition calm, during the unsettled time of this conjunction.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Aquarius moon sign

This conjunction will occur in the 12th house of Aquarius moon sign natives. Disputes, arguments and challenges will outlive the overall effects of this phase on your lives, so caution is advised.

Your thought process will not align well with that of your business partner, so, arguments will ensue. Caution in matters of litigation will be critical to avoid getting into any legal mess.

Sudden disputes with foreign clients is indicated at this time, so professionals who are dealing with such patrons will need to be rather alert of their communication patterns. Yet, new business deals with foreign clients will materialize, in this time period.

Arguments with family members are also indicated at this time, thus, sanity will be essential to remain cordial and respectful towards them.

Health needs will demand your attention and thus you have to be very cautious of your eating habits and workout regimes, during this time. Problems pertaining to eyes will be austere.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn for Pisces moon sign

During this conjunction, the themes of your 11th house will be manifested, thus, success in financial matters will be evident, at this time.

Beside income gains, there will be challenges in professional endeavors and you will need to put in extra hard work to get the work done, effectively, in time.

Sudden conflicts with colleagues are indicated, so try to steer clear on unwanted discussion and arguments. Maintain amiable relationships with your seniors, elder and father, during the time of this conjunction.

Differences in onion ca hinder the peace and harmony of your friendly relations, so try to shun such events which could create disturbances in important relationships of your life.

Unexpected travels related to work or enjoyment will be there, in this period, so plan things well in advance and prioritize responsibilities.

International business deals will take shape, but in your current work environment some hurdles will try to deteriorate your work atmosphere.