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Astrological Qualities of Pearl

Pearl brings strength to the planet Moon placed in anyone’s horoscope. It is considered as the most suitable gemstone that has the power to bestow soothing effects on a person. It also enhances the mind & intellectual capabilities. But not everyone should wear pearl. Read this article to find out if this gemstone suits you.

Astrological Qualities of Pearl
Pearl is among the most famous and sought-after gemstones as it carries a great ornamental value, among others. The natural pearl has been a mainstay for long when it comes to aesthetics and fashion.

Pearl carries great value in Astrology as well and has been regarded as one of the major gemstones that finds its place as a remedial tool. Astrology associates Pearl with the planet Moon and is vastly used to derive benefits in cases where a person has an afflicted Moon in the horoscope. Pearls also have been associated with water and carry the essence of water and life, since water is the most crucial thing that supports life.  

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon depicts Mother, emotions, water, metal, silver, etc. Mother is the source of life as she gives birth to the child and marks the beginning of life. She is also the epitome of emotions as she cares and nurtures the child; inculcates basic values, ethics, the first stage of learning, and mentors the child. When the child grows up, this upbringing gets clearly reflected in the way they lead life.

Association between Pearl & Astrology

  • Pearl brings strength to Moon in a horoscope.
  • It is considered as the most suitable gemstone that has the power to bring soothing effects and curtail the ill-impact of Moon.
  • Moon rules emotions, mind and feelings of a person and, hence, is most crucial since the mind is the most powerful organ in a human being.
  • Pearl is also linked with Monday. If someone has been advised to wear Pearl, then Monday is the most suitable day for this. Pearl is generally worn in the form of a ring in the smallest finger or the little finger of the right hand. The metal associated with Pearl is silver. It is considered to give best results when worn in a silver ring.
  • Pearl is a versatile gemstone that can be worn by anyone who seeks a calming impact on the mind and wants to control their aggression.
  • It does not have any ill-effects on the wearer.
  • Pearl is the most beneficial for people born with the ascendant of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Stories related to Pearl from Mythology

As per Hindu Mythology, Pearl is considered the daughter of Moon. In another belief, Lord Krishna is said to have gifted a Pearl, the first one plucked from the sea, to his daughter on her wedding day. Since then, it has been considered an auspicious gem. There is also the belief that pearls are the droplets of tears of Gods that fell into the seas and oceans.   

Why should you wear a Pearl?

  • Pearl is a very powerful gemstone. It provides mental calm, peace and composure to the person wearing it. It develops a tranquil and soothing affect in one’s mind. Hence, if a person is experiencing panic and anxiety, or is suffering from depression and has been a victim of mood swings, that sway their feelings and thoughts in vague directions due to the ill placement of Moon in the chart, then Pearl brings utmost relief and gives best results against the ill-effects of Moon.
  • Pearl enhances the power of the mind, increases the capability of a person to acquire more knowledge and develop intellectual abilities. It also helps to boost concentration and focus, improves memory.
  • Pearl cleanses the mind and thoughts, thereby leading to purifying the soul of a person who wears it. It has also been considered to bring about a deep and intense bond in a couple and also develops close affinity within relationships.   
  • It helps a person to develop courage and confidence to pursue goals set in life, with a determined approach.
  • The psychological strength and values of a person may get affected during the adverse positioning or transit of Moon in one’s chart and this may lead to situations when the person may feel disheartened and low, undermining Read More

Is Pearl beneficial or harmful for you?

If you wish to know if Pearl is beneficial or harmful for you, depending on your Zodiac sign, find details below.

Aries: For you, Moon is the lord of the 4th house of happiness and mother. Pearl will help you in Read More

Taurus: For you, Moon is the lord of 3rd house of communication and travel. Your own lord is Venus and, unfortunately, Read More

Gemini: For you, Moon is the lord of 2nd house. In Vedic Astrology, the second house lord is considered as ‘marak’ which can cause pain Read More

Cancer: For you, Moon is the lord of Cancer and reside therein. Wearing Pearl will keep you away from fluctuations Read More

Leo: For you, Moon is the lord of the 12th house of losses and hospital. Wearing Pearl may cause negative effects like Read More

Virgo: For you, Moon is the lord of the 11th house of gains, income, elder sibling, and socialization. Wearing pearl will raise your Read More

Libra: For you, Moon is the lord of the 10th house of career in your horoscope. Pearl will support your Read More

Scorpio: For you, Moon is the lord of the place of fortune (‘bhagyesh’) and provides everything which you deserve in life. Wearing pearl will be Read More

Sagittarius: For you, Moon is the lord of the 8th house of suddenness, chronic disease and secretive events. It is Read More

Capricorn: For you, Moon is the lord of the 7th house (‘marak’ in your horoscope) of relationship, marriage and Read More

Aquarius: For you, Moon is the lord of the 6th house of disease, disputes and conflicts. It will not be Read More

Pisces: For you, Moon is the lord of the 5th house of creativity, love, education, etc. In your horoscope, Moon Read More

Quality of Pearl: Important for Astrological Benefits

The quality of the Pearl is also an important criterion if you seek to derive astrological benefits. There are a variety of pearls that exist with varied quality aspects, these may include South Sea Pearl, Japanese Pearls (Keshi), Tahitian Pearls, Chinese Pearls, Basra Pearls and Golden Sea Pearls. The pearls nowadays are also being developed in farms with human efforts and artificial pearls look exactly like natural pearls. These artificial pearls have also invaded the market and resulted in utter confusion for the person looking for a good pearl.

Quality wise, the Basra Pearls are considered the best for astrological needs since these are very rare and very expensive. Golden Sea Pearls also carry immense value for astrological requirements, and best outcomes can be expected from this natural pearl. Japanese and South Sea pearls are also considered good as per astrological requirements.


Pearl, though a very common gemstone, carries a great amount of astrological significance. It is very versatile, which makes it popular among the masses. Its impact on the mind of a person makes it a powerful gemstone since every action and thought is controlled by the mind.