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Results of Venus in second house of Horoscope: A Vedic astrology series

Venus is undoubtedly one of the mysterious planets. Venus in your horoscope governs your luck, fortune, love, emotions, luxurious comforts, and happiness. Today, we talk about what Venus in the second house of your horoscope signifies. And how does your life change with the blessings of Venus in your life?

Results of Venus in second house of Horoscope: A Vedic astrology series


Are you a combination of ‘attractiveness & brains’ with an ability to win over others with your expressions! These positive attributes are due to the position of Venus in the 2nd house of a horoscope. An ancient Vedic writer had mentioned in his treatise on Astrology that a person with a 2nd house Venus will have a magnetic attraction due to looks as well as gift of speaking. The sub conscious of such a person is very happy & secure making the nature extremely reliable and likable. It assures success in nearly all spheres of life.

If you are blessed with Venus in second house in your horoscope, it will carry you forward in life with a unique mental energy, an ability to take on the most challenging projects with ease and win over the trust of enemies & competition even. Besides that, your assuring speech that seems like purring at times helps everyone make an instant connect with your way of thinking and puts them in awe of you.

It is possible to study the special planetary placements which imbibe a certain character in a person which in turn become the reason for success in his life, whether it is professional or public life, wealth or even philanthropy. It is the driving force of Venus in the birth chart of US President - Abraham Lincoln, David Beckham - the great football player and Shah Rukh Khan - the Bollywood Star that has given them the recognition in society, wealth & success. This combination is the reason behind the special ability that others don’t possess & the capability of leaving a mark in society, family & if very lucky then in history!

If you have ever wondered what makes you the way you are & whether you could find a way of using this special energy to further improve your prospects & goals in life. Then you need to know the areas that Venus in your horoscope is ruling over. The Planet DNA report can analyze the results & process that energizes Venus in a horoscope. It covers the special traits in a native that need to be honed and polished to help them further realize their potential. Also, the timing of events and periods of effectiveness of Venus over the next 2,5,10,15 & 20 years is covered too with some remedies to further empower Venus. This would be a unique insight to optimize your soul energy in pursuit of success.