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Astrological Characteristics of Neptune explained through Vedic Astrology.

Neptune is linked to spirituality, extrasensory observations, magic, fantasy and fairy tales. It is also related to drunkenness and sexual abuse. It is considered as the planet of inspiration. Neptune takes around 14 years to travel through one sign and has great importance in the Vedic Astrology Readings.

Astrological Characteristics of Neptune explained through Vedic Astrology.


Neptune is considered as a planet of inspiration, dreams, illusion and confusion. It rules our spiritual world. This planet is connected with rituals, magic, fairy tales, and experiences that are far beyond this materialistic world. It helps you know what your gut is telling you. Neptune describes the cosmic relationship of the native with the universe.

It is all about the invisible world, which makes our connection with aura, supernatural energies, and occult science that are beyond our reach. It brings enlightenment to the natives through cosmic energies.

If Neptune is strongly placed in your Natal Chart, it would give you mystical pursuits related to your spiritual growth. Neptune is the planet of illusion, imagination, and mystery. It makes you inclined to spirituality. This frame of mind makes it easy to treat others with love, compassion, empathy, and understanding. However, if the planet is ill-placed in your Birth chart, it may cause stress and confusion in life.

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Neptune in twelve zodiac signs

Neptune in Aries:

This combination of Neptune in Aries will bless the natives with positive energy and vibrations. It increases your willpower and gives you strong convincing powers. It will inspire and motivate you to achieve your dreams. You will welcome challenges with open arms. Your religious beliefs are quite strong and you can even influence others to convert to a different religion.

However, these natives want humanity to rise above the existing level. They want to change the long-held beliefs or rituals. They always look for something different from what they have experienced while growing up. The natives, having planet Neptune in Aries sign, tend to make impulsive decisions. Their spontaneous acts and leadership qualities have the power of convincing people quite easily. However, these people show too much confidence. Their brain may cling to false beliefs but their intentions are pure. This combination represents a new cycle and blossoming of spiritual ideas. Being impulsive, they tend to overlook the big picture. However, as soon as they realize that they are missing some important point, they do not think twice before changing the course of action.

Neptune in Taurus:

The combination of Neptune in Taurus makes the natives inspirational, creative, and meticulous. There would be increased materialistic trends and you may spend a lot of time collecting different resources.

These natives are very practical and they give a lot of importance to aesthetics. They are goal-oriented people who do not let go of things easily. Nothing is impossible for them.

They have a keen eye for detail and appreciate beautiful things with all their heart. They artistically complete their projects. Sometimes they even get obsessed with aesthetic creations. Their determination and dedication are unparalleled.

They are too meticulous while planning and organizing things and they do it at a pace they like. However, at times, they are unable to curb their materialistic/sensual desires and their overindulgence in financial matters. Also, they may get depressed if they do not achieve their set targets.

Neptune in Gemini:

People having the combination of Neptune in Gemini are very curious, intelligent, knowledgeable, and interesting. The ability to engage with people will help you discover your preferences and makes you a versatile communicator. They excel in logical reasoning. This combination blesses the natives with interpersonal skills.

Great writers and speakers have this placement of Neptune in their Birth Chart. They are blessed with the power of attracting people like a magnet. They have a huge social circle indeed. They make complex ideas easy to understand for everyone. That apart, these people are inclined to occult science, and they love talking about paranormal activities. They are driven by impulse and are often fickle-minded and could change their stance, without warning.

Their wavering and restless attitude may create a lot of problems for them. They are easily prone to distraction. More than often, they find themselves in indecisive conditions where they are stuck between two or more options. They get so engrossed in something that they are not bothered about anything else around them.

Neptune in cancer:

Natives having Neptune in their Cancer sign are highly emotional and sensitive towards their family members, especially their mothers. They are born nurturers and helpers. Their empathetic nature gives them an ability to understand and share the feelings of others. The secret to their happiness is helping and supporting their family members.

They have intuitive abilities and are well aware of their surroundings. For these people, their home is their happy place where they feel the most comfortable and peaceful. If they feel stressed out, they take a few moments and spend time with their family members.

They are the most industrious and diligent people among the zodiacs. However, if they feel they cannot achieve a particular goal, they will start running away from the situation. There is no denying that they hate challenges. They go into their shell and try to dodge difficult situations as far as they can. Since they believe that true enlightenment can only be achieved through perfection, they get depressed when things do not work out as per their plans.

Neptune in Leo:

This combination of Neptune in Leo makes the natives charming, passionate, energetic, and imaginative. The charisma of these natives is amazing. Leo, the natural-born leader, is fearless in leading and inspiring others. They are blessed with a lot of admirers when makes them even more bossy and egotistic.

One of the most unique qualities of these people is they make their dreams come true at any cost. Also, they always find a way for getting impossible things done. They are very dramatic and have a heightened sense of creativity in them. They not only love being in the limelight but also know the ways of getting there. Their magnetic personality gives them a lot of followers. Their ideas are unique but these people are quite dominant.

While Leos can accomplish a lot, they still need help to learn a lot about their spiritual journey, and it is better if they learn it soon.

Neptune in Virgo

This combination of Neptune in Virgo makes the natives detail-oriented and highly observant to a level that they can notice minor changes that others often overlook. These people want to get into the nitty-gritty of things. However, in this process, they sometimes overlook the bigger picture. They are willing to put in extra time but they want things to be perfect. Once they visualize something, they lay down a plan and then make a strategy to achieve their goals.

They also have an affinity for healing, which may make them a good physician. They are very critical and analyze almost everything with different perspectives. These natives are also very responsible and take their duties seriously.

For them, their spiritual enlightenment is to let go of their perfectionist attitude and accept things as they come.

Neptune in Libra

This combination of Neptune in Libra helps the natives strike a perfect balance in life. This help them reach a logical conclusion. These people tend to be very accommodating and can act as the mediator. One of the best listeners, they are mature, practical, and realistic in the matters of life. They are good conversationalists and believe in fighting against injustice.

This position of Neptune also makes them inclined to charity and social work. This works as spiritual enlightenment for these people. However, they need to understand that they cannot change somebody’s mind. Therefore, they should focus on things that are under their control. These people find true happiness in helping others. During this process, they tend to forget about their own needs, which may lead to depression. They must remember that it is their spiritual duty to make their mind peaceful.

Neptune in Scorpio:

The natives having this combination of Neptune in Scorpio are mysterious and secretive. They are pessimistic about things and life in general. However, at the same time, they are very intuitive, impeccable, spiritual, and protective. But they can be revengeful, possessive, and jealous at times. Their obsessive behavior causes a lot of problems in life.

Being an intense and spiritual sign, the placement of Neptune in Scorpio will increase their intuitive powers. Often, their psychic abilities are reflected in their day-to-day activities. The most peculiar thing about these natives is that they get spiritual enlightenment through sensual pleasures. The bedroom is the place where they can express themselves truly. They connect with people through sexual intimacy. Their magnetic attraction is mysteriously intense. Even after having lots of emotions and sentiments, Scorpions will hardly show them. Most of their sentiments are wrapped inside themselves. These natives are also very much susceptible to addiction. The amount of passion in these natives is too high, and if it is not utilized properly, their energy is channelized in a way that might be very destructive. The best advice for these people is to build strong communication channels. Discover new hobbies that excite you and help you achieve your spiritual goals.

Neptune in Sagittarius

The natives having this combination of Neptune in the Sagittarius sign are adventurous and fun-loving people who love exploring new places and learning new things. This attitude would help them achieve their spiritual goals.

They are fiercely independent and do not believe in setting boundaries. These natives are very spontaneous and can make their adventure and travel plans almost instantly. They are not much interested in daily routine activities. They see challenges as opportunities. They are good learners and keep acquiring new skills and capabilities well past their formal education years. However, it may make them somewhat opinionated.

Their passion and enthusiasm are boundless. Whatever these natives do, they do it with pure intentions. They live life selflessly in the service of others.

The perfect advice for them is to plan their task and go accordingly to achieve their spiritual goals.

Neptune in Capricorn

The natives having this combination of Neptune in Capricorn are very logical, practical, and ambitious. However, they may be controlling and stubborn. People who are practical and realistic inspire them. Their ideas are usually based on reality. They always do a strategy study before reaching any conclusion.

Even though these natives are not very creative, yet they always make wise and mature decisions. You may not see them discussing their plans with others as they live in their own bubble. Their ideas are very innovative and original. These natives are very hardworking and disciplined, especially in their workplace. However, on the other hand, they are not very empathetic and compassionate towards people and may hurt someone intentionally.

They are also very conservative and traditional. Since these people lack empathy, they fail to understand other people’s feelings and emotions. Their planning is immaculate and they follow it religiously. They love to be in control and when they lose that control, they might get depressed. They believe that their purpose is to keep things in order and to gain more authority. However, when things do not go as per their expectations, they feel stressed and disturbed.

If they understand that challenges come to make them better and not bitter, they will be able to achieve their spiritual goals.

Neptune in Aquarius

Unconventional and extraordinary are the most suitable words for the natives having Neptune in their Aquarius sign. They have a creative mental outlook. They want to change or modify the social and cultural norms of society. They are easy-going people with a casual sort of attitude towards things.

Being a humanitarian, they try to protect human dignity without expecting anything in return. However, their way of helping people might be unique and different. They believe in transforming the world and making it a better place.

This combination of Neptune in Aquarius may make you a rebellious person who likes to break the rules for the wellbeing of the masses. They are highly intelligent beings and do not follow anything blindly.

Logic-driven in everything they do, they never follow the path chosen by any society. However, it does not mean that they do not have a large friends circle. They do not believe in doing deep research and make their own decisions based on their thought process. Creating something new and unique, makes them feel enlightened. They spend most of their time and energy only on things, which they consider are important. They hardly believe in the social norms and regulations. Being independent and working for a social cause is their way of fulfilling their purpose on this planet.

If they learn not to discard everything that seems conventional to them and become slightly more empathetic towards people, then they will have a friction-free spiritual journey.

Neptune in Pisces

This is the most selfless position of Neptune. Pisces natives having Neptune in their chart are the real givers of the society. They can sacrifice their comfort for others' happiness. Independence is their key to spiritual growth. They become addicted to things quite easily. They are naturally gifted with mystic and occult knowledge. They can be a great healer in this psychic world. They are highly imaginative, intuitive, spiritual in real terms, empathetic, and caring towards people. However, these people daydream a lot, and they are much disorganized.

They are far from being practical and find their happiness in making sacrifices for others. They have strong imagination power and fantasize too much. Despite having numerous thoughts running through their mind, they are unable to take practical action in life. One of the biggest problems they face is the lack of discipline. However, on the other hand, their intuition helps them understand the needs of others. This is why they always put themselves in other person's shoes before making the final call. Being empathetic is good but, it gives allows others to take advantage of you.