Jupiter transit in Sagittarius: How will it impact Capricorn moon sign?

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius: How will it impact Capricorn moon sign?

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, hope, expansion and optimism. Being the largest amongst the nine planets of the solar system, it greatly influences our life through its placement in our birth chart as well as during its transit through the twelve zodiac signs. As per vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered to be a first rate benefic which generally bestows good luck, wealth, prosperity and positivity. It has rulership over the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It best expresses its energy in the sign of Cancer where it is considered exalted and finds its lowest expression in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. However, the exact results of Jupiter’s transit can be determined by the placement of Jupiter and its dignity in the birth chart.

Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius

On 5th November 2019, Jupiter has entered the sign of Sagittarius which is going to be a positive transit overall as it will bestow positive results in the form of good fortune, wealth, abundance, relationships, growth opportunities, spiritual interests and interest in higher beliefs and philosophies.

It will remain in Sagittarius until 20th November 2020 and enter the sign of Capricorn for a brief period from 30th March 2020 to 30th June 2020. It will turn retrograde from 14th May 2020 to 13th September 2020.

Jupiter will conjoin Ketu during a major part of its stay in Sagittarius until Ketu moves into the sign of Scorpio on 23rd September 2020.

Jupiter’s transit effects on Capricorn moon sign

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac belt and is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of contraction, discipline, commitment, and responsibilities as per vedic astrology. It is an earth sign which means that the natives born under this moon sign have a pragmatic approach towards life and have an innate sense of commitment towards their work and relationships.

If you are born with Capricorn as your moon sign, you are self reliant, industrious, ambitious and persistent. You are somewhat reserved and shy in nature and have tremendous will power to achieve your goals.

For Capricorn moon sign, Jupiter rules the third and twelfth house and has a neutral relationship with the sign lord, Saturn. While Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, Saturn’s role is to limit and contract. As per vedic astrology, the third house rules our communication, siblings, neighbors, writing, hands, crafts, desires, short distance travels and our ability to take initiatives while the twelfth house signifies unplanned expenditure, health issues, feet, foreign journeys and settlement, religious activities, sleeping comforts, bed pleasures, dreams and relationship with the maternal grandmother.

Jupiter will transit your twelfth house and will manifest the themes related to that house. An old project or business might restart during this transit. Your sleeping comforts will get better and there will be happiness and benefits from your maternal family especially maternal grandmother.

As a Capricorn moon sign, you might currently be feeling stressed due to Saturn’s transit in your sign 24th January 2020 onwards which is also the beginning of the second phase of Sade Sati or Saturn’s seven and a half year cycle.

However, Jupiter’s transit into its own sign will feel like a significant relief, as you will become inclined towards spirituality, which will help you gain inner strength and mental peace. You will develop a strong intuition during this time.

You will be able to get answers to your questions through mystic signs and symbols and your dreams will give you clues to solve problems in practical life.

How will your professional life be during this transit?

Jupiter’s transit into its own sign is going to bring wonderful results for the natives of Capricorn moon sign. If you are a job or service professional, this transit brings chances of promotion in your current job or a change in job with a higher designation and an enhanced role profile.

Job seekers will find this transit beneficial as they will come across lucrative job offers and will be successful in interviews and meetings.

Even though there will be sudden and unpredictable challenges leading to an increase in your workload, however, it shall ultimately be to your advantage as new paths of growth and personal development would open up for you as you overcome the adverse situations.

You will have a cordial relationship with your boss during this time, however, you should be careful not to reveal personal or confidential information to your colleagues as that might get you into trouble at your workplace.

You might have a change of location in your existing job or might be transferred during this transit. However, your health might get affected due to overwork and you might have to incur some expenditure on that account, hence you need to be careful not to be too stressed out due to work.

Independent working professionals will get average results during this transit. However, if you are planning to start a business in partnership, you will get a cooperative and committed business partner during this transit, which will help you in growth and expansion of your business.

If you are involved in writing, communication, media or designing, this transit will give you positive results in the form of an enhanced client base and financial growth.

How will your wealth and finances be during this transit?

The financial condition of Capricorn moon sign natives will see an average to good phase during Jupiter’s sojourn into its own sign. This transit will be marked by incoming gains and expenditures.

If you are in job or service, a salary hike, increment or bonus will lead to growth and stability in your existing income status. There are chances of good gains through your family in the form of getting your share in ancestral wealth or family assets.

Your siblings and friends would also help you to raise your financial standing during this time as there will be gains from their side as well. Property investments made in the past will bear profitable returns during this transit.

However, as a businessperson, you need to exercise caution while investing in foreign projects and companies during this transit. Legal matters and tax related issues would also need to be handled wisely.

If you are planning to take loan during this time, you will be able to get it easily. You just need to be a little careful with the filing and documentation work pertaining to the loan.

How will your relationships be during this transit?

Personal life and relationships of Capricorn moon sign natives will go through a slightly challenging phase during Jupiter’s transit through the twelfth house as there will be some disagreements and confusions in relationships.

If you are single and looking to get involved in a romantic relationship, this transit will prove to be sluggish in terms of finding the perfect match. You might get involved in short term relationships or flings, however they will bring in disappointments, hence it is best not to let your desires overwhelm you.

Those already in a romantic relationship will have a tough time keeping their relationship intact, as there will be difference of opinion and criticism from both sides and lack of time will make it difficult for you to resolve the issues.

Married couples will have an average time as increased work pressure will result in a distant relationship. However, there will be considerable improvement in your relationship September 2020 onwards and there will be better understanding and increased communication.

Your family life will remain neutral during this transit. However, there will be occasional get-togethers and celebrations, which will help to maintain closeness in relations. Friends and siblings will be particularly supportive during this time and you will spend joyful moments with them.

How will your children and education be during this transit?

Students having Capricorn as their moon sign will benefit from Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius as there will be able to focus better on their studies and plan a career path for themselves.

Those involved in any kind of research work, medical field or preparing for competitive exams will find success in their endeavors during this time. You will be able to study well during this time as you would have all the facilities and comforts at your disposal and will be able to achieve a good academic score.

You will develop a keen interest in learning programming languages, coding, blogging and such other creative activities and might plan your career based on your interests.

Parents having Capricorn moon sign will have a difficult relationship with their kids during this time as they will be worried about the health and education of their children and will have to spend quality time towards their improvement.

Effects during Jupiter’s retrograde movement

During its movement through the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter will turn retrograde from 14th May 2020 to 13th September 2020 which will bring a slight variation its results. Jupiter’s retrograde phase is a perfect time to contemplate and re-assess the areas of life ruled by Jupiter and bring positive and significant improvements by applying its wisdom and higher knowledge.

During Jupiter’s retrograde movement:

You should not make false promises or commitments and be extra careful with your personal and professional communication, both written and verbal.

You should make huge investment in land, property, vehicles and avoid taking loans.

You should take care of your health and avoid mental stress. A digital detox and spending time with nature will help in your mental and physical wellbeing.

You should not be over demanding in relationships and should not have too many expectations from your loved ones. Avoid being critical or sarcastic with your spouse or partner and be patient and polite in your interactions.

You should remain in control of your desires and passions especially sexual desires during this time as it might lead to frustrations and disappointments. Practicing meditation will help to maintain peace of mind.