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Solar Eclipse and its effect on the 12 moon signs

Solar Eclipse and its effect on the 12 moon signs


The upcoming Solar Eclipse is going to occur on December 26, 2019, with visibility in Asia Pacific regions, including India.

Scientifically, during the Solar Eclipse, the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. Astrologically, Sun and Moon forms a conjunction, at this point of time.

From the Vedic astrology point of view, a Solar Eclipse happens because of the two shadow planet Rahu and Ketu which are considered the malefic planets. Hence, this is believed to be an unfavorable episode, with larger effect on materialistic aspects.

However, the same branch of Vedic astrology also believes that there is a less unfavorable side to Solar Eclipse, which pushes us towards the uncharted territory and stimulates our inner potential to find new boundaries.

A greater impact of this is seen on our spiritual disposition and experienced by our soul. All this creates some disturbances in our lives, but it does aligns us to the extraordinary, with respect to our personal, spiritual and professional growth.

This Solar Eclipse is going to happen in Sagittarius in the Moola Nakshatra. According to Vedic astrology, Moola nakshatra is ruled by Ketu, and it falls in the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Interestingly, during this year’s last Solar Eclipse, six important planets are going to conjunct in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. As Moon will enter Sagittarius it will make a contact with the following planets:

  • Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu: Saturn and Ketu will already be present in Sagittarius, with its ruling planet Jupiter.
  • Sun: It will be moving to Sagittarius moon sign on the 15th of December.
  • Mercury: It will be entering the Sagittarius sign on 25th

Important timings of the Partial Solar Eclipse falling on 26th December 2019

  • Eclipse Start Time: 08:17 AM
  • Maximum Eclipse Time: 09:31 AM
  • Eclipse End Time: 10:57 AM
  • Partial Eclipse Duration: 02 Hours 40 Mins 04 Secs
  • Sutak Begins: 05:31 PM, 25th December
  • Sutak Ends: 10:57 AM, 26th December
  • Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Begins: 03:47 AM, 26th December
  • Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Ends: 10:57 AM, 26th December

Here is how the year 2019’s last Solar Eclipse is going to influence all 12 moon signs:

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Aries moon sign

For Aries moon sign, the Solar Eclipse is going to take place in the 9th house of the natives. During this period caution over health will be advised.
Wary of taking up frequent travel opportunities, as they could be injurious to health. If possible, avoid taking any kind of travel, all together, during this period.

Your relationship with seniors, at workplace and with your elders, especially, your grandparents, will be under the scanner. Possibility of arguments with these connections loom large for Aries moon sign, during this period.

The negative influence of Solar Eclipse on your relationships with the elderly can be altered by being consciously humble, modest and respectful towards them.

Working professionals can look forward to some new avenues of growth. These will not be made available immediately, but you will be able to figure them out in some time.

Breakthrough in business venture is anticipated for entrepreneur, just keep a low-profile and wait for the right time to make the big deal.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Taurus moon sign

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will be taking place in the 8th house of Taurus moon sign natives. There will be some opportunities for you in adversities, you just need the knack to identify such possibilities, during this period.

While your health is going to put you through some trouble, finding solace in meditation and spiritual practices will not only going to soothe your ailments, but can also offer you a viable income prospect, if you so desire.

Success in occult science and related fields is possible for some of you. Research is another area which can offer the Taurus moon sign natives good professional prospects and income gains, in the long-term.

Gains from inheritance is anticipated, but ensure being vigilant in such transactions. Read through the terms and conditions of the agreements and assess the pros and cons, wisely.

While, things will seem to fall in place on professional grounds, you may experience a pull and lack of motivation to take on bigger and better paths of success. Do not jump over the cliff in a jiffy, it is always sensible to have patience when stuck with dilemmas.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Gemini moon sign

Gemini moon sign natives will experience the Solar Eclipse in their 7th house. You need to be careful of your conjugal and love life, during this time.

If married, relationship with spouse is going to be the major area of concern for you, during the Solar Eclipse phase. Family relationships will also pose some trouble. Inclination of spouse towards religious activities will increase, during this period.

Keeping the essence of fair and open communication alive will help you in maintain the peace and harmony in marital and personal relationships.

Try to spend more time together and focus on sharing moments of mutual respect and affection with your spouse to pacify the effects of this eclipse.

Health will be another key area, which will demand care and attention, during the Solar Eclipse period. Documentation work will ask for extra attentiveness and vigilance. Read the entire official document or deal agreements thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.

Your work environment will also demand patience, wisdom and sanity. Be very cautious of getting into gossiping mode or badmouthing colleagues and staff member, as this can prove detrimental for your professional persona, in the long-term.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Cancer moon sign

Positioned in the 6th house of Cancer moon sign natives, Solar Eclipse is going to offer you mixed outcomes. Sudden opportunities to gain wealth may arise, but at the same time you need to be aware of the people you work with.

Relationship with co-workers and business associates will require scrutiny. Be guarded of your thoughts and emotions when with other people, as they may try to take undue advantage of you.

Unexpected income gain prospects will surface, so keep your senses activated to identify and grab such opportunities. Expenditures over unwanted situation or things are also anticipated, in this period. So, try and create a healthy balance between your income and spending, to save enough for the rainy days.

You will gain new insights into the religious and spiritual matters of the world. This will provide you with a whole new set of intellect and wisdom to see life from a different and much refined perspective.

Health will be fine, with no major complications. Still, take care of your eating habits and embrace a healthy lifestyle to continue being in a hale and hearty state.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Leo moon sign

This Solar Eclipse will take place in the 5th house of Leo moon sign natives. Overall, this will be a period of caution for you, as problems in personal life will keep you on your toes.

Sudden break-up in a love relationship is foreseen, for the Leo love birds, during this period. Relationship problems in conjugal and family life may lead to depression, if not curtailed and handled, effectively in due time.

Patience and calmness will be essential in avoiding unnecessary quarrels and disputes in this period. Your focus will be on maintaining the integrity and sanity of love, marital and family relationships.

For married couples, a beam of sunshine will come through the feeling of happiness and contentment from children. They will excel in their respective domains and will make you proud.

For Leo moon sign professional, this will be a moderate period, where selectin in job interviews could be possible for those who are seeking new job opportunities. However, a fair deal of self-assessment is required to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, so that you will be able to optimally utilize your strong points to your advantage.

The mental disturbances in this phase could be well dealt with meditation or yoga.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Virgo moon sign

The Solar Eclipse will take place in the 4th house of Virgo moon sign natives. Health will require a lot of attention during this period.

Your own health and that of your mother’s will require greater attention, as the impact of Solar Eclipse is not going to be favorable for these aspects.

Do not ignore even the minutest infection or health disorder that you may experience in this period. Similarly, any minor ailment of your mother must be treated with prompt medical attention and expert advice.

On the relationships part, arguments are anticipated. Love and romantic relationships will stand a chance of break-up if confrontational situations are not dealt with wisdom and calmness.

Marital relationships would also face troubles. Keep the communication going and try to resolve the issues with mutual understanding.

On the work front, results are going to be delayed. So, it is recommended to have patience and wait for the right time to deliver the justifiable outcomes, basis the nature and intensity of your efforts.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Libra moon sign

Solar Eclipse will happen in the 3rd house of Libra moon sign natives. This will be the time to safeguard your relationship with your siblings and be alert to see through any unexpected events.

Frequent unplanned short journeys will surface in this period for Libra moon sign natives. However, you need to take care of your health during these travels. These can be pretty stressful and could negatively impact your health and well-being.

Things at home front can turn ugly, with arguments being anticipated with siblings and neighbors. You are advised to control your anger and approach such situations with a calmer disposition to ensure peace and coherence at home.

Finances will go through some ups and downs, as Libra moo sign natives are in for some sudden gains, but equally huge losses are also anticipated, if proper vigilance a care is not exercised over such matters.

You are advised to keep away from bad company, as chances of getting indulged in such alliances are pretty evident, in this period of the year’s last Solar Eclipse.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Scorpio moon sign

For Scorpio moon sign natives, Solar Eclipse will take place in the 2nd house. Family and financial matters will have a larger bearing in this period.

Finances will require greater attention, so do analyze the pros and cons thoroughly before making any finance related decisions.

Family relationships will also require focus, as chances on misunderstandings are immense, at this point of time. Spouse and love partners will be supportive and you will get to spend good time together, but keep a check on your arrogance, to avoid any unnecessary quarrels.

Appreciation and recognition at workplace is guaranteed, however, some unexpected challenges will also be there. Therefore, you need to tread the professional path with utmost sincerity and be aware and conscious of making any mistakes or falling into a wrong path.

Uncertainties will be there in financial and professional aspects, so you need to guard yourself well of the indecisiveness and suspiciousness of the situations and people, during Solar Eclipse.

Scorpio moon sign natives must also keep a check on their overall health and well-being. Especially those with a history of medical problems should be cautious of any trouble that may surface, during this time. Prompt medical attention is advised in such cases.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Sagittarius moon sign

Sagittarius moon sign will have the Solar Eclipse in their 1st house. Positioned in your ascendant house, there will be variations in your personality and character, due to the influence of Solar Eclipse.

Health will require attention, where you will be required to take care of your eating habits and dietary recommendations. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt in keeping a watch over health issues, major complications may take shape.

On the relationship aspect, you may initiate a new friendship or love affair, during this time. But you also stand a chance to drift away from some current or old relations.

Mental peace will be disturbed, due varied events and frequent problems in personal and professional life. Staying away from arguments will help.
Embracing a calm demeanor will help hide the negativities and following yoga and meditation practices will ensure good state of mental well-being.

Visits religious places and take on spiritual journeys to unfold the concealed strength and positivity in your life. This will help you in seeking the righteous path to success in future.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Capricorn moon sign

Solar Eclipse will take place in the 12th house of the Capricorn moon sign natives. You will have a spiritual bent of mind and this will offer you a deeper understanding of events and situations around you.

There will be an increase in religious activities and you will be able to make good progress in your spiritual endeavors. This knowledge will give you the power to conquer the uncharted and plan for the unforeseen, effectively.

Capricorn moon sign will need to keep a check on their health, as problems may arise due to negligence and careless attitude. Meditation should be practiced on a daily basis, otherwise sleep disorders may surface. If not treated in time, you can even become an insomniac due to disturbed sleeping patterns.

Keep enough savings for the unwarranted incidents that are anticipated in this period. Wasteful expenditure is indicated, but can be dealt with, wisely, if provisions are made before hand by controlling overindulgence.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Aquarius moon sign

For Aquarius moon sign natives, Solar Eclipse will take place in the 11th house. Some good opportunities await you in this period, which will offer you enough instances to increase your income.

Solar Eclipse is going to be a favorable episode for Aquarius moon sign natives, where increase in wealth through professional gains is anticipated. Hard work and determination will pave way for such gains, so efforts have to be optimized.

On personal front, you get to socialize more and expand your friend circle, also. A gamut of unique personalities will grace your friend zone, during and post this period of time. Spouse and love partner will be understanding, but you need to watch out for your temperament, to avoid trivial arguments in this period.

Sudden health issues may crop up, some of them may even require immediate medical attention. However, nothing severely problematic is foreseen, at this pint of time.

Monetary gains are evident, which will help strengthen your financial position further. Still, a check on pros and cons of investment plan and contracts is recommended to evade any complications in future.

  1. Impact of Solar Eclipse on Pisces moon sign

Solar Eclipse will be in the 10th house of Pisces moon sign natives. This period will entirely be about your workplace, career and father and the ensuing relationships.

Likelihood of complexities in workplace relationships are indicated, so avoid being argumentative at your workplace. You can just let go of something and head away from disturbing situations at work, to keep your calm and composure intact.

You will also tend to lose your temper quickly with your father. Avoiding such instances will be good for your relationship with him. Be modest and respectful towards your father and keep the differences in viewpoint at bay for the sake of the bond that you share with him.

Sudden change in job will be there, which may pose new challenges in your professional life. Though, possibilities of accomplishments and recognition at workplace is also there, but only if you can have the right amount of patience. Staying away from arguments and disputes is also advised to have a smooth run at work front.