Gemstone Jewelry as per Your Moon Sign

Gemstones have a powerful healing energy that can clear your thoughts, increase your strength, and help you connect with your inner self. Based on your moon sign, we have picked the best gemstone for you that improves your personality and helps you achieve great potential in life.

Gemstone Jewelry

Adorning a jewelry adds a certain kind of elevation to your style quotient. It is a peculiar kind of intimate accessory that speaks volumes about the wearer and also their interest in presenting their best self. Jewelry can very well be associated with the physical, emotional, and even spiritual identity of a person, and give a certain kind of strength, warmth, and protection to the one who wears it.

The Essence of Jewelry

Since time immemorial, people have been using jewelry to accessorize themselves, and even till date there is no such accessory that can match up to it. From those time itself, various kinds of jewelry and gemstones have been used as they were discovered and their effects revealed. Be it an ornament that adorns your neck, or a ring that sits perfectly on your fingers, or even a bracelet that wraps itself cozily around your wrist, jewelry is a choice that one can proud call their own and personally identify themselves with. Whether you are a man or a woman, there would definitely be a jewelry style and choice unique to your style, and when it comes to adorning ourselves with gemstones, it is all the more specific and easy to choose.

Every Moon sign has its own unique Gemstone

Every zodiac sign is ruled by different planets, which are symbolic of various gemstones, which are able to effect an individual’s life in some way or the other. These gemstones have healing properties that soothe our bodies and our minds and influence us and our emotions as well. A jewelry is also an investment that stays with us forever, till we would want, and when adorned with a precious gemstone, it becomes all the more connected and unique to us.

For making it easier for you to choose, we have herein specially curated the specific gemstone perfect for you as per your Moon sign, so that you wear them and experience their healing power and energy at a different level. Because all we want is for you to rise and shine!

  • Aries

The Aries natives are known as the trailblazers among the zodiac signs, and are passionate individuals who make an impact wherever they go and whatever they do. The ruler of Aries is the planet Mars, and the birthstone for the Arians is the ‘Red Coral’ as it symbolizes Mars. This gemstone would be great for vitalizing your life energy an also keep the energy of the wearer intact, apart from enhancing their personality, all the while adding on to their leadership qualities. Wearing this gemstone would help develop an Arian’s leadership qualities, and give him/her strong will and confidence. The gemstones - Ruby and Yellow Sapphire, can also be adorned by an Aries individual, as Ruby would bring good prospects in their love life, and the latter would bring luck and fortune to them. Gold or copper jewelry would be best for an Arian, and so try to use more of these jewelries in your collection. The gemstones suggested should also be set in gold or copper to reap maximum benefits.

  • Taurus

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus natives are stable and grounded being, and have their birthstone as the diamond as it symbolizes Venus. A symbol of perfection and illumination, the Diamond helps to increase the aura and personality of the wearer and Taureans are lucky to be able to absorb its healing properties, all the while flaunting the beauty of the crystal while enjoying luxurious pursuits. Owing to their trendy style, they can opt from bold to delicate, as they can very well shift from their practical nature to being self-indulgent. They can also opt for the Blue Sapphire for lucky and fortune in all spheres of life. For all love matters, Green Emerald would give them the needed uplift. The jewelry can be set in White Gold or Platinum for maximum benefit. A substitute for Diamond would be opal, which can be set in silver, or white zircon set in silver, for all those who want an economical alternative.

  • Gemini

The Gemini natives are known to have a vibrant, lively, and diversified personality, and this would mean that they would go for quirky and trendy pieces, and avoid statement designs. Since the ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the birthstone of Gemini, which signifies the planet would be Green Emerald, and wearing it set in silver would enhance the personality of the wearer manifolds, and gets success in all spheres of life. For taking luck to be on your stride and good fortune, the Gemini natives can also wear their lucky gemstone Blue sapphire, and get due support to climb up higher in life. For success in their love life, a Diamond or Opal would give best results and help a Gemini stay stable and happy in a relationship.

  • Cancer

The Moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer Moon Sign. The Moon anyways reflects our emotional side and influences our emotions and feelings. The Pearl is symbolic of the moon, and wearing it would help a Cancerian control their various emotional setbacks, and control their sentiments, thus enhancing their [personality, as it is their moon sign’s birthstone. The metal silver is good for them and the pearl can be worn set in the same. For gaining fortune and keeping lucky by their side, the Cancerians can also adorn themselves with a Yellow Sapphire gemstone set in Gold, which would help them in their endeavors. For finding happiness in love, the Red Coral in Copper or Gold would be the best bet, as it is in alignment with their moon sign.

  • Leo

Anyone who is friends with a Leo, or is a Leo themselves, know that they love being in the limelight and always need a little drama and need constant attention, in the absence of which they tend to get bored. So keeping this in mind, and since Sun is this moon sign’s ruler, Ruby which symbolizes the Sun is its birthstone. Its vibrant deep pink and blood red mixed color right defines the spirit of a Leo, and adorning this gemstone in Gold or copper would give the wearer good scope in business, authority, jobs, and also intensify their personality, while increasing self-confidence. For finding luck in love, it is recommended that a Leo wears Yellow Sapphire, set in gold. For never letting luck give them a backseat, they should wear the gemstone Red Coral, and fly high as he scales his/her way upwards to success.

  • Virgo

Virgos are diligent and methodical in their ways and are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is symbolized by the gemstone Green Emerald. One of the most reputed of gemstones, it will give the wearer success in the professional field as well as in intellectual, and creative pursuits, when worn set in Gold or Silver. The Virgo’s jewelry choice would be very minimalistic, owing to their simple yet perfectionist quality. Their lucky gemstone would be Diamond, and wearing it would bring luck and fortune for them at all spheres of life. Their love life would be passionate and fulfilling if they wear a Blue sapphire, as these metals give them positive energy.

  • Libra

The ruling planet of Libra is the Venus, and the natives of this moon sign are associated with its fixation on balance and harmony, and are lovers of aesthetics and all things associated with beauty. The kind of jewelry a Libra native would love would be very stylish, trendy, as well as traditional, thus leaving a high scope for adorning its birthstone Diamond in its various forms. Set in white gold or platinum, Diamond would give success in every sphere of life, and let the wearer enjoy a very luxurious lifestyle and experience various pursuits. The lucky gemstone for Libra would be Green Emerald, so that luck never leaves their side, and in order to be lucky in love, the gemstone Blue Sapphire would be the best.

  • Scorpio

One of the most mysterious signs to read, the Scorpio natives are experts at hiding their actual sentiments and emotions from the world, but are highly talented, have immense passion and own a lot of power. Ruled by the planet Mars, the gemstone that symbolizes this sign is the Red coral, which would give success in leadership roles, and enhance the overall persona of the native, when worn in Copper or Gold. To be lucky in love and enjoy bliss in romance, the gemstone Yellow Sapphire would be the best bet. In order to be lucky in all matters of life and get good fortune, the Scorpions should wear the gemstone Pearl. The kind of jewelry a Scorpion would prefer would probably be something which would not scream for attention.

  • Sagittarius

Jovial, free-spirited, spiritual, knowledgeable, globetrotter, philosophical, and idealistic; these are just some names that a Sagittarian can be called. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the birthstone Yellow Sapphire is symbolized by the planet, and wearing this gemstone would enhance success in professional life, improve will power, and give marital bliss, and it worn set in gold. For all those Sagittarians who are in the quest for love, or already in a relationship, the Red Coral would be the perfect gemstone for giving you a healthy love life, when worn set in copper or gold. If success and fortune are what you search for, then wear the lucky gemstone red ruby to intensify your luck quotient and be successful in all your efforts.

  • Capricorn

A Capricorn native has its ruler as the planet Saturn, and the birthstone that symbolizes them is the Blue Sapphire. Capricorns are highly ambitious beings, and are also inclined towards materialistic things to enhance their status. Owing to their nature, they would love statement jewelry pieces, and consider it an asset if they invest in it. Blue Sapphire being a precious gemstone, is also regarded as one of the most powerful and fastest acting among all gemstones, as it brings wealth, success, and fame to the wearer, when worn after setting it in Silver or Gold. For bring luck into your love life, opt for a Diamond or Opal stone set in white gold or platinum, while for overall luck and fortune in lie, get yourself a Green Emerald set in Silver of Gold.

  • Aquarius

Aquarians are true humanitarian in their ways, very original and independent, and are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is symbolized by the gemstone Blue Sapphire. This gemstone would give the wearer success and fame in all prospects as it is on of the most powerful among all gemstones. Wearing it set in Silver or Gold would definitely let the wearer enjoy its power and energy. Aquarians would love their style to reflect in their jewelry as well, and thus might love them to be original. For getting luck and fortune drive towards you, get a Diamond or Opal set in white gold or platinum for maximum benefits. In order to get lucky in love, the gemstone Green Emerald set in silver or gold would definitely be the best bet.

  • Pisces

The Pisces Moon Sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the gemstone which symbolizes this sign is the Yellow Sapphire. The last sign in the zodiac plane, the Pisces sign’s natives have traits of all other signs, and are selfless, unworldly, affectionate and emotional to the core. They would love jewelry as gift pieces and ones that are dreamy and timeless, apart from choosing different styles for their many moods. Success in all spheres would come to those who adorn Yellow Sapphire in gold, and for being lucky in love, Pearl set in silver or gold would be the right choice. For attracting luck and fortune towards oneself, the gemstone Rd Coral set in copper or gold would give power, energy, and due benefits.

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