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Astrological Remedies to Overcome Financial Problems

Many a times, financial burden often become overbearing for many of us. At times like these, it is important that we take help of Vedic astrology principles and undertake remedies to overcome our financial troubles. Read more to know how…


The role of finances in terms of monetary value has come a long way since ancient times to the contemporary world. The role of money in human life is to provide means and ways of making our existence comfortable and smooth. The occurrence of financial problems are very common these days. It has become more so during the pandemic where we all have witnessed the sudden collapse of the economy. High profile business and job loss suffered by many people is not a very heartwarming story.

To gain financial prosperity in life, it is necessary to stay optimistic and happy. Find out the ways you can remain optimistic in life.

Star and planets that are responsible for our financial problems:

The position of planets Mars and Saturn in any horoscope is linked with the native’s finances. The placement of predominant finance planets in the 6th or 12th house indicates losses of money. On the other hand, the predominant benefic planet Jupiter when placed in the benefic position of 2nd,4th and 11th house of finance, stability and gains will bless you with financial prosperity.

Astrologically, it is believed that Rahu, which is a shadowy planet, has the great influence over money progress. Also, the connection of 2nd house of finance and the combinations of planets placed or associated with the 2nd house of finance are responsible.

A significant segment of our lives is spent in earning money and bringing the hard-earned income to home. This is to provide materialistic comforts and the luxuries we crave for ourselves and our loved ones. However, the benefic house like the 11th house of gains and afflicted placement of planets in the 6th house of debt and 8th house of hurdles can influences your finance graph.

The goddess of wealth is believed to bless you with abundances, so that there will be no financial restrictions in your life if you seek blessings with prayer. There are also remedies to enhance your afflictions with practical approach over financial matters.

Astrological Remedies for financial problems can be solved by reading any individual horoscope and finding solutions to solve them.

Find out which numbers suit you well and will help you in enhancing your luck in order for you to prosper.

Few Astrological Remedies to combat financial loss are as follows:

Placement of Locker:

The cash locker or cash cupboard should be placed in South or Southwest wall. Make sure that it opens in the North direction. North is the corner dedicated to lord of wealth. Opening the locker in that direction ensures the abundance of wealth in your locker always.

Place a mirror in front of your cash locker or cash cupboard so that the mirror reflects the image of locker. This is said to increase the prosperity of wealth.

Avoid Free Services:

Never apply for any service or anything free of cost. At the same time, neither should you offer your services for free. It is believed that the circulation of money is progressive. If compensations are given and taken money wise for the services or anything which is obtained or provided.

On the other hand, always try to do all social work for zero profits as this action can create good blessings for you.

Some of the parameters to make your day great is to by dazzling the morning. Find it out here how to do so.

Honest Dealings:

Be honest in all your professional dealings. Money earned through dishonest ways will never be beneficial and fruitful. Being honest in your dealings will keep you grounded and modest.


Donate some portion of your hard-earned money every month as charity to the less privileged ones. This will earn you the blessings of the lord of wealth by giving your financial prosperity.

Donate some portion of your wheat to the less privileged and the positive aura and vibes will help you to overcome your financial restrictions.

Making donation of white in any form of food substance or clothes, especially to young girls, will enhance the financial status with their blessings.

Respect Women:

The respect of women in every house is an essential thread for financial prosperity. Treating women with utmost respect is considered as the perfect embodiment of goddess of wealth.

Financial Prosperity often brings glow to your personality. Check out the reasons why someone falls for your glowing personality.

Avoid Clutter in the House:

Keep your personal and professional premises clean and clutter free for the positive flow of energy.

Avoid keeping broken vessels in the house as it is not a beneficial for financial prosperity.

Offering Prayers to Remove Obstacles:

Offering of water to Sun God every day after taking bath is supportive to overcome financial challenges and offering prayers will uplift the power and status.

Feeding of Animals:

Feeding of animals like cows and cattle with green grass on Wednesday is considered prosperous. Green color enhances prosperity in life. Feeding black dogs or crow with milk or any salty food will appease the financial planet Saturn to remove any financial obstacles.

The above-mentioned astrological remedies are some of the well acclaimed and recognized remedies. These will minimize your financial problems. At the same time, also eliminate them to a large extent if they are blended with hard work and efforts.

Success will always be defined as the mixture of hard work and fortune. Every human being on this mortal world who is interested in creating a long lasting and successful financial recipe, will have to make sure to possess the ingredients of success namely - hard work and fortune.