The effects of eclipses on your horoscope

An eclipse can affect your decision-making or make you go through challenges in the relationship with the loved ones. Here's an interesting take on how eclipses can radically influence life.

The effects of eclipses on your horoscope


An Eclipse also known as Grahan in Hindi marks the initiation of a remarkable change or a life changing events. When An Eclipse in any house is indicative of the fruits of the previous life’s Bad Karmas (Deeds). When an eclipse takes place in any specific house; it diminishes the positive energy and effects related to that particular house in question. There are various types of eclipses such as when the Sun conjuncts with Rahu or Ketu in any house; similarly when Moon conjuncts with Rahu or Ketu in any house.

It is to be noted that the following article is according to the birth chart in general and does not involves any transits. This is because in order to consider transits, one needs to deeply study the birth of a particular person in question. This information is based on general predictions.

  1. First House

When the eclipse happens in the First House, then the native will show negative characters such as mysterious nature, highly emotional outburst, hypersensitive behavior and the like which may throw the personal life of the native off the balance. When eclipse is experience in the first house the decision making power of the native hits hard and goes for a toss which will further have a negative impact on the personal life of the native.

  1. Second House

With the eclipse entering the Second House, the native experiences fluctuations in his or her financial condition throughout their life. Eclipse also has strains native’s relationship with his or her In-Laws,. Eclipse in the second also gives a highly animated, high-pitched aggressive voice to the native. The native faces many changes in career along with ups and downs in personal life.

  1. Third House

Clashes or disagreements are common issues when the eclipse takes place in the third house according to the Vedic astrology. It is common for the native to suffer from issues of low self esteem and self confidence. The native will get involved in extensive travels clubbed with multiple relocations or transfer that may never give any positive output in the favor of the native. Failure will be a constant in many stages of life for the native.

  1. Fourth House

When eclipse happens in the Fourth House, native disputes in the matter of properties. There are high chances of the bad health condition to be faced by the native’s mother. The relations with closed relatives will get strained badly and the native will face constant delay in every field of work he or she thinks of outing their hand into.

  1. Fifth House

When the Eclipse takes place in the Fifth House in the birth if the native, he may face hurdles in the process of completion of his academic course ultimately leading to an incomplete education status. You may have to face failure in love life as you may feel rejected by your partner. The confusion will cloud your ability to take important and correct decisions at the most important occasions.

  1. Sixth House

Prolonged Health issues of the native will be a common thing when the Eclipse happens to take place in the Sixth House. The native will bear the burden of lifelong debt that will be an unending process through his or her entire life. Enemies will always have or get the upper hand than the native making them a major threat. The native will also have higher medical expenses.

  1. Seventh House

The married life those native who have Eclipse that has been placed in the Seventh House will take a hard hit and will remain badly affected. The first marriage or relationship of the native will have to face separation or in worst cases break up or divorce. On the work front, things don’t look good either as the native will experience an unfruitful partnership in business or work and the business will also stay unstable.

  1. Eight House

With the Eclipse taking place in the Eight House, the native health will take a hard hit as the immunity power will remain forever low. This will have an adverse effect on the life of the native by reducing or shortening the lifespan of the native. The relationship with the In-laws will remain strained.

  1. Ninth House

The native may have to face delay in the fields like career and education especially when the eclipse takes place in the Ninth House. You may reap late fruits of the labor or effort you would’ve put in (after a long period of time). You may get an inclination to get involved in the religious and spiritual activities which eventually will turn in your favor at a later stage. The spiritual knowledge will grow and enhance in the long run.

  1. Tenth House

When the Eclipse happens in the Tenth House of the birth chart, you may face failures and obstacles in career (both job and business). It also diminishes your happiness and prosperity in your father’s life.

  1. Eleventh House

When the Eclipse happens in the Eleventh House, you may face delay or obstacle in getting the benefits from your ancestral property. Unstable income status will be the constant factor for your whole life. Fluctuations in career or profession or business will also be a matter of your constant concern.

  1. Twelfth House

If you experience eclipse in the Twelfth House of your birth chart, you will be prone to extensive travelling clubbed with innumerous relocation. The sexual life will remain disturbed. You may get interested in religious activities and spiritual knowledge will rise. Your expenses will forever be higher than the income you earn.

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