Vedic Astrological Remedies: The incredibly easy ways to lessen life's issues

Are you going through hardships & instability in your life? Want to stop the misunderstandings in your romantic relationship? Know how Vedic astrological remedies act as a respite from difficult and challenging periods of your life.

Vedic Astrological Remedies: The incredibly easy ways to lessen life's issues


According to a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Happiness is not a goal ... It's a by-product of a life well-lived." Therefore through our life, we are constantly on a hunt for peace and happiness in our lives and we do everything possible within our power to make things move according to us. But beyond the human power, our life is ruled by the planet and their benefic and malefic position in our native chart. Basically a person Karma or deed marks the path of one life and planets play a major role in laying down the path. Good karma will grant good life and bad karma will make it a difficult one filled with problem of all types including financial, mental, health and many more. Therefore, it is not an adventitious combination or a random change of the position, stages and the qualities of the planets in one’s chart. All are pre-defined movements that might have occurred during the birth of the native.

According to Vedic astrology, the planets in one’s native or birth chart can be benefic (that brings positive energy and effects), malefic (that bring negative or bad effect) and neutral (that stays unaffected). So in order to get rid of the malefic effects of a client, there are multiple remedies suggested in Vedic astrology that when applied to one’s life can eventually nullify the effects of the malefic planet.

Basically, according to the native’s birth chart, remedies are used in order to nullify or decrease the effects of the negative and bad effects of malefic planets and to fulfill one’s inner desires. There are various types of remedies. One of them is Vedic- the one that has been passed down the ages by the most learned sages of the history to their predecessors. The other one is a bit contemporary in nature. These remedies have been formulated in accordance with the way of the world in the current scenario. Remedies such as; making donations to orphanage or old age home is a new concept as historically such places did not exist in the past.

Why Are Remedies Effective?

In brief, a remedy is basically a practical solution for the mysterious, magical clairvoyant antitoxins which diminish or invalidate the ill effects of bad karmas of our previous life. It is evident by now that our destiny is directly proportional to our previous life’s deed also known as karmic activities.

Generally, a remedy basically is the process by which we get involved in doing something or are restricted from doing things that we were habitual of doing. Some remedies as already said are Vedic that has been followed for ages carried forward by sages in the different eras while some are contemporary. It is all based on the Desh (Country), Kaal (Time) and Stithi (Situation) of the doer as they vary along with time. Though all these remedies are practical; yet few remedies are restricted to particular regions only and hence cannot be followed everywhere. For example, one cannot feed stray street dogs in Western Countries as they are now or a few street dogs to be found to perform this task.

In the following article, we will talk about the various kinds of solutions or astrological remedies that are used to improvise the life of us humans.

Vedic Remedies: Donation and Services

Daan or donation is considered as the most selfless act and extremely positive remedies in the Vedic astrology. There multiple remedies for various problems can be done easily in order to be relieved from the related issues. They are:

  • Lighting an earthen lamp (Mitti ka Dia) under the Peepal Tree (Ficus Religiosa): Helps in removing or nullifying the bad or negative effects of MaleficSaturn (Shani).
  • Offering Milk to the Banyan Tree (Bargad Tree): Helps in removing bad effects of the MaleficMars.
  • Offering Black sesame or Black Mustard Oil to the idol of Shani (Saturn): aids in the removal of the negative or bad effects of MaleficSaturn (Shani).
  • Offering Water to Sun (Surya) early in the morning within one hour after the break of dawn: This remedy helps in getting rid of the negative effects or bad influence of the MaleficSun in native’s birth chart.
  • Offering sweets as ‘Prasad’ especially Boondi Laddoo to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday and Saturday: this helps the native to nullify the ill effects of Sade Sati (Saturn’s Bad Period) and Malefic Mars as well.
  • Feeding Bird and Fish: this is done in order to attain prosperity along with nullifying or eliminating the bad or negative effects of the malefic planet especially Rahu.

Mantras: Chanting and Reading

According to Vedic astrology, mantras have divine magical powers entwined within a set of words that helps in the complete transformation of mind, body, and soul of a person. With the constant chanting or reading of mantra, a person is believed to trance into a state of deep meditation that is known to uplift the soul to a higher path.

Chanting Vedic Mantras according to the Vedic astrology helps in nullifying or eliminating the bad effects of any specific planet in the malefic state. To quote an example, like in the case where a person needs to remove or get rid of the adverse effects of Malefic Saturn, one needs to chant or read the following mantra for a minimum of 1.25 Lacs times:

‘Om Pra Pri Pro Sah Sanaishcharaye Namah’

Similarly, all the nine planets have a set of dedicated mantras for them respectively that can or may be used in order to decrease the ill effects of any of the malefic planet in native’s birth chart.

One must also keep in mind that mantras provide temporary relief and may subdue the effects of a malefic planet but in order to eradicate all the ill-effects of the malefic planet permanently; one must make donations and involve themselves in noble works. This is because none of the planets are good or bad on their personal level. It is the result of your previous life’s karmas that control the thread of the planetary positions in your current life’s birth chart.


Gemstones also are a crucial part of the astrological remedies as they act as a talisman against any evil or negative effects of the various planets for an individual. Gemstones help the native to strengthen and increase the power of their benefic planets. It is imperative for the native to avoid the same gemstone on the off chance that the planet represented by the gemstone is malefic. In other words, we can say that one should refrain from using gemstones representing the malefic planet in one’s birth chart.

To explain it further with an example; if Saturn (Shani) is beneficial or the ruler planet as per the native’s birth chart then use of Blue Sapphire gemstone will be extremely beneficial for the native. The use of Neelam will bring stability, prosperity, and success in every walk of life for the wearer.

But on the other hand, if Saturn is not a beneficial planet or is a malefic planet as per native’s birth chart, then Blue Sapphire should not be worn or used in any form as it will not work in favor of the native at all.


To simplify the definition of Yantra, it is an instrument or device made of geometrical and mathematical calculations, drawing and symbols in proportionate conduct that reverberate cosmic energy in multiple manners. The Yantras such as Lakshmi Yantra, Kuber Yantra, and Shree Yantra are used in order to increase the power of the benefic power along with having prosperity in abundance amount in native’s life.


Fasting or Upwaas as commonly called in Hindi basically is a process under which a person willingly chooses to starve through the day without eating food or in some rare case even drinking water (Nirjal Upwaas). This voluntary self-restraint is practiced against the desire to gain prosperity, health, wealth peace and harmony in native’s life or also to get rid of the malefic effects of a planet. In order to enhance the power of a benefic planet, it is crucial for a person to keep fasts.


Meditation helps relax the agitated or overused brain. With the regular practice of meditation, bad or negative effects of planets such as Rahu and Ketu can be eradicated. For certain problems related to low concentration power or lack in focus, Meditation can be your Hero who will save the day.

To conclude, it can be said that both Vedic and Contemporary Astrological remedies are extremely effective only when it has been analyzed properly by a technically sound astrologer who deeply verifies your birth chart and then suggests the remedies based on the readings. As at the end of the day, these remedies are nothing but ‘NOBLE WORK’ or ‘CHARITY’ that gives prosperity, satisfaction and inner peace to an individual while erasing the bad effects of bad karmas of the previous birth and enhances the good effects of good karma of the same.